Best Glasses For Heart Shaped Face (For 2022) 

Best Glasses For Heart-Shaped Face

A Heart-shaped face is attractive due to its heart pattern, and when a person with such a face wears the right pair of eyeglasses, it will look much better! however, how do you think finding the best glasses for heart shaped face is easy as there are so many options?

To make the process of getting the right pair of glasses for a heart-shaped face, We have organized the review so that you can know which is the best frame shape for such a face shape, The appropriate material, color, and which frame should you avoid.

In addition to our review, the guide on picking the right glass will also help you make your journey easier! To stay hooked till the end!

Which Frame is The Best For A Heart-shaped Face? 

There are primarily nine types of glass shapes available on the market, and most of them can easily suit a heart-shaped face without reducing the beauty of your face. 

Attention: We’re just providing information based on our research. Reading our guide doesn’t mean you have to follow what we’re exactly saying. Instead, you have your own style and selection. If you like a frame not included in our list, prioritize your preference!

The Five Best Frames For a Heart-shaped Person:

Rectangular, Oval, Semi-rimless, Cat-Eye, and Wayfarers are the most suitable and expert suggested frames that a person can wear with a heart-shaped face.

Although each frame has its unique features, they will work better on such a face to balance out and add more attractiveness to make a face even better.

Rectangular Frame: A Rectangular glass can be a good choice when selecting the best sunglasses for a heart-shaped face. The main job of such a frame on a heart-shaped face will be to balance out the curves and make them solid. 

Oval Frame: This frame type is considered the national frame for most face shapes. Remember the rectangular frame? While a rectangular frame helps you balance out the curves, an Oval frame helps soften any angles of your face

Semi-rimless: The latest version of the full-rim frame. The half of your frame comes without a rim. It looks modern, and it’s only suggested for those who want to enhance their personality with their heart-shaped face. 

A Semi-rimless frame on a heart-shaped face will look light as the structure is not equipped with the entire rim.

Cat-Eye: In the women’s category, Cat-eye frames are trendy. When it comes to finding the cutest frame for a woman with a heart shape, no one will be better than a Cat-eye frame. 

Wayfarers: This frame has a broad and distinguished endpoint that will help you balance your wider forehead on your face and make your face ideal with your wearing clothes.

Which Frame Should You Avoid For Your Heart-shaped Face?

Among primarily discussed frames, fives are already mentioned for a heart-shaped face. However, you can’t assume that the rest of the structures are unsuitable for you.

Frame selection for a heart-shaped face will depend on multiple things, like how you would like to present your face in front of people.  

If your primary intention is to draw your eyes upwards and away from your chin, we’ll suggest you don’t go with an aviator frame. In addition to avoiding aviator frames, square frames should also be avoided.

Characteristics of a Heart-shaped Face:

There is a short explanation of a heart-shaped face, A broad forehead, a narrow chin, and high cheekbones with a composition of curved and angled characteristics.

There are some variants of a heart-shaped face, like some faces are rounded and some like upside-down triangles. Based on our shared words, find the truth in your face.

The Top 32 Suitable Eyeglasses For Heart-shaped Face:

10 Best Glasses For Heart-shaped Face (Men)

Based on our frame suggestions and market research, we have highlighted some recommended glasses for men with heart-shaped faces. 

1. Costa Del Mar Men’s FERG XL Rectangular Sunglass

Best Glasses For Heart Shaped Face (For 2022)

Starting the review with a glass from the world’s well-known brand named Costa Del Mar. This model can be a good option for those with a broad heart-shaped face and looking for a perfect pair of glasses. 

Costa Del focused on their lens production carefully and successfully brought a result of a patented lens named 580 lenses that can go further than regular lenses. 

Their 580 lenses can block a good amount of harsh yellow ways and blue light while boosting advantageous reds, greens, and blues. You’ll get a better contract and a clear view to see objects around you. 

The frame is made of plastic, and the lenses are produced from glass. You can use the glass while driving a car or outdoors as the glass is rated as polarized. 

The lens width is 62mm, the height is 48mm, the Bridget size is 16mm, and the arm is 13mm. The only drawback is the high price point. However, it’s acceptable as the glass is from a reputed brand, and the lenses are considerably more potent than others. 

2. Casual Fashion Horned Rim Rectangular Glass

Still, want to try a brand glass without investing a lot? No one will be better than the Casual Fashion Horned rectangular glass. The design emphasizes that it would be a go-to pick for people over 30.

The frame with lenses looks pretty compact in the vertical view. However, the arm of the structure is almost 6 inches long, which directly indicates that it would not be suitable for people with small heart-shaped faces

The abbreviation of a plastic frame and plastic lens makes the whole glass lightweight and suitable for those who have allergenic issues with the touch of the metal frames.

The pack contains a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the frame and lenses and a storage pouch to store the glass when not in use or during traveling seasons.

3. Elite Slim Rimless Rectangular Sunglass

Best Glasses For Heart Shaped Face (For 2022) 

Semi-Rimless is the name of a modern pair of glasses for those who are always looking for an option to make their outfit look better than others. Our currently reviewing model is not only a rimless item, but also it’s a mixture of rimless and rectangular glass.

The lenses are scratch-resistant, and they will provide a UV400 guard against multiple harmful rays like UVA and UVB radiation. 

The soft nose pads will play an essential role in keeping the frame on as long as you need it. The metal frame will ensure long-lasting performance. 

There are more than 17 colors available. Pick one that goes with your unique outfit. You’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

4. Sinuoda Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses

Are you someone who drives a lot and searches for sunglasses to ensure better protection for your eyes while going? There is no alternative without using polarized sunglasses. 

The driving-focused structured frame with the polarized feature will work well outdoors to ensure safe driving and walking against the Harmful UVA/UVB & UVC Rays.

There are one-piece nose pads between the Bridget of the frame that will not torment your nose bridge. Instead, the additional support will make you more stable and comfortable. 

The high-quality hinge will ensure a smooth opening and closing. No worry about breaking the arm. 

5. FBL Vintage Oval Glass

Are you working in a corporate area where maintaining a formal outfit is essential? Wearing an Oval glass for that place might help you make you confident. Try this FBL vintage oval glass. 

The slim golden color border around the lenses and only 25g weight make it an ideal pick for a formal office. Giving comfortability to the wearers is one of the main tasks of this model as it comes with smooth silicone nose pads and a comfortable stretchable hinge.

The non-polarized feature will allow you to wear the glass indoors, while the UV protection coating will save your eyes when you go out!

6. Oakley Men’s Oo9265 Latch Oval Sunglass

Presenting a sunglass from the Oakley brand that is stylish yet comfortable. Designed with a sophisticated interior latch that will support you to connect the glass to your cloth. 

Thanks to the lightweight PlasticPlastic made lenses and frame, the glass is suitable for wearing the entire day and night without feeling awkward. In addition to offering UV protection lenses, they also provide excellent support for outdoor activities as the lenses are Polarized.

The measurement would only fit on an oversized heart-shaped face as the arm is 139mm and the bridge is 21mm. 

7. Ray-Ban Rb3547n Oval Flat Lens Sunglass

We should dominate the entire review of the best glasses for heart-shaped faces with Ray-Bans sunglasses as the brand is considered the boss of the industry.

We have picked the Ray-Ban RB3547n Oval sunglass by maintaining that continuity. It’s a metal-made glass with crystal clear lenses. So if you’re a person with a heart-shaped face and searching for glasses for indoor activities, try it!

However, Ray-Ban glasses always cost a lot. So keep the budget range in your mind and then make the decision. If your budget is low, consider glasses like Oakley Men’s Oo9265, Sinuoda, and the FBL Vintage is also good options at a reasonable price.

The lenses are prescription-ready and also have a UV protection feature. The arm size is 145mm, and the bridge is 21mm. You’ll get a case to store the brand glass when not in use. 

8. Oval Sunglasses Vintage Retro Sunglass

Retro sunglasses are the revolution of modern design in the eyeglass sector. Due to their small shaped lenses and an ideal distance between the bridge of the frame, a retro sunglass is recommended for men and women.

This vintage retro glass is made of a metal frame and composite lenses. It has polarized features with UV protection ability when you go out.

The thin temple arm and slim border around the lenses make the entire glass lightweight and comfortable to wear for a long time. 

The soft silicone nose pads will keep your nose fit with the frame if your heart-shaped face can go with the 145mm arm and 22mm bridge sizes. 

9. Ray-Ban Rb2140 Original Wayfarer

Finding the best-oversized pair of glasses for heart-shaped faces is not always an easy task as the size matters. If you agree with the Ray-Ban RB2140 wayfarer sunglass, the solution can be provided.

According to Ray-Ban, the Rb2140 is the improved version of their classic-styled glass. This particular model is a highly suggested option for legendary and creative-minded people.

The frame is made of acetate, an alternative material to conventional PlasticPlastic. Acetate has a high touch of comfortability and flexibility.

The glass lens has polarized support. However, if you would like to use the same glass without a polarized feature, you can select the non-polarized one from the order page. 

Wear the glass while fishing, driving, traveling, and even shopping. The polarized feature will support you all the time. 

10. REVOLUTTI Wayfarer Polarized Sunglass

Most people primarily know Ray-Ban glasses as Wayfarer glasses, and due to their lack of research, they end up buying Ray-Ban expensive Wayfarer glasses in the end.

The Revolutti Wayfarer glass can be an excellent alternative for those looking for such glass at a reasonable price range with all the features that offer Ray-Ban. 

The most potent part of this glass is the lenses. With ten beneficial and protective layers, they will protect your sight.

The integrated nose pads will fit your heart-shaped face well, and flexible hinges make the temple arms easy to open and close. 

It comes with a short screwdriver that you can use to adjust the glass based on your needs. One of the customers on Amazon says that he has a Wayfarer glass from Ray-Ban, and he found that the REVOLUTTI is better than Ray-Ban in terms of eye safety. 

There is an excellent combination of weight and size. The design looks premium and uses the lightest materials in the lens and frame for better performance.

8 Best Glasses For Heart-shaped Face (Women)

Take a look at the reviewed eyeglasses for Women. We have included Cat-eyes, Oval, and rimless glasses for this category as they are the main attraction for the women category right now. 

1. FEISEDY Cat Eye Glasses

Clean and beautiful designs are the priority of Women when selecting the best glasses for their heart-shaped faces. With this in mind, FEISEDY offers this model within your reach. 

This would be an ideal pick for all kinds of indoor activities. The glass will fit your costume, and you can even use the option for fashion purposes.

Did you notice the combination of the transparent lens and frame? This will help you create a unique look in front of others’ eyes. You can remove the lenses to replace them with your preferred lenses.

The durable metal-made springs hinges are well adjustable, and they will support you to open and close the temple arm smoothly. 

2. Beison Vintage Cateye Optical Eyeglass

Investing in an expensive glass for your heart-shaped face is not always a better idea, as glass like the Beison optical can help you get a good one at a reasonable price range. 

The frame design almost looks like a king cobra snake’s body. So if you’re a woman who loves such a design, considering this model can bring many benefits.

However, if the weather in your area is high-temperature, you should not try this glass as the frame is made of plastic. Instead, find a glass that is made of metal. 

The arm size is 14mm, the bridge is 20mm, and the frame is Cat-eye. There is some difference between the lens width and height (12mm).

3. Kate Spade Jailyn 807

If your heart-shaped face is not considered oversized, investing in the Kate Spade Jailyn 807 can be a good decision as it’s a mid-sized eyeglass. 

As you may already know, nose pads only come with metal frames. However, in the case of this Jailyn 807, you’ll get adjustable nose pads to fit your nose perfectly with the frame. 

There is a high touch of a semi-rimless design despite it being a Cat-eye frame. Meet multiple needs at once.

4. SA106 Art Nouveau Vintage Style Oval

Cat-eye frames are not the only solution for Women when selecting cute glasses for a heart-shaped face. The oval frame should get second place. 

The frame is crafted from premium plated alloy metal that is better than plastic in terms of durability and long-lasting performance. 

The reinforced metal hinges are locked with durable nuts to ensure a soft opening and closing ability. Adjust the nose pads according to your nose size. The wood grain print plastic arms are also stable.

The UV400 polycarbonate lenses will act as a full-time eye-protection feature when working in front of a computer or mobile screen.

5. Vanlinker Tiny Small 90s Sunglass

Wearing cute glasses on your heart-shaped face will enhance the overall beauty of your look one step ahead, and this is where the Vanlinker Tiny 90’s eyeglass comes in. 

Although the frame looks thick, the total weight of the structure, including the lenses, is only 22.7g. The narrow angles make the glass more stylish and attractive as well. 

However, don’t look at this model if your face size is oversized. This is a small-type 90’s inspired glass, and the arm size is only about 135mm. 

The Composite lens has anti-glare and polarized features. They can block almost 99% of ultraviolet radiation to ensure a safe glass-wearing moment while driving a car, fishing in the lake, and shopping in the market under the sunlight.

6. VANLINKER Polarized Rectangle

Make an accurate statement with your eyewear using the VANLINKER rectangular Women’s suitable sunglasses. The glass offers enough lens safety and a durable frame.

The lens will decrease annoying reflections and glare caused by harmful rays of road, snow, and water. The frame material and the nose pads are soft so that you can wear the glass for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. 

The hinges with frim screws will prevent the screw from loose to ensure a hassle-free opening and closing ability. The frame has one-piece comfortable European Style nose pads.

You’ll get an elegant glass case to store it when not in use, a soft cloth to clean the lens and frame, and a soft glass pouch to carry it when traveling. 

7. Hycredi Small Rimless Rectangle Sunglass

When you first look at the Hycredi, you’ll feel that it’s a heavy frame. However, the design only looks heavy due to the unique design, a rectangular shape with a bit of a semi-rimless style.

The semi-rimless shape will help you highlight your personality, and also it can go with different types of clothes. 

The durable metal hinges are carefully locked into the frame to allow you frequently open and close the temple arm.

There are multiple colors and sizes available for this model. First, know your face size, and then select one pair of glasses to fit your face and personality. 

8. Shiratori Half Frame Semi-Rimless Glass

Do you have budget limitations in purchasing the best glass for your heart-shaped face? One of the cheapest models on our list is the Shiratori Half Semi-Rimless glass. 

Within this budget, you’ll get a frame made of metal and PC, English-style transparent nose pads that will give you a soft feel while wearing. 

Not only that but also the lenses are non-polarized. However, they can block 100% of dangerous rays and secure your eyes when outdoor activities. 

The non-slip design will stay on your heart-shaped face for a long time. Like the previously highlighted glass, it is also available in different colors, including black, silver, brown, and leopard print.

14 Eyeglasses for Heart-shaped Faces

1. Heart Sunglasses Rimless Heart Shaped Sun Glass

The lens frame looks like a heart, and there is no rim with the frame near the lenses, which makes it a rimless model. 

The metal material is used in making the frame to ensure a strong built quality. Such material is also lightweight. 

Apart from this, the frame comes with Polycarbonate lenses, which bring many benefits like they are impact-resistant, thinner, and lighter than plastic lenses. 

Since the frame presents a heart-shaped design, it will feel much more suitable on any heart-shaped face. But the issue is that if you’re a male, it’s not recommended for you as the brand declared that it’s a female-friendly model.

2. Maui Jim Pokowai Arch W/Patented Polarizedplus2 

We are presenting a sunglass from the EMS-GRIVORY Corporation. The unique thing about this pair is that it has a Grilamid frame that is impact-resistant, lightweight, and, most importantly, can stand up well against high temperatures.

This frame also has a little touch of softness due to the Nylon material, a particular type of plastic obtained from crude oil.

Not only for the Maui Jim Pokowai but all of the sunglasses from the same brand feature PolarizedPlus2 lens technology that works well to increase the color of the seeing objects to reveal the original beauty around you.

3. SOJOS SJ2076 Classic Polarized Sunglass

The TAC lenses are used in this sunglass that features the latest lens mechanism formulated for beneficial visual and polarization clarity. 

Due to the scratch coating, the lenses will be protected against any scratch. Such lenses are also lightweight and can block 100% pernicious UV rays up to 400 nm. 

You may love the European-style nose pads that look much more stylish than other regular nose pads. The solid and slim metal hinges make the frame suitable for long-term use. 

Fact: the company itself markets this glass by saying that it would be a suitable glass for any climate and weather conditions. But in our opinion, if you live in warm weather, you should not buy it as the frame is made of plastic. 

Warm weather can cause plastic frames to bend, while a frame made of Metal is all-weather protected. 

4. Ray-Ban Rb4165 Justin Rectangular Sunglasses

Our 4 number pick is the Ray-Ban Rb4165, and since the glass is from the Ray-Ban brand, you’ll get what you pay for their items because Ray-Ban does not compromise with the quality of their products. 

It comes with plastic lenses that are much more difficult to break or crack, making them more durable than glass lenses. 

In addition to these, plastic lenses are naturally less reflective than glass lenses and are less likely to cause issues with glare. 

The 145mm arm and 16mm bridge size is a big sign that it would be an ideal pick for large heart-shaped faces. 

It’s available in multiple frames, colors, and sizes, so you have the freedom to select your needed size and color. Moreover, both men and women can wear the glass on almost any occasion. 

5. Ray-Ban Rb4151 Rectangular Sunglass

A rectangular framed sunglasses can fit nicely on a heart-shaped face if you have a flat heart face, and this is where the Ray-Ban RV4151 can play a significant role in providing a better solution for your face. 

Ray-Ban also introduced their latest lens technology in this Rb4151 sunglass. The lenses will help you protect your eyes from harmful rays and enhance your eye vision. 

This unisex Ray-Ban sunglass features a stylish and lightweight frame made from acetate materials. 

The saddle bridge, polarized lenses, and flexible arms can be a strong reason you may want to try it once in your life. Besides, the pack of the glass contains a cleaning cloth.

6. Dollger Oval Sunglasses for Women Vintage Metal Frame Glass

The Oval-shaped frames are always a preferable frame type for heart-shaped people, and the Dollger Sunglass is the first pick with an oven frame.

The Composite frame is made of a perfect mix of alloy and carbon parts that will ensure you a durable glass body. 

The lenses have an anti-reflective coating known as AR, glare-free coating, and anti-glare. Such features are pretty helpful for your eyes as the lenses can help you to reduce glare. 

Since the lens shape looks pure classic style, from modern to retro style, this pair will suit all kinds of outfits, and you can show your personal unique and soothing attitude!

7. Vintage Round Non-Prescription Eyeglass

The Vintage Round Glass is the first eyeglass on our list that is CE-approved, meaning the material used in making the lens is 100% safe and has no risk for skin and health.

In addition to this, the lenses are also transparent, which indicates that you’ll see the world clearly with the actual color of the world. 

The round vintage frame design is an excellent sign that it will comfortably fit your heart-shaped face and create an ideal balance to make your look more stylish and innovative!

The bridge is ergonomically designed to provide you with more comfort. The lenses are fully waterproof, shock-resistant, and anti-scratch. If you have any prescription lenses, you can replace the lens.

8. Skeleteen Old Man Costume Glass

If your face is heart-shaped and your age is over 30, and looking for the best glasses for a heart-shaped face, the Skeleteen old man costume glass might be an ideal solution in this case. 

This glass is hand washable, meaning you can wash the frame and lenses by hand. The manufacturer recommended this glass for every use and a Costume Party. 

The non-prescription and clear lenses will ensure a natural and clear vision. The frame is made of Metal which is much more durable and beneficial than plastic. The material is also tested to filter out the harmful ingredients to make it non-toxic and safe.

It will be the perfect glass for heart-shaped faces and would be the best option for narrow-faced people. 

9. Oval Sunglasses Vintage Retro Sunglass

Don’t have enough budget and are still thinking about buying a Non-Polarized stylish and daily usable oval sunglass for your heart-shaped face?

No one would be better than this model as its price is affordable and the frame material is durable. The eco-friendly, skin-safe material and thin temple arms make the overall glass lightweight. 

The frame is Shatterproof, and the lenses are UV400 rated, which will filter out all the dangerous rays to protect your eyes when you go out. 

The pack contains all the necessary items like a glass case, a pouch, one Hinge screwer, and Polarized Test Cards. 

If you’re not satisfied after purchasing the glass despite having so much, you can get your $$ back due to their 30-day money-back policy. 

10. SOJOS Cardi B SJ2044 Vintage Narrow Cat Eye Sunglass

The Cat-eye frames are always the best choice for heart-shaped faces, and the SOJOS Retro is the bright example in front of you!

All the previously highlighted glasses do not offer a lot of colors to choose from. But in the case of this model, you’ll notice several colors like red, white, black, pink, and so on. 

All the colors will go with different types of dresses and make you a unique, stylish person along with other people. 

It’s a preferable glass for outdoor activities like traveling, shopping, and driving because the lenses are Non-Polarized and have UV protection coating.

The glass is made of a plastic frame, exquisite temples, UV400 rated lenses, and flexible and durable Metal hinges.

11. SOJOS Retro SJ2939 Vintage Cateye

Another cat eyeglass from the SOJOS brand, but the most beautiful part of this particular model is the mirrored lenses. 

Such lenses are great for conditions of water, sand, and higher altitudes because they work to reduce the amount of light passing into the tinted lens by a further 10-60%. 

The frame’s border is a little bit thicker as it’s a Cat-eye frame. The lenses can protect your eyes from harmful digital screens because the lenses are coated with an anti-blue light filter.

This glass can be a great gift idea for your friend or family member because the pack comes gift-ready.

12. KALIYADI Polarized Sunglass 

The KALIYADI Polarized Sunglass is a highly suggested and dedicated model for those with a heart-shaped face and a fashion-focused mind. So if you feel you’re from that category, try it once! 

KALIYADI Polarized Sunglasses are known as a prime choice in the market. The modern design and stylish shades indicate that it would be an ideal glass for both men and women to wear every day. 

As far as our honest research, the company claims that the lenses and the frames are double-tested by third-party companies. So don’t worry about the quality. 

By thinking about the user’s comfort, they made the frame with ultra-light constituents, and since the lenses are shatterproof polarized, you’ll forget that you’re wearing something on your face. 

13. Polarspex Men’s Sunglass

Remember the SJ2939? The Polarspex is also a glass with mirror coating lenses. It would be a suitable glass for your kids. But If your age is older than 20, you can also select your preferred one from the shopping page.

If you’re a regular eyeglass buyer and familiar with the most popular brand named Ray-Ban, you may already notice that all of their glasses are expensive. But Polarspex uses the same material and maintains almost the same quality but the price range of Polarspex’s Sunglasses is less. 

The reason is they offer their glass directly from the factory, so there is no middle-man in the selling process. You can pick the most suitable one from the 60+ colors and frames. 

The glass comes with a ball of wool felt storage pouch which will come in handy when you need to carry the glass from one place to another. The shapes are not heavy compared to a Ray-Ban wayfarers glass. 

Another great thing is the side arms will move freely, and you can adjust them according to your needs. The frame will fit comfortably on your heart-shaped face. 

14. Ray-Ban Rb2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Rb2132 is a new wayfarer sunglass from the Ray-Ban brand that offers an updated version of the classic glass that includes a shorter frame and a softer eye shape. 

As mentioned, wearing wayfarer sunglasses will help you balance out your heart-shaped wider forehead. This particular model will make your eyes the focal point.

The sunglasses feature precision-cut and scratch-resistant glass lenses to boost the eye’s visual and clarity and, at the same time, reduce eye strain during outdoor activities.

The frame is made of solid nylon construction due to the polymer-based construct. The new legendary Ray-Ban crystal lenses are made from high-quality glass.

There are 22+ lens colors and frames are available to choose from. If you’re going to buy a glass for outdoor use, consider purchasing the green lenses because they will offer a remarkable color contract by drying up almost 85% of visible light and blocking the blue light.

What To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Sunglasses For Heart-Shaped Faces?

In the case of purchasing glass for your eyes, it is mandatory to know many things before you press an order for a glass. Although many things can be considered, learning about the frame material is the first and recommended subject. 

Frame Material:

The better the frame material, the more the frame will last. So you should not compromise with the ingredients. The research shows that Metal and Plastic are vastly used to make eyeglasses frames. 

Each of the materials has its benefits and disadvantages. What you can do there is just know them well and pick one that can meet your needs. 

Metal is highly suggested for durability and flexibility. But they can stop when it comes to a reasonable price range. On the other hand, PlasticPlastic is considered a lightweight and cheap frame for most people. 

There is an advanced feature with a metal which is the nose pads. You’ll find every metal-made frame decorated with two nose pads, while PlasticPlastic doesn’t offer nose pads. 

At warmer temperatures, the plastic frame may tend to bend, while Metal frames can act like an allergic mass for those who have an allergic issue with metal. 

Note: Try a metal glass if you don’t have any allergy issues with the touch of metal, and try a plastic glass if your weather is average.

Frame Size:

Most people make mistakes while determining their glass size. They purchase a glass without noticing the size of the frame. You should first measure your face size for a heart-shaped face before buying a frame. 

You can use your previously used sunglasses to get the size number. If you have one, look at the temple arm of the frame, you’ll notice the sizes. If the structure shows you the temple arm is 140mm, the lens is 45mm, and the bridge is 20mm, try to find a frame of the same size. 

Image Link 

Color Selection For Frames: 

The color of the frame should be picked based on your personal taste and preference, not by reading our guide. 

There are primarily four-five colors of frame available in the market. However, black and gray are the most popular. In addition to these colors, blue, golden, and gradient colors are also famous. 

Nose Pads: 

Image Link

As you already know, nose pads are only available with a Metal frame. Nose pads play a significant role in connecting your nose with the frame to prevent unwanted slipping between the frame and your nose.

Although plastic frames don’t offer nose pads, they can also keep your nose with the frame due to the soft material.

Carrying Box: 

Sunglasses are not required tools that you must carry unless you’re wearing a glass due to your eye issue. However, in the case of traveling by wearing a glass to protect your eyes, you might need to have a carry box.

A storing box for glass is also essential to store the glass when not in use. The good news is most eyeglasses manufacturers offer a carrying box with their product. 

So if you’re a traveler or someone who uses a glass temporarily, make sure you have picked a glass with a carrying box to ensure better safety.


Checking the glass brand before purchasing is one of the most important subjects. Most ordinary glass consumers don’t look at the brand. They buy, use, and in the end, accept despair.

You shouldn’t follow the same rule. Instead, try to look at the brand-made items and pick them because you’ll be benefited from two sides, 

  1. You’ll get a warranty or guarantee, 
  2. and second, the brand’s products are verified and tested by many users.

Price Range: 

The better the eyeglass quality, the more the item will cost, and this is the endless trust about pricing. If the glass you’re going to buy is made of metal and the product is from a reputed brand, it will cost more than a normal one.

On the other hand, the price of a pair of glasses with a plastic frame produced by a local company will be much lower. However, A plastic-made brand glass can cost a lot!

How much money would you need to invest in buying a glass will depend on two major subjects:

  • Brand
  • And product quality.


What kind of glasses looks best on a heart-shaped face?

The best frames that look best on a heart-shaped face are Cat-Eye, Rectangular, Oval, Semi-rimless, and Wayfarers. While only the Cat-eye frames are appropriate for women, the rest are qualified for men and women.

Is The Heart Face Shape Attractive?

A heart-shaped face is considered a love-shaped and a V-shaped face. Such a face type presents a unique style, and also, people with a heart-shaped face look younger due to the love shape.

Are Cat Glasses Good For Heart-Shaped Face?

Cat-eye glasses are only recommended for women with heart-shaped faces. They are more comprehensive than a heart shape and make your look unique. 

What does a heart-shaped face look like?

A heart-shaped face is usually built with a broad forehead and a narrow chin. You can assume the front is almost like a love shape or V. Such a face type has enough of a rounded face shape. However, the only difference between them is the vaster forehead.

Is a heart-shaped face pretty?

If you’re a person with a heart-shaped face, you can assume you’re attractive because celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell, and Reese Witherspoon have the same face. 


It is good to have a heart-shaped face but wearing the wrong glass on this face can make you look like an older adult. 

Our guide on the best glasses for heart-shaped faces might be useless as the entire topic is all about personal liking. Today’s article can only help you by providing the standard information about a heart-shaped face and some recommended frames and glass. 

We have researched and shared enough information for your face. Now the decision and choice are yours. Purchase the Hycredi Small Rimless glass if enhancing the beauty of your face and protecting your eyes from the harmful rays is the primary intention.

If budget matters to you, consider the Shiratori Half Glass, and if a brand is everything to you, don’t forget to check out the Ray-Ban Rb3547n suitable for men and women.

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