Best Glasses For Rectangular Face – Pick a Suitable Glass

Best Glasses For Rectangular Face

You’re a person with a rectangular face shape but are you blaming yourself for this face? Don’t do that because celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Ted Danson have the same face shape.

Finding an ideal glass for an oval face is not an arduous task as such face type is common, but when it comes to purchasing the best glasses for a rectangular face, the process can be a little complicated. 

By utilizing some logic and researching a lot about rectangular faces, we have found some comfortable and well-made glasses that will protect your eyes and, at the same time, will enhance your beauty. 

Here we have reviewed over 11+ glasses that are entirely suitable for people with the rectangular face shape. 

Are you still confused about determining your face shape?

Look, A rectangular face shape means your face length is long with angular edges, your face has a square jaw, and the length is a little longer than your overall face wide.

If you have a rectangular face, you’ll also notice that you have a high forehead. 

From another point of view, the rectangular face shapes are also called a hybrid of the long or oval square-shaped face. 

What are The Best Frames For A Rectangular Face? 

You should pick a frame that will sit high up on your nose and a bit up from your nose bridges as your face has a square jawline and forehead. 

To meet these requirements, some of the recommended frames are:

  • Round Circle Frames: They add smooth curves to a rectangular face as such a face is long with angular edges.
  • Angled Cat-eye Frame: Such frame features strongly-angled top corners with well-proportioned lenses. 
  • Oversized Aviator Frames: Although they are the best options for oval-faced people, the large aviator frames are also suitable for rectangular faces. 

Which Frame Shape Should You Avoid For A Rectangular Face? 

Some frame types can disbalance your rectangular face. Some of them are square, rectangle, and wayfarer glasses. These are commonly known as box shape frames. 

You should select a frame with round or angular edges instead of avowed lines and pointed corners at the edges. 

11 Best Glasses For Rectangular Face

1. NIEEPA John Lennon Vintage Round

1. NIEEPA John Lennon Vintage Round

With the NIEEPA John Lennon Round eyeglass, you’ll enjoy multiple features confidently. 

The frame, legs, and borders are entirely made of lightweight and high-quality metal material, and the lenses are made of polycarbonate that looks thin and clear to see. 

The combination of the round Lennon style with a classic design will help you to catch other people’s eyes when you wear the glass on your eyes. The soft nose pads will be stable and much more comfortable on your nose, which doesn’t slip down anymore. 

At the end of the temple arms, you’ll notice the streamlined designed earpiece that will keep the frame well-conditioned on your rectangular face shape. 

The spring hinges are ergonomically crafted, and the anti-reflective and

Polarized lenses will work to boost the contrast and reduce heat radiation and ensure a clear vision all time. 

2. Dollger Steampunk Vintage Retro Round Sunglasses

2. Dollger Steampunk Vintage Retro Round Sunglasses

One of the oversized sunglasses on our list is this Dollger Steampunk Vintage Metal Sunglass. With 150mm arms and 20mm bridge size, it will be a good choice for prominent rectangular-faced people. 

The unique part of this glass is it comes with a quality frame with a chic leather decorating lens.

Combining a solid frame with a tight-hinged design makes it more durable for long-term uses. 

The pack contains a case for the glass, a cleaning cloth, a bag, a user manual, and a compact screwdriver for adjusting the nose pads with your nose size.

Their 30-day money-back guarantee might be a big reason you should buy this model because if you are not happy with your purchase, you can ask them for a refund. 

3. NULOOQ Small Metal Round Glass

3. NULOOQ Small Metal Round Glass

NULOOQ is the name of such a manufacturer that always focuses on offering the most fashionable sunglasses with an attractive finish. The NULOOQ Small Metal Round Glass is a shining example. 

If your rectangular face shape is not so long and you feel the face has a balance, this model can be a solution because the arm size is 132mm, bridge size is 23mm which would befit any mid-class rectangular face. 

In addition to these, you’ll feel much more comfortable due to the lightweight Metal frame and composite lenses (20g). The flexible and durable spring metal hinges will ensure long-lasting wear. 

4. Pro Acme Classic Round Metal

4. Pro Acme Classic Round Metal

Our next pick for finding the best glasses for rectangular faces is the pro acme classic round Metal eyeglass. 

Although the brand suggests this particular model for both men and females, we will only recommend it for females who love wearing cute things. 

From the frame to temple arms, everything looks cute and, at the same time, slim. So if you’re a female and looking for a solid eyeglass from a reputed brand at a reasonable price range, no one will be better than this model. 

The pack contains a pure Pro Acme microfiber pouch and also a cleaning cloth. A 30-day secure money-back guarantee is a bonus point that will attract you to try it once!

5. COASION Vintage Round Glass

5. COASION Vintage Round Glass

The overall design is almost the same as the Pro Acme. However, the only difference between them is the endpoint of the temples. The temple’s endpoint looks slim for Pro Acme, while the same thing looks a bit thick for COASION.

But this will not make any issue because the temples are made of Metal lightweight material. The screws are strong enough to handle your frequently needed pressures. 

But make sure you open the temple carefully every time you wear the glass on your face to make it a durable option. 

Another plus point of purchasing this glass is you’ll enjoy its lifetime breakage warranty on the frame and a 30-day short, secure money-back guarantee on the lens. 

6. SHOWY SKY Oversized Cateyes Sunglass

6. SHOWY SKY Oversized Cateyes Sunglass

We are presenting an oversized cat-eye frame-shaped sunglass that is suitable for rectangular-faced people. 

Worrying about your large rectangular face and don’t have an ideal eyeglass yet? The SHOWY SKY glass with a 143mm frame and 20mm bridge size will be a go-to pick for your face. 

The lens of this model is UV400 rated, meaning the lens can block almost all kinds of harmful ultraviolet light rays. 

Like the NIEEPA John glass, the nose pads of this model are soft and adjustable which will offer maximum comfort and enough flexibility. See more

7. WearMe Pro Cat Eye Mirrored Reflective Cateyes Sunglass

7. WearMe Pro Cat Eye Mirrored Reflective Cateyes Sunglass

In our previous reviews on the best glasses for oval faces and the best glasses for narrow faces, we have reviewed several items from the WearMe Pro brand. To maintain consistency, we have also picked some items from the same company. 

The WearMe Pro Cat-eye sunglasses are a durable and budget-friendly option for people with rectangular faces. The combination of polycarbonate frame and polycarbonate lenses makes it well-balanced. 

The lenses are 100% UVB and UVA protective. The solid and black metal hinges and exquisite temples are durable. The WearMe Pro customer service is quite fast. If you have any issues, contact them to solve your problem with your glass!

8. WearMe Pro Oversized Designer Inspired Aviator glass

8. WearMe Pro Oversized Designer Inspired Aviator glass

From the same brand, the price is almost the same, but the frame style is entirely different. The 7 number reviewed model was a Cat-eye style frame, while this is an Aviator frame. 

All of the Aviator framed glasses from the WearMe brand are focusing on improving high-quality lenses that can provide enough safety and clear vision all time. 

With their lenses, you’ll feel enhanced visibility while wearing the glass for any outdoor activities. With the power of the 100% UV400 protective lenses, you can create eye-friendly surroundings.

9. J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglass

9. J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglass

Good to mention at the first point, this is multiple faces suited to sunglasses, meaning if you’re a person with a Square, Oval, round or rectangular face, you’re always open to selecting this model as it’s an officially suggested glass for these face shapes. See more:

They use multi-layer acquired lenses that are lightweight, slim, and, most importantly, scratch-resistant.

Since the lenses are polarized and 400UV rated, it would be an excellent option for traveling, driving, hiking, and fishing. 

The frame is made with a metallic alloy which is harder and more substantial than metal. To ensure outstanding comfort, it comes with fully adjustable nose pads and spring-loaded hinged legs.

10. SORVINO Aviator Sunglass

10. SORVINO Aviator Sunglass

Reviewing a unique glass with gradient lenses. The SORVINO Aviator Sunglass is the first model on this list that offers gradient lenses. 

The gradient lenses are suitable for running, driving, and playing as they shield your eyes from the overhead light and supply you with enough light via the footsie half of the lens to allow you to view everything clearly. 

The oversized frame will be suitable for people with large rectangular faces. The non-polarized lenses will treat the bright sunlight and reduce the intensity equally. But such lenses will not tackle sparkle if you’re around water or glass. 

Multiple frame colors and sizes are available to choose from, and the price is also within your reach. 

See Also:

11. GrinderPUNCH Round Clear Lens Glasses Metal Frame

11. GrinderPUNCH Round Clear Lens Glasses Metal Frame

The Retro round glass is an excellent option for those looking for fashionable glass with a 100% UV protection feature so that they can use it indoors and outdoors. 

The price range is super affordable, and the overall built quality is durable, but the only issue with this model is you’ll notice it gets dirty quickly, so you have to clean the lenses frequently to keep them well for the long run. 

It comes with a grinder Microfiber Pouch. If you’re a traveler and want to wear a pair of glasses frequently, you can keep this model in your hand with the help of the pouch.

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What is a rectangular face shape?

The rectangular face shapes are uncommon. However, the definition of such a face shape is a face with a square jaw, and the length is a bit longer than the width.

How to choose the best glasses for a rectangle face?

Since the rectangular faces look longer with angular edges, you have to pick a glass that can make a balance between your face length and width. Round Circle, Cat-eye, and oversized Aviator glasses are the best options for a rectangular face.

What celebrity has a rectangle face shape?

Although the rectangular face shape is not as attractive as other face shapes, celebrities like Sarah Jessica and Hilary Swank have the same face shape. So you can think of yourself as a lucky person like them. 

Final Words:

Since Rectangular face shapes are not common, companies do not make glasses specifically for this type of face. But if you’re a tricky little person and read our complete review on the best glasses for rectangular faces, you’ll get your answer. 

We have shared the proper explanation of a rectangular face and mentioned some of the most suitable frames for this face type. 
Are you still looking for a highly suggested glass from the list? Close your eyes and pick ready to purchase the NIEEPA John Lennon Vintage Round eyeglass.

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