15+ Cute & Best Glasses For Square Face

Best Glasses For Square Face

We’re working hard to provide a detailed guide on glasses for multiple face types, and today our primary job is for you to find the best glasses for square face.

After looking at the market and some online reviews, we have noticed that finding the best one is not as easy as you’re thinking because so many points need to be considered before pressing an order. 

Some questions that might come to your mind are which Frame type will be the best for a square face? Should I go with a metal or plastic frame? Which color is the best for me? And so on!  

This review will answer all these questions, so stay connected and read the entire post!

Glasses Frames For Square Face:

According to our research, Oval and Round framed glasses are the most recommended glasses for Square faces. Of course, there are enough reasons why these two frames are highly suggested. 

Round Frames: Frames with a round shape mean they should look smaller and narrow simultaneously. Such a frame is not only best for a square face shape, but also it looks pretty good on a longer shape.

Round Frames

This type of frame can awaken an environment of sagacity and make you look refined. However, When purchasing round frames for your square face, make sure you’re going to try a frame made of metal, not plastic or other material, as metal looks even better.

Oval Frames: As you know, a square face is built with strong angles, so you might want to soften the angles at any cost to make them look better. With this in mind, an Oval frame can help you overcome the issue with the soft angles.

Oval Frames

The people who don’t want to present themself with a square face might want to use such frame types, so if you’re one of them and want to reduce the strong angles by wearing glass, try an Oval frame. 

The mentioned frames are considered the best glasses frames for square faces based on the geographical architecture. However, it doesn’t mean that these are the only options to go with. 

In addition to considering these, you can also try wearing Browline and Cat-eye frames because these frames are also currently loved by many square-faced people.

The Truth About a Square Face: When a person with a square face smiles in front of another person, that person is attracted because a square face has a great assortment of attractive people with a little smile.

Frames That You Should Avoid For Square Faces

A Square face is unique from other normal types of face types, which is why not all frames are suitable for the face type. Even if you like a frame, you should avoid the frame not suggesting it to you.

Because frames like Square and Rectangular look wretched on a square face. If you wear one of the frames, you’ll notice your face will look “boxy.” 

Note: We’re presenting the data based on our research. So you can pay more attention to your personal preferences so that no one gets hurt from the information we have explored.

The money is yours and what we can do for you is help you find the most suitable solution for your needs.

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15 Best glasses for square face

Glasses For Square Face Woman

1. Ray-Ban Women’s Rb4191

Presenting women recommended models from the world’s most iconic eyewear brand named Ray-Ban. It seemed a little bit expensive. However, it’s an advantageous model considering the quality and brand value.

The frame is made of Nylon which is considered the most stylish material. The lanes are produced from Polycarbonate, a lightweight yet durable plastic. 

135mm arm, 57mm lens width, 58mm lens height, 19mm bridge, and all the measurements directly indicate that it will be perfectly suitable for a woman with a mid-size square face shape. 

This model is not prescription-ready as the frame is made of Nylon, and there are no nose pads with the frame. However, the flexible frame will fit your nose and offer a comfortable feel while wearing it.

2. Pro Acme Non-Prescription Glass

Women always love to wear slim things. With this in mind, Pro Acme released the model on the market on November 30, 2018. 

If budget is important to you and you’re unable to try the Ray-Ban Rb4191, consider purchasing this one at a reasonable price point. 

Metal is used to produce the frame of the glass, and plastic is used to make the lenses. There are four colors available for this model, and you can pick one based on your needs. 

The lenses are 100% UVA and UVB protection so that you can wear the glass outdoors. However, our recommendation is for outdoor activities or buying a polarized glass. 

Since the frame is metal, it comes with nose pads to let you adjust your nose with the frame perfectly. The arm size is 130mm, the width and height of the lenses are the same (46mm), and the bridge is 22mm. 

3. SOJOS Retro Oversized Cateye Glasse

Compared to the Pro Acme Round Glass, the price point of this SOJOS Retro oversized Cat-eye glass is almost the same. However, the main difference between them is the shape type. 

The Pro Acme Round Glass is made of metal, while this mode is designed with plastic and the lens also uses plastic. Apart from these, the lens has a UV protective coating to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

The arm size is much bigger (140mm) than the previously reviewed item. However, the budget is only 15mm. So if your face is square and your nose is small and narrow, you can consider this one.

In addition to these characteristics, you’ll notice the design is quite straightforward. The iconic design with a Cat-eye shape will positively look on your square face and enhance your beauty. 

If you have an allergic issue with metal material, you can try this one as an alternative to the Pro Acme.

4. Folders Polarized Folding Browline Sunglass

Let’s review an unimaginable model for fashion lovers. The Folders folding browline sunglass is a foldable option that can change your glass-wearing experience. 

The frame combines rimless design and browline shape, making it more sophisticated and stylish for a square face shape. 

The frame is made of metal, and the lens is plastic. The lens type is polarized and has Scratch Resistant Coating on it. 

What we love the most about this glass is the foldable option. You don’t have to worry about its flexibility. You can carry the glass anywhere by folding the whole frame into a small part. 

The 7-layer HepTEK protection will easily block any dangerous rays to save your eyes. The glass comes with a leather case, a premium cleaning cloth, and a two-year charge-free replacement opportunity.

Purchase it if you’re a travel lover and do a lot of tasks outdoors as the lens is Polarized and equipped with 7 protective layers.

Sunglasses for square face woman

5. AZORB Round Clear Lens Glass

The AZORB round glass is a clear lens decorated option for wearers, and it has all that quality you would expect for this price range. 

It’s a non-polarized and clean-made glass for those who love to wear something fresh and stylish. From the frame to the lenses, everything looks pretty slim and sophisticated.

No matter how big or small your nose is, the adjustable nose grips will balance your nose and fit with the frame. The frame is made of metal, while the lens is made from composite materials.

The entire weight is only about 18g. However, the arm size is only 128mm, and it might not be a good option for people with a large square face shape. If you’re a person with an oversized face, take a look at the SOJOS Retro oversized Cat-eye eyeglass.

6. Ray-Ban Erika Rb3539 

The Ray-Ban Erika is such a model where people find a lot of benefits when it comes to eliminating glare, reducing eye strain, and boosting contract. If you feel these features are required for your current Situation, try it. 

Since you’ll get a plastic lens with Polarized support, this model can be a great option for outdoor wearing. With ultra-thin metal temples, keyhole bridge, and durable frame, it will last for a long time. 

Multiple lens colors are available for this glass, including mirrored, gradient, and polarized. Pick one that will fit your lifestyle. Apart from this, the frame is also available in different colors.

Since the frame arm size is 145 millimeters, this model is only suitable for an oversized square face.

7. KALYANI Round Polarized Sunglass

Are you looking for a special type of sunglass that will have a combination of 70s and 80s vintage style with advanced quality? The Kalyani round glass can be the right solution for this. 

In addition to meeting your classic style, you can wear the same glass for outdoor activities as the glass is 100% UV protective and rated as polarized. 

A plastic lens metal frame with silicone nose pads makes the whole body lightweight. Thanks to the spring hinge, users can perfectly open and close the temple arms without worrying about breaking the frame. 

Notes: These were our highly recommended glasses for the Woman department only. However, some of them can go with the men category too. If you’re a man, take a look at the section below!

Glasses For Square Face Man

8. Ray-Ban Rx6392 Ja-jo

Ray-Ban is dominating the review of the best glasses for square faces. Of course, enough reasons can be found as they are the best in this industry. 

Did you notice the KALIYADI glass that we highlighted in the Women category? Like that one, the Ray-Ban RX6392 has a touch of a 70’s inspired design. However, the unique part is the flat lenses. 

The lenses are ready to go with prescription lenses and combine the latest retro shape. The frame is available in multiple colors.

The lens height is 1.5 inches, and the bridge is 21mm, which is enough and only preferable for a large nose. However, since it has comfortable nose pads, you can perfectly balance the frame with your nose.

9. Star Power Men Round Frame Glasses

The start power round frame glass will be a go-to pick if you’re a middle-aged person.

Although the frame design seems a little thick, since the material is lightweight, this will not be any big issue!

This model is only recommended for those searching for a small glass at a quite affordable price range. However, considering the price, the plastic material feels cheap.

10. Dollar Retro Clout Goggles Sunglass

The Dollar Retro Goggles Sunglass is a completely different type of Oval shape glass suitable for both men and women. 

This glass can attract your mind with a white frame and black lenses. However, the extra border shape might be a hassle to bear on your face when you wear the glass for a long time. 

Although the frame is not offering any nose pads, your nose will perfectly fit in the middle of the frame and provide you with better comfort while wearing the glass.

According to the manufacturer, this model is ergonomically produced to fit a square-shaped face and all types of faces. 

The sizes are ideal for people with oversized faces as the frame width is 148mm, and the temple length is 143mm.

11. QUEEN Classic Horn Rimmed Semi-Rimless Polarized Sunglass

You can get the QUEEN Classic Horn Rimmed Sunglass within a low budget with a lightweight feel. Such glass is mainly used for outdoor activities to protect the eyes from harmful rays. 

However, due to the rimless frame and modern design, you can do multiple things with a single glass, such as showing yourself in a different style in front of people and protecting your eyes from UV rays. 

The ultra-light PC materials used in making the frame and the shatterproof polarized lenses are a great combination to make your glass-wearing experience one step forward.

The soft nose pads can easily fit your nose with the frame. However, what we love most about the frame is the high impact strength, and elasticity coefficient makes the frame more skin-friendly and lightweight.

If you’re searching for an affordable option with some useful features, make sure you have checked this model too.

Sunglasses for square face man

12. Teumire Retro Round Polarized Sunglass

Are you a person with less weight? If so, you might already know how tough it is to find the best glasses frames for a square face. With this in mind, we have picked the Teumire Retro Round Polarized glass. 

You can pick the most preferred one based on your needs from the available nine frame colors. 

The frame is made of metal, and the lenses are plastic. However, a metal frame and plastic-made lenses are not exceptional for a complete sunglass. A glass with a Scratch Resistant Coating and polarized features means a lot. 

The high arm size (146) indicates that it would be a good option if your face is oversized. However, since the total from one lens to another is only about 130mm, it can also be used on a mid-sized square face.

13. MEETS Vintage Oval Sunglass

Do you have an idea to join a party and want to show your personality with a refined look by wearing an Oval glass on your square face? 

Wearing Vintage Oval sunglasses can play a vital role in helping you in this case, and this is where the Meetsun vintage oval glass comes in. 

As the company says, the metal-made frame is only about 19g in weight, and they added two transparent rubber nose pads for more convenience and user’s nose safety. 

In addition to these, the lenses are equipped with UV protection coating, although they are non-polarized. The lenses can also offer you HD vision and the true color of nature. 

14. COHESION Retro Round Polarized Sunglass

Remember the Teumire Retro Round Sunglass? You can assume this model is almost the same as the mentioned one. However, the main difference between them is the lens material. 

The Teumire glass comes with plastic-made lenses, while the Cohesion retro sunglasses offer composite lenses. 

The manufacturer added adjustable silicone nose pads and spring loaded hinged legs to ensure flexibility and comfort.

The pack contains almost all the essential accessories needed for glass, such as a protective microfiber pouch, a small screwdriver, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a proper user manual for beginners. 

15. FBL Vintage Oval Sunglass

For long-term use, which feature will you notice when purchasing the best glasses for square faces? Of course, you should look at the material and lenses. 

The lightweight metal frame and Triacetate Cellulose lens will do the best in this case. However, the lens is extremely lightweight compared to the metal frame as they are made of Triacetate Cellulose material. 

Another great thing about such a lens is it features the latest lens technology formulated for incomparable visual and polarization transparency. In addition to this, such a lens has a scratch coating. 

If your country’s weather is frequently changeable, you can close your eyes and try this model as it can be a good solution for all weather and conditions. 

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 How to Choose Glasses for Square Face Shape

As mentioned at the top of the article, Round and Oval frames are the most suggested frames that you can wear to present yourself in a better way. However, choosing a frame is not the last job for a square face. 

Apart from frame type, you should also pay attention to the frame material, color, size, and weight. Although frame colors are personal preference, the rest of the numerous things are required to notice while purchasing one from the market. 

Frame Materials: If we describe some of the widely used materials for a glass frame, we can see there are two options:

Metal: Such material is considered durable and lightweight ingredients to make products. If you’re searching for a thin and better adjustable frame material, considering trying a glass that is made of metal would be a great idea. 

To make a frame with metal, Manufacturers usually use stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and nickel.

The main benefit of using a metal frame is that it comes with built-in nose pads that help wearers keep their glass in place and prevent frequent slippage. Another advantage is such frames are lightweight and durable.

Apart from these, They feel premium and professional and alternative to plastic in different warm areas.

However, the primary issue is This type of material is not suitable for those who have allergic reactions due to exposure to the metal, and you have to pay a smart amount to purchase it.

Plastic: Such material is always considered the cheapest production ingredient in the industry as it is widely available, and producing products using plastic requires less power and time.

Plastic frames are thicker and offer multiple styles and sizes to pick the most suitable one for a specific shape, like a square face. This frame is the best option for those people who have allergic issues with metal.

However, the issue is plastic frames may become curved or change color In overheated areas.

In addition to these materials, you’ll also find many options like Nylon, Blended Nylon, Polycarbonate, Acetate, etc. 

The Nylon can be a good selection if you’re a fashion-lover. However, such material is not so durable, while the Polycarbonate frames are the perfect choice for safety as they offer high-impact resistance.

On the other hand, Acetate is one of the lightweight plastic-based materials. So you can try Acetate too.

Which Colored Frame is Better For Square Faces?

Color is always a personal preference. So when it comes to color selection for an eyeglass frame, you might have a different color sense than others. 

However, you’ll notice that most manufacturers are making frames with two primary colors, Black and Gray. 

So you can take a look at them as black is considered the standard color worldwide. But you’re always open to picking that color that you love the most. 

How To Identify That Your Face Shape is Square? 

Before purchasing cute glasses for a square face, you have to make sure that you’re a person with a square face. 

The primary sign of a square face is a wide hairline and a strong angular jawline. Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline will have the same width.


What Shape Glasses Look Good On A Square Face?

To balance your square face by reducing a strong jawline, you have to select a glass that can soften the jawline. In this case, Oval and Round frames will do the best.

Do Oversized Glasses Look Good On Square Faces?

If your square face is bigger than a normal face shape, of course, you’ll need to try an oversized glass because your face and glass size should be balanced. However, if the face is small and you wear an oversized glass, it would not be suitable at all.

Are Cat Eyeglasses Good For Square Faces?

Cat-eye glasses are known as one of the attractive frame types. However, when buying a cat-eye glass for square faces, you have to make sure that the frames have more spherical lenses to look sharp on your face.

Can square faces wear square glasses?

It will depend on your personal preference. But we’ll suggest you not wear a square glass on your square face because it will be drastically noticeable in the eyes of the people and your face will look like a square box.


Square faces are one of the face shapes with a unique view. If you’re one of them and wondering how to select the best glasses for a square face, reading the whole guide may help you.

Our reviews and guides are carefully written after long research. We have included numerous things that you must know before purchasing glass for your face.

All you need to do is explore the review and find the most suitable one to meet your needs.

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