Can you wear Blue Light Glasses with Contact Lenses?

can you wear blue light blocking glasses with contacts

Wearing blue light glass with a contact lens will help to prevent and block unhealthy blue light from entering your eyes by filtering them. Can you wear Blue Light Glasses with Contact Lenses? 

A lot of people use both due to suffering from multiple problems related to vision. When the contact will help the issue of farsightedness, the blue light glass will increase the comfort level for reading.

So let’s have a look at the details of how both lens and blue light glass will help you in the long run. I hope you will get enough information about the question ‘’ glasses with contacts? ‘’ in this write-up. 

Can you wear Blue Light Glasses with Contact Lenses

Can I wear Blue Light Glasses with Contact Lenses?

Yes, you can wear blue light glasses with contacts without any hesitation. As there is no finding of any research where it shows that it’s bad for your eyes. Rather, it provides more protection and your eyes will be much safer.

If you are a person who wears a contact lens then you can get multiple benefits by wearing blue light glasses with it.  One issue you might face is a small amount of glare from the glass lens.  

Blue glasses will not only decrease the overall eye strain. It also helps to fix your sleeping time because you will not be exposed to a high blue light from the big screen devices. Because it will serve as an outstanding blue light-filtering glass.

You must protect your blue light glass from getting any spot on it. For that, you can keep it in a glass safety box and always clean it with a user-friendly high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth. 

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is the harmful light frequency that has a highly negative impact on the overall eye section of the human body. Blue light can damage the retina of your eyes if anyone has high exposure to it.

Why do people use Blue Light Glasses?

Why do people use Blue Light Glasses?

In the present time, all the digital device screens that we watch in our regular life have a significant level of blue light emission. Studies have shown that blue light exposure can form macular degeneration. 

If you are affected by this problem, you should not ignore them at all and seek immediate medical attention.

We are lucky that some group of hard-working scientists has invented blue light glass that is excellent filtering for blue light.

As I have mentioned earlier, blue light glasses are those spectacles that are made to block and prevent light-emitting from any digital display like a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, and computer, etc.

You can actually protect yours by wearing it because it will block a good percentage of rays from the screen. Ultimately it lowers the probability of any retinal damage because of excessive light. Overall it’s excellent eyewear for you.

Please keep note of the vision-related problem that could generate from blue lights. There might be many other factors behind eyesight problems. But undoubtedly blue light will be on the top list.

Do contacts block blue light?

Though blue light is required to increase the alert level. It also improves mood which can suppress sleep. But an excessive amount of it would lead to eye strain, eye muscle damage, and headaches. 

And yes in the market, there are many lenses available that can block blue light up to a certain level but not even close to the level of blue light blocking glass. They are known as blue light contacts.

Why should you wear glasses and contacts?

Do you think it’s weird to wear both glasses and contact lenses? Actually, this is a very common question asked by a large number of people. In practice, it’s indeed an easy and effective solution to several vision-related problems. 

A simple example is that whenever you want to see an object that has quite a distance from you then your contact lens will help you. But you also need to be able to read anything written on it. Isn’t it? And here comes the requirement of wearing glass. And if that prescription glass has blue light blocking technology then you can experience another level of safety and comfort.


Can you wear blue light glasses while driving? 

Various types of glasses Specsavers make would help drive and increase overall road safety. 

SuperDrive varifocal lenses

If you use two different glasses for two uses like distance watching and close looking. In this case, it may help. It’s made for smooth driving as it allows you to have a vision of 180-degree distance with a little movement of your head. It decreases the reflections generated from the wavelength of light coming from the headlight.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass lenses deal with the problem of glare. It reacts when bright light enters it. Please take note that photochromic lenses will not work effectively in modern cars because these cars have an ultraviolet light-protected windshield. Many of them have a color like yellow-tinted, orange-tinted, etc.

Polarised lens

Good for daytime driving. Increase contrast and put less stress on your eyes. They remove glare from the surface like roads and water.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

In the below part I will talk about the benefit that you might get after using a blue light glass. 

Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

Reduce Headache 

Headache is quite common among those people who spend ⅓ of their day in front of the computer. After wearing bluegrass you will feel more relaxed as the headache decreases.

Reduce Eye Stress

As online business increases so do online workers. People are using multiple devices and getting tons of blue light and other harmful rays. This can generate critical conditions in your eyes if ignored. 

So purchasing computer glasses or blue glasses would be extremely beneficial for you.

Relief From Eye stress

Many people like to work online nowadays. They have to work a lot of time in front of computers, laptops, or smartphones. 

Better Sleep Quality 

Exposure to the screen light is extremely harmful to your sleep. As your eyes get more and more blue light, it blocks the release of the sleeping hormone. So it’s crucial to buy blue light glasses for your quality sound sleep

Slows the Age Macular Degeneration

As a computer glass prevents the blue light up to a certain point so it also prevents the process of age macular degeneration.

Benefits of Contact Lense

Here I will tell you the multiple benefits of using a contact lens.

Vision Quality

After attaching a contact lens to your eyes you will have a wider vision. Which will help you to perform your task more efficiently.

Increase Focus

It will increase your eye’s focus ability and also reduce poor distance vision.

No Weather Interfere

Contact lenses won’t give you a hard time in winter, rainy, or summer weather. There is no fogging issue in the lens so it’s a great relief.

Easy to use

Once you put it into your eyes you can keep it for around 1 week and then clean it. It’s hassle-free eyewear, unlike regular glasses.

UV blocking 

Some contact lenses can block 80-90% UV rays and obviously, this is an excellent safety measure for your eyes.


In this short piece of writing, I tried to explain the details about wearing both blue light glasses and a contact lens. 

There are differences of opinions among the experts for different users.

I expect you have found adequate information to the specific question that can you wear blue light glasses with a

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contact lens.

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