15 Trendy Cat Eyeglasses For A Heart-Shaped Face

Trendy Cat Eyeglasses For A Heart-Shaped Face

According to Wikipedia, Cat-eye glass is intimately connected to the browline style, and such a frame type was primarily famous in the 1950s and 1960s among women.

Still, the eye-cat Glass is one of the most attractive glasses for women. a heart-shaped face is the ideal face type that perfectly goes with a Cat-eye glass. If you’re searching for Trendy Cat Eyeglasses For A Heart-Shaped Face, stay tuned!

Note: at the beginning, such frames were preferable for women, but the trend has changed, and now men are wearing them too. However, these are the most recommended.

This post highlights some of the currently trendy glasses with cat-eye frames, their features, built materials, advantages, disadvantages, and more.

The 15 Trendy Cat Eyeglasses For A Heart-Shaped Face

These frames are massively popular for heart-shaped faces. With a massive range of colours, shapes, and sizes available, you can pick one of them according to your needs. See the reviewed items below and purchase with confidence.

1. LVIOE Cat Eyes Sunglasses for Women

Let’s start the review with an oversized cat-eye frame because large frames are today’s trend and are known as show-off glass.

The benefit of using an oversized frame is that you’ll be able to maintain your fashion, protect your eyes, and cover your eyebrows simultaneously. Another feature is an oversized glass will go with various clothing to improve your style. 

The temple arms measure 151 millimetres, and the bridge measures 14mm, which seems slightly smaller. So if your nose is not that high, consider trying this model. 

The durable thermoplastic material is used in making the Cat-eye frame that is flexible. It is also quite comfortable to wear.

The 26g weight is undoubtedly a great sign that you’re going to wear a lightweight glass on your oversized heart-shaped face. Looking at the price point, it can be said that the range is within your reach.

The lenses are polarized, partially mirrored, and UV400 rated to ensure that the lenses can block almost 99-100% of UV light.

Dollger Square Cateye Sunglass

A classic cat-eye glass is always a go-to option for those who want to wear something traditional. However, the outlook of the Dollger Square Cateye Sunglass is pretty modern. 

It’s a recently published model from Dollger which is only suggested for the women category. After knowing all the features, every female will fall in love with the Glass. 

The minimal frame design looks quite simple, and the line between the frame and the temples indicates excellent flexibility. The non-slip nose pads are designed with a soft finish to make them much more comfortable to wear, and users enjoy a pressure-free experience.

In addition to these, the carefully produced hinges have already been tested a thousand times to make them sturdy and durable for long-term use.

The ergonomically designed frame will fit your heart-shaped face and help you make a better version of yourself.

It comes with a portable pull bag, a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the lenses, and a user manual to let you know the proper use of Glass from the BOJOD brand. 

Tips: Please use the provided cleaning cloth instead of paper towels or cloning to avoid damage to your Glass. 

SOJOS SJ1001 Cat Eye Sunglass

Are you seeking a cat-eye glass at a reasonable price for your heart-shaped face? If you’re not a luxury life living person who always purchases brand glass at a higher price, the SJ1001 will be a go-to pick for you.

This model is currently ranking top in the market with all the useful features like a Durable metal frame, non-polarized lenses, and an ideal frame size for a mid-size heart-shaped face. 

The anti-glare lenses will block and filter out all the harmful rays and protect your eyes against long-term damage during any outdoor activities.

Although the frame is made of metal material, this will not make any problem as the frame will not touch your nose, and this is where the company offers the anti-allergy silicone nose pads. 

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So if you’re an allergic person having issues with Metal and still want to use a glass made of Metal, this can be a great option instead of trying a plastic frame. 

Apart from these, the nose pads are soft. They can adapt to almost all kinds of nose-shaped perfectly and help you reduce the burden on the bridge of the nose. 

Like the Dollar Square Cateye Sunglass, you’ll get all the necessary tools in the pack of this Glass, like a microfiber pouch, a cleaning cloth, and a gift box. 

Mosanana Square Cat Eye Sunglass

The Mosanana Square Cat-eye glass features sharp angles for a stylish and updated look for a person with a heart-shaped face. It entered the market on June 12, 2018.

Customers feel proud because they can get a pair that has a perfect balance between fashion, quality, and cost to meet their needs. You may also want to try it because of these logical reasons. 

However, one of the common drawbacks we notice about the Glass is it’s not large or roomy enough to fit over other lenses. So if you’re looking for a prescription glass, this might not be for you.

There are eight colours available, and the pack contains a stylish holder, a cleaning cloth, and a helpful keychain. 

SOJOS SJ2939 Retro Vintage Cateye Sunglass

Reviewing another model from the SOJOS brand will help you to bring you an endless trendy appearance. 

This pair can be an ideal pick for you if you work a lot in front of a computer screen for an extended period and want to keep your eye safe from the harmful rays.

The frame’s border looks a little bit heavier and thick. However, initially, that’s not the truth because the frame is made of plastic. The edge might look a bit thick so that will not cause any issue.

If you pick the black one from the available colours, you may notice it looks like a Mask. We suggest that you choose the White & Black Frame, the gradient Gray Lens.

ShadyVEU Vintage Cateye Sunglass

It’s not a glass that can ideally fit any small heart-shaped face because the frame size is large, around 148mm. Although the temple arms should be a bit longer than now, this will not be an issue for a mid-size face. 

On the other hand, if you ask for suggestions for an oversized-faced, we may confidently recommend you as 5.5 is considered a perfect frame size for an oversized face. 

The clear lenses and standard frame colours will go with your favourite t-shirts, or even for any special occasions. The lenses are made from highly durable polycarbonate acetate shatterproof materials.

Not only that but the lenses are also coated with UV film to ensure almost 100% UV protection. 

FEISEDY B2473Vintage Square Cat Eye Sunglass

Want to cover your eyebrows and your eyes to ensure better protection by using stylish and affordable sunglasses when going out? The FEISEDY is that solution that does a better job here.

But did you notice the design? If so, how do you feel now? 

The first thing you may notice on the Glass is the frame because the frame looks pretty thick and solid. So if you’re a person who loves everything slim, you may want to avoid this model and consider the SJ1001.

But if you think about a long-term plan, the solid build quality of the frame and thick material will massively support you.

Another wrong side is you will feel a hassle using the frame if your primary intention is to buy the Glass for daily use because the size is huge to keep it on a face for a long time.

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However, it would be a good option for driving, fishing, and shopping because these tasks are not something you’ll do regularly for a long time.

A Styles – Vintage 80s Inspired Glass

Do you love wearing 80s inspired glasses with a cat-eye frame design? Don’t worry because AStyle offers such a solution. 

Some unique designs can be found on the corner of the frame, making the Glass more attractive than others, and the straightforward frame style will fit your nose and face perfectly.

Five colours are available, but you have to pick the same frame size as they do not offer additional sizes for this particular model. 

Since the bridge size looks more negligible, if your nose is not like a big machine, this will meet all your needs at a reasonable budget.

EVER Trendy Designer Oversize Cat-Eye Shield Sunglasses with Reflective Mirror Lens (Mia)

The frame and design are the reason for selecting the EVEE oversized Cat-eye sunglasses on the list of finding the best cat eyeglasses for a heart-shaped face. 

The frame is made from injection plastic caused by injecting brittle petroleum-based plastic that makes the structure more flexible and lightweight. It will fit your heart and support you all day.

The design is almost entirely different from others, and the carefully produced 2-barrel Metal made hinges will prevent severance and lengthen the durability.

The limited-edition collapsible case that you’ll get with the Glass looks quite premium and can be used to gift someone.

Ray-Ban Women’s Rb4314n Nina Cat Eye Sunglasses

Do you have an excellent budget to experience a brand feel by wearing an eyeglass like the Rb4314n? This model looks like the eyes of a cat, and the frame seems a little pressed.

The lenses are designed from natural mineral glass, which is not harmful to your skin, and the frame is made of plastic.

The most noticeable thing about the Glass is the nose pads. Ray-Ban doesn’t include any nose pads with the frame. This can be an issue for people with a large nose as the frame can slide down.

On the other hand, if you’re a person with a heart-shaped face and have a small nose, there are two skirts with the frame, so when you put the frame on your face, it will perfectly fit your small nose. 

The arm size is 140mm, and the bridge is 18mm. The lenses are totally prescription-ready, and you’ll get a well-made case to carry the Glass.

Maui Jim Glory Glory Cat Eye Sunglasses

The Maui Jim is the most expensive model on our list of reviewing some of the trendy cat eyeglasses for a heart-shaped face. 

The price point is high. We agree with it, but what’s the unique thing about the Glass that makes it a costly model? 

This is the PolarizedPlus 2 technology, meaning the technology has been used in the lenses that act as a colour booster and protect the eyes from Sun Rays. 

By enhancing the colour, the lenses will make everything vivid and clear and, at the same time, guard against almost 100% glare and damaging UV rays.

In terms of comfortability, it will be the number one pick. The arms are not too long, and the frame is also not too big. It will be suitable for a medium type of heart-shaped face. But if your look is oversized, consider the VIOE Cat Eyes Sunglass on your buying list.

The design looks relatively standard, and the frame is produced from hypoallergenic and light Acetate that is effortlessly adjustable on the face and nose.

COVESATO Cat Eye Reading Glass

Are you looking for a reading glass for your heart-shaped face and want to wear that Glass for 10-15 hours a day? Considering purchasing the COVESATO Cat-eye glass will be a good deal.

Although there are no spring hinges and the overall weight is a bit heavy, this is perfect, looking at the price range. 

The comfortable Cat-eye design and the Anti-Glare Lenses make the Glass an ideal option for all-day reading. It is more smudge-resistant compared to the FEISEDY Vintage Square Cat Eye Sunglass.

Another good side of the Glass is you’ll get a one-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Apart from it, COVESATO also offers a worry-free after-sales service. 

ZeroUV Cat Eyes Vintage-Inspired Sunglass

Presenting the ZeroUV Cat-eye Vintage-inspired Glass with high pointed corners, meaning the frame corners are high that will add a unique feel!

The frame is made of Acetate material which is a nylon-based plastic. Such a frame is almost similar to plastic. But in terms of flexibility, Acetate is more flexible and robust than plastic.

The lenses are made of a kind of plastic material that is much more impact-resistant than regular plastic lenses. Apart from it, the lenses are much thinner and lightweight. 

Another benefit is the lenses are considered high index plastic and have a built-in ultraviolet protection feature which will help you block detrimental UV rays from reaching your eyes. 

The 135mm arms size indicates that the frame will be a good option for a small, mid-level heart-shaped face. There are nine frame colours available. There are no nose pads with the frame, but that doesn’t mean your nose will not fit well. 

The 18mm bridge is soft enough to wear the frame comfortably for a long time, and since the material is lightweight, you’ll feel there is nothing on your face.

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What is a Cat-eye glass?

The term “Cat-eye glass” refers to a particular frame that grabbed the glass wearer’s attention as clear Glass in the 1950s. Since that time, such frames have remained for a long time

The massive availability of Cat-eye glasses in the market will offer so many colours, shapes, and designs to enjoy a trendy feel.

There are some variations in this frame type like semi-rimless, oversized, modern, and classic Cat-eye frames. Based on your personal preference, you can pick one of them. We have endeavored to include the variations in our review

What is a Heart-Shaped Face?

The primary sign of a heart-shaped face is a higher forehead with a thinner chin. Another noticeable sign is that the underside of your jaw will be smaller

You can think you have a face type that almost looks like a heart to understand the subject better.

Are cat glasses suitable for a heart-shaped face?

The Cat-eye frame is always recommended for a heart-shaped face as they help balance out the parochial chin.

What eyeglass frame is best for a heart-shaped face?

A person with a heart-shaped face type can consider wearing various frames such as rectangular, Wayfarer, Oval, and Cat-eye frames. However, the best one will depend on your personal opinion.

Is a heart-shaped face attractive?

You’re asking a dynamic query. However, as far as our research is concerned, a heart-shaped face is known as one of the most attractive face types. To believe it, you can look at Audrey Hepburn’s face. She was a famous British actress with a heart-shaped face.

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We have tried to highlight some of the best and most trendy Cat eyeglasses for a heart-shaped face. All of the shared models are well-made and have the power of protecting your eyes from the sunlight.
So you can wear them when going out or driving a car, fishing, shopping, or travelling. The brand glasses will cost a lot like the Ray-Ban glasses, while Glass like the ShadyVEU Vintage Cateye Sunglass will save a lot of money.

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