Maui jim neutral grey vs hcl bronze

Compare Maui Jim Neutral Grey vs HCL Bronze Sunglasses: Which is Best?

Maui Jim neutral grey and HCL bronze lenses both have gained popularity in order to their extraordinary fertility, special appearance, and advantages. But people are often confused- Is there any difference between Maui Jim neutral grey vs. HCL bronze?

In a true sense, there is no major difference between them instead than their outside appearance. A neutral gray lens contains grey color from the outside, which helps to view natural color. Besides, there is a bronzy lense on the outside of HCL bronze that is helpful for warm and tinted colors.   

Though, There are a lot of common terms for them which are much similar to each other. But one thing makes a slight difference between them. So, are you still confused? No need to do that! Just keep patience and read on.

Why should we choose Maui Jim neutral grey?

We should choose Maui Jim neutral grey due to its distinguishing features. Usually, Neutral grey is considered to be the most protective lense against excessive sunlight. Even they provide rich color and sharp contrast in direct sunlight.

Apart from that, They also offer other excellent features, and because of that, we should try Maui Jim neutral grey once. Let’s check out another surprising factor of Maui Jim’s neutral grey-

  • Suitable for bright and shiny light conditions
  • They are dark, polarized, and grey in color from outside 
  • 100% UV-protected lens.
  • Help to see the real color without adding any natural hue
  • Decorated with polarizedplus2 lens technology which provides high protection.
  • best for sailors, fishermen, presbyopes
  • Allow experience more real and vibrant color
  • Specially designed for a bright environment.

Why can HCL bronze be your best choice?

If you want a lens that provides high contrast, a warm look, and protection from UV light, then obviously hcl bronze can be your best choice. Besides, they are also good for everyday use and give you a smart look.

However, without these, Hcl bronze offers you some more facilities, which are given below-

  • They are polarized and less dark than the neutral gray lens.
  • Provide High protection from direct sunlight.
  • There is no specific user of this lens; you can use it according to your requirements.
  • They have brown color on the outside and are suitable for everyone.
  • Especially best for athletes and urban use.
  • Give you a warm and shooting tone which create color pops.

Comparison Chart Between Maui Jim Neutral Grey vs Hcl Bronze Lenses

Let’s look at a comparison chart between Maui Jim neutral grey vs Hcl bronze lenses!

FeaturesNeutral grey lenseHcl bronze lense
Lens qualityDark and polarizedLess dark and polarized
Color GreyBrown
Lense technologyPolarizedPlus2PolarizedPlus2
UV protection100%100%
UserBest for fishermen, sailorAthletes, urban use
CharacteristicProvides natural color as like realProvides warm colour which give a shooting feelings
Everyday useYesYes

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Maui Jim neutral grey vs. HCL bronze: who wins?

Maui Jim neutral grey vs. HCL bronze : who wins?

It’s a controversial topic because both lenses have excellent features. So, it is hard to say which one is best or who wins. It depends on one’s requirements. Let’s roll your eyes on the head to head comparison of maui jim neutral grey vs HCl bronze!

Light reduction

Maui Jim neutral grey lenses work best only for bright light reduction. This lens is specially designed for people in extremely bright light.

On the other hand, the HCl Bronz lens works well both on bright light and overcast days. So, you can always use HCL bronze on sunny or overcast days.

Who wins?

Well, Hcl bronzer is the winner because it can be used on sunny and overcast days, so it would be best for you to choose it.

UV protection

Usually, it is said that a neutral grey lens is the most protective lens, and they provide protection against frantic sunlight.

Besides, HCL bronzes also give effective protection from UV light but comparatively less than neutral grey.

Who wins?

Neutral grey lense wins as they are considered the best protective lens.


Both neutral grey and HCL bronze offer real color, sharp contrast, and good protection, and they are best for everyday use.

Who wins?

Maui Jim neutral grey and HCl bronze are both winners.


The Maui Jim neutral grey and HCL bronze lenses both ensure super quality. However, they are polarized, highly protected, and decorated with polarized plus2 lens technology.

Who wins?

When it’s come to quality, two of them are too good.


Maui Jim’s neutral grey lens contains a grey color in the outer part, but it looks natural when you view the world from the inside.

On the contrary, HCl bronze has a bronzy appearance on the outside, which helps to see a warm and shooting color from the inside.

Who wins?

It’s hard to say who is the winner because both offer excellent color contrast. So, they are good.

Best for everyday use and a trendy look

However, If someone is looking for a lens for everyday use that provides a natural color, strong UV protection, sharp contrast, and precision, then it is better to choose Maui Jim’s neutral grey lens. 

On the country, who are looking for a lens that gives them a trendy look as well as a warm color, best for everyday use, has strong contrast, and 100% sunlight protection, then go for Maui Jim HCL bronze lense.

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FAQs- Frequently asked questions

u003cstrongu003eWhich lens is best for everyday use?u003c/strongu003e

Maui Jim neutral grey and HCl bronze sunglass will be best for everyday use. Even they give high protection from bright sunlight and provide real colors. In fact, If you like warm tones, then HCL bronze will assure you to provide that.

u003cstrongu003eWhat are the best features of Maui’s neutral grey lens?u003c/strongu003e

It’s tough to mention the fixed one because it has several features, including 100% protection from UV light, sharp contrast, provides a natural color, etc. In fact, a neutral grey lens is also considered the most protective lens.

u003cstrongu003eWho can use these lenses?u003c/strongu003e

Everybody can use it, but there are some special factors. Neutral grey is best for the fisherman, sailors, and presbyopes. On the other hand, HCL is best for Athletes and urban people.

Last words

So, we have tried to figure out the difference between Maui Jim neutral vs. HCL bronze. If you are still confused about it, please scroll up and try to read the whole article again.

As we already mention that there is a special distinction between Maui Jim neutral grey and HCl bronze. People often choose according to their choice and requirements.

I hope you will get your desired answer after reading this article, and it’ll help you to choose the best one as per your needs.

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