Costa Del Mar Cocos Review – Know Everything About Cocos Sunglasse

Costa Del Mar Cocos Review

I’ve shared a post on Costa Del Mar Cocos Review because the demand for such models of sunglasses is increasing day by day. 

If you are curious to know more about Costa del Mar Cocos glasses, and still finding a place where you can get a point-to-point review about the model, stay tuned!

From good to bad sides, frame size to lens size, special features to common features, you’re going to see the review of every single part of this eyeglass.

The True Line of Costa Del Mar Cocos

Costa generally produces glasses for fishing and mostly for those people who work on the water. However, the Costa Del Mar Cocos eyeglass is a model that was made for both tasks, fishing, and normal outdoor activities.

Costa added a full touch of aviator style with their Del Mar Cocos sunglasses. However, they have used plastic as their temple arm material and metal for the frame. 

Like other Costa sunglasses, the Cocos is available with the 580 lens technology (A revolution for the lens market). However, the price range is a little higher compared to the regular metal sunglasses on the market.

The True Line of Costa Del Mar Cocos

Good Side

  • Looks much more stylish than other models
  • Non-slip and adjustable
  • 580 lens technology supported lenses
  • Aviator style
  • Scratch-resistance

Bad Side

  • The weight is a little bit due to the metal material. 
  • If you want to use Cocos under your helmet, you may feel uncomfortable because the frame width is 135 mm, and the lens width & height are 59/46.5mm.

Who Should Use The Costa Cocos & Who Shouldn’t?

As they’re telling, Costa Cocos is a perfect solution for chasing watersport adventures and driving moments. 

Since the mentioned things will happen outdoors, and the lenses are marked as polarized, you can only use the glasses for outdoor activities. 

If you’re looking for something for indoor activities, don’t try this one. Instead, find non-polarized sunglasses from the market. 

The Costa Del Mar Cocos glasses will be suitable for the following people

  • Runners
  • Fisherman
  • Hikers
  • Drivers
  • Travelers

The Costa Del Mar Cocos isn’t good for 

  • Long-term outdoor activities due to their weight and construction. 
  • Any types of indoor activities. 

If your face size is narrow or not too small and not too large, you can consider buying this one because Costa said that Cocos will fit well for regular or medium faces Reference  

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Costa Del Mar Features

If you’re a fan of Costa’s glasses, you may already noticed that all the latest glasses from the brands are offering almost the same features. 

For instance, they are offering the same lens technology with all of their developed products. However, there are some variations between the lens and frame materials. 

They are using either Glass or Plastic lenses, and for the frame, you can notice either plastic or metal. 

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However, Sunglasses like Costa Broadbill are made of bio-resin materials which are made out of pasture plants instead of petroleum.

Let’s see which features you’re going to get from Costa Cocos!

Nose Pads: While sunglasses like Costa Harpoon, Brine, and Broadbill offer non-adjustable nose pads, Cocos offers 100% adjustable nose pads for better adjustment with your nose with the frame.

Frame Material and Size/Fit: The frame of this Cocos is made of Metal material, and the temple arm is constructed with plastic material. 

According to the frame and lens measurements, the sunglass is marked as a regular fit for mid-sized faces.

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Costa Del Mar Cocos Measurements:

Costa Del Mar Cocos Measurements:

Lenses Material and Technology: There are only two lens colors available for Costa Cocos, and they are made with plastic. 

With the 580 lens technology, you’ll get a promise of safe and clear vision. Not only that, but the lens comes with C-WALL® (a molecular bond) to make the lens scratch-resistant. 

Although the lenses are made of plastic, they are scratch-resistant due to the molecular bond (C-WALL®). The lenses are also water and oil-resistant. 

Design: Come to the design part. The Costa Cocos is a combined glass of classic and modern design, also known as aviator sunglasses. 

This one is a little bit different than other sunglasses from Costa such as Costa Harpoon, Brine, Blackfin and the Pro version as well. 

If you’re interested in knowing about the mentioned products, read our already posted article on: 

The connection between the frame and lens looks quite solid and clean, and there is enough distance.

The metal frame is holding the temple arm tightly to ensure a better connection between them for easy close and opening.

The Palladium-colored frame will fit with your white-colored dress-up. 

The Palladium-colored frame will fit with your white-colored dress-up. 

The Gunmetal one will go with most of your outfits. 

The Palladium-colored frame will fit with your white-colored dress-up. 

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The Final Words About Costa Mar Cocos sunglasses

The price range is high, the weight is not light, and the lens looks wide. If you are still thinking about buying this model because of its premium features such as adjustable nose pads, advanced lens technology, and durable frame and lens material, you’re going to invest in a great product! 

In my Costa Del Mar Cocos Review, what I did is just highlighted the features that offers the model and the bad sides that users may face when using it. 

Many websites and youtubers can tell you using this model for different types of purposes. However, in my opinion, I’ll suggest it for almost all kinds of outdoor activities, but not for a long-term uses. 

However, Costa suggests Cocos for drivers and fishers who work under the heavy sunlight. So keep this thing in mind. 

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