Costa Del Mar Rincon Vs Rinconcito – Differences and Reviews

Costa Del Mar Rincon Vs Rinconcito - Differences and Reviews

Costa Rincon and Rinconcito are something different than Costa’s regular glasses which are most popular for fishing. 

However, what are the differences between Costa Del Mar Rincon and Rinconcito? And which one will you pick as the price of these models are almost the same, and features too? 

Read this guide on Costa Del Mar Rincon Vs Rinconcito, and give your mind the best decision based on my personal research. 

The Difference Between Costa Del Mar Rincon and Rinconcito

The Costa Rincon was the previous version and the Rinconcito came on the market in 2021 to allow customers to better fit the sunglasses to their faces.

The main difference between Costa Del Mar Rincon and Rinconcito is the size. Rincon allows users to wear oversized eyeglasses, while Rinconcito offers mid-sized frames. 

Costa Rincon

Costa Del Mar Men's Rincon

Costa Rinconcito

Costa Del Mar Men's Rinconcito

A Little About Costa Rincon

A Little About Costa Rincon

The Costa Del Mar Rincon is one of the large-sized sunglasses that are popular for most of your daily outdoor activities as the lenses are marked as Polarized. 

The frame is made with eco-friendly bio-resin nylon which is much more durable than regular plastic. 

With a little touch of modern design, a classic west Coast solid bridge, and edgy curved temples, Costa Rincon is going viral day by day in all categories of people.

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A Little About Costa Rinconcito

A Little About Costa Rinconcito

Costa said Rinconcito is the little brother of Rincon. Did you get the point of what they’ve said about Rinconcito? 

A little brother means something that is small or short and that’s the main point that Costa has mentioned in their product description. 

Rinconcito comes with mid-sized frames. So this model will fit those who own a small or mid-sized head.

Note: Both models offer polarized lenses with the guarantee of 100% UV protection, Hydrolite® nose, integral spring hinges, comfortable temple pads, and bio-resin construction. 

So there is nothing to tell you about their special features because the only difference between them is in their frame size.

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Which One Should You Try? 

As I’ve already mentioned, Costa Rincon is the oldest version of the Rinconcito, and every single feature of these two models is the same except for the size. 

If you’re a person with a large head, and at the same time, looking for the best sunglasses for oversized heads, close your eyes and manage money to buy the Costa Rincon eyeglass. 

Costa Del Mar Rinconcito, On the other hand, is the small version of Rincon with the same benefits and is suitable for people with small and mid-sized heads. 

So this isn’t rocket science to decide between Rincon and Rinconcito as both are the same and their size is just different.

How Can I Tell If My Costa Rinconcito Is Real?

Since the market is full of counterfeit products, you can follow three parameters to check whether a Costa Rinconcito is real or not

  • Place to buy
  • Check Lenses
  • Feel The Quality

First, Your place to buy the product matters. Did you buy Rinconcito from the official website of Costa or Amazon? 

If it was from Amazon, who was the seller there and how many reviews did you see with the product? 

Since Costa officially sells products from their website, it is better to buy Rincon from its site. However, Costs also has a product selling store on Amazon where all the authentic Costa glasses are available.

Second, check the lenses. If you notice something like this image where 580P or 580G is written, you can assume that this Rinconcito is the original from Costa.

If you notice the name, you can move forward and wear the lenses to see the result

If you notice the name, you can move forward and wear the lenses to see the result. Look, Costa means lenses, the quality they have developed is incredible and premium.

After wearing the sunglasses, if you notice the lenses have boosted your eye’s vision and color, this can be another reason for assuming Rinconcito is original.

The last thing you can do is to check a real Costa Rinconcito by feeling the quality of the product using your hands. 

All Costa sunglasses look premium and the weights are also not so lightweight and not so heavy. If you find the weight medium or balanced on your hand, assume you own a real Rinconcito.

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How Can I Tell If My Costa Rincon Is Real?

Buy the Costa Rincon either from the official Costa website or the official Costa Amazon Store, if you did this, you can assume that you’re using real Costa Rincon sunglasses. 

However, if you already have a Rincon and still need to know the originality of this Rincon, look at the top side of the lenses. If you find something like 580P or 580G, assume it’s a real Costa Rincon.

What Are The Largest Costa Frames?

So far, Costa manufactured Spearo, which is available in XXL size. This model is considered the largest frame. Apart from it, Costa Rincon is also available in XL size for large heads. 

Which Is Bigger Rincon Or Rinconcito?

Rincon is bigger than Rinconcito. Rincon was the first version with a bigger-sized frame, and in 2021, Costa created Rinconcito with a mid-sized frame.

Are Rincon And Rinconcito The Same?

Yes, both sunglasses have the same nose pads, temple arms, lenses, and frame. However, The only difference between Rinconcito and Rincon is the size. Rincon is available with large-sized frames, and Rinconcito with mid-sized frames.

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