Costa Del Mar Sullivan Sunglasses Review

Costa Del Mar Sullivan Sunglasses Review in 2023

Do you think of yourself as a medium-head owner, and looking for suitable eyeglasses from Costa? If so, continue reading this Costa Del Mar Sullivan Sunglasses Review post. 

Because the Costa Del Mar Sullivan Sunglasses are considered suitable options for people with medium heads. 

I will tell you what problem this sunglass can solve and what valuable features this model offers to its customers. 

Note: Since Sullivan will cost a high price, I’ve found a great alternative to this model and shared it in this review that you can buy at the best price. 

The True Words About Costa Del Mar Sullivan

Costa Del Mar Sullivan Sunglasses
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As part of the Del Mar collection, the Costa Sullivan sunglass is known as a well-fitted model for those who want something that will stay on their medium face quite tightly.

Costa didn’t forget to include their result hard work lens technology with this model, yes, the 580 lens technology (Polarized). 

Although the price point of Costa Del Mar Sullivan is so high, you just think about wearing sunglasses that are lightweight, and have unique and advanced lens technology!

No problem with color accuracy, durability, and design. So investing in such a product will add good value to your professional life. 

However, if you don’t have that much budget, and are still looking for something like Sullivan, you can continue reading this page to grab the section where I’ve shared the alternative. 

Good Sides: 

  • Acetate Frame
  • 580 advanced lens technology
  • Lightweight
  • Polarized lenses 
  • Warranty and Repairs facilities
  • Multiple lenses and frame colors
  • Scratch Resistant
  • 100% UV protection

Bad Sides:

  • High-priced
  • No adjustable nose pads
  • Thin frame and temple arms

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Which Problem Does Costa Del Mar Sullivan Solve?

When you work on the open water, and under the full sunlight, protecting your eyes from the harmful rays and seeing the accurate color around you can be difficult tasks to stay focused on your work. 

And when you use a regular sunglass, protecting your eyes and seeing the accurate colors will be more challenging, maybe you can see better with a better lens, however, who will save your eyes from UV rays? 

With all these concerns, Costa released their 580g lens technology which is available with Sullivan Sunglasses.

With the Costa 580 lenses, you can protect your eyes from the UV rays, and enhance the color accuracy of the objects around you.

As the frame is lightweight, it will also solve your long-term sunglass-wearing problem. Normally, if you’re using a frame made with either metal or regular plastic material, you may feel the heavy weight for a long-time performance. 

On the other hand, a sunglass with an acetate frame will ensure a lightweight feel for your all-day performance. 

Features and Benefits

It’s not hidden news that Costa uses almost the same features with all of their latest sunglasses such as the lens technology, and the design. 

Since you’re going to purchase this model, it is a better idea to keep all the features in your mind. Here are the features: 

Acetate Frame

In the Del Mar collection, frames are created from acetate material. Compared to the regular plastic frame, acetate frames are more lightweight and of higher quality in terms of durability. 

Acetate frames are also good for sensitive skin. So if you’ve any issue with irritation that can be caused by a little touch of metal or certain plastic frames, go with Sullivan!

Want to know more about acetate frames, read our post on Acetate Vs Metal Frames here.

Temple Arms: 

On the temple arm, you’ll notice a custom-made adjustable core wire with topographical style for a unique feel

The substantial five-barrel hinge will ensure more secure open and close movement. and the diamond cut logo can be noticed on the starting point of the temple arm.

Temple Arms: 

Color Availability

There are four different frame and lens colors available for this model right now. Frames can be found with plastic and glass lenses. 

However, there is no variation in the frame and lens sizes. The frame and lens measurements are the following: 

Costa Del Mar Sullivan Frame and lens Measurements

Costa Del Mar Sullivan Frame and lens Measurements
Frame Width129 mm
Bridge Width19 mm
Lens Width53 mm
Lens Height44.1 mm
Temple Arm Length140 mm

Scratch Resistant

Costa included the C-Wall coating with the lenses to ensure additional extra scratch-resistance. So you can think that you’re going to get scratch-resistance lenses with a frame made of Acetate. 

It comes with a cleaning cloth that you can use to easily clean the lenses in the frame before going out of your home.

100% UV Protection

100% UV Protection

The 580 lens technology not only enhances the color, and clarity but also offers a UV-protected feature. 

Whether you work on the water under the high sunlight, your eyes will be protected due to the feature. You just use sunscreen to protect your body, and let the lenses care for your eyes!

Note: As you know, the Sullivan sunglasses are part of the Del Mar collection, and these aren’t the same as other models as they are motivated by a life on the water, colors, designs, and textures.

What About Costa’s Customer Service?

When reading the Costa Del Mar Sullivan Sunglasses Review, it’s good to know about their customer service before buying Sullivan.

It’s true that Costa sells their products via their dealers and Amazon. However, you might be surprised to know that you can buy products directly from their website. 

They have a dedicated customer support team to serve a better customer service deal. Additionally, they have a limited warranty program. Check the info here.

Should You Try Costa Del Mar Sullivan On Your Face?

If the budget doesn’t matter to you and you’re interested in wearing something on your face that can protect your eyes from so many harmful rays, and enhance color, and clarity, try Sullivan on your face. But make sure you’re a person with a mid-sized head.

Alternative of Costa Del Mar Sullivan

Budget can be a fact, and that’s why I’ve researched and shared one alternative of Costa Del Mar Sullivan. 

Now let’s see what to have in a sunglass to meet Sullivan’s requirements. 

  • Polarized lenses
  • Durable Frame
  • UV Protection Feature

These are the main features that Sullivan has. Depending on these, I have found a model on Amazon that offers almost the same features.

  • HUK, Polarized Sunglasses: A sunglass made with durable Injected TR90 material. The lenses are polarized and are scratch and impact resistant with 100% UV protection.

The Trusted Places To Get Costa Del Mar Sullivan Sunglasses 

There are two main sources where you can buy  Costa Del Mar Sullivan Sunglasses. From Costa’s official website or a store managed by Costa on Amazon

Are Costa Sullivans polarized?

Yes, Costa Sullivans come with 100% polarized lenses with the Costa-created 580 lens technology. You can use the lenses outdoors for multiple tasks such as traveling, fishing, hiking, cycling, etc.

Are Costa 580g Lenses Glass?

Yes. 580G lenses are made of glass material and are considered glass lenses. These lenses are durable and more scratch-resistant.

Is Costa Sullivans Suitable For Women?

Sullivans is a medium-sized sunglass that can fit your regular face. It’s suitable for both, men and women. However, your face shape should be medium, and you have to use it for outdoor activities.

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