Costa Fantail 580G Vs 580P – Costa Fantail Review

Costa Fantail 580G Vs 580P

You may have bought the Costa Fantail or just thinking about buying it and don’t know what is the difference between Fantail 580G and 580P, right? 


Don’t worry, I’ve come up with complete details on Costa Fantail 580G Vs 580P to let you know about the differences and similarities. 

Additionally, I’ve reviewed the Costa Fantail sunglasses for a better understanding of the lenses and glasses as well. 

Stay tuned!

What is Costa Fantail?

What is Costa Fantail?

Costa Fantail is another name for Costa-created sunglasses that was developed to offer anglers the best possible visibility while fishing. 

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If you’re a Costa sunglasses lover, you should already know that they’ve countless models and Fantail is one of them. 

You’re interested in reading a report on Costa Fantail 580G Vs 580P because Costa has used their 580 lens technology with Fantail sunglasses. 

What are Costa 580G Lenses?

The Costa 580G lenses are assumed as parts of their 580 lens technology. However, here is the “G” word that indicates that the lenses are made of Glass. 

So when you notice a Costa sunglass with 580G lenses, assume that the lenses are made with Glass. 

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What are Costa 580P Lenses?

With almost the same features and benefits, Costa has clarified that their sunglasses with 580 lenses will be considered polycarbonate-made lenses.

The word “P” is highlighting its material name. Some people assume that the “P” name written on Costa lenses means they are polarized. 

However, the interesting fact is Costa doesn’t produce sunglasses without polarized lenses, and all of their lenses are connected with the 580 lens technology.

They have included almost impossible things with their 580-equipped polycarbonate lenses such as the Scratch Resistance feature. 

You’ll not be able to tell whether the lenses are made of polycarbonate or any other material because they look quite premium and stylish.

Now you don’t have to worry about scratch resistance while you wear polycarbonate-made lenses made by Costa.

Costa Fantail 580G Vs 580P

Comparing the Costa 580G lenses with 580P lenses can be a little bit problematic because they offer almost the same features except the material-related logic.

However, we can make a list of these characteristics and see which lens offers the most advantages depending on your needs. 


According to optometrists, Plastic lenses are considered the most durable lenses that can handle any tough moment as they are quite challenging to fracture and damage. 

Look at the glass lenses, which are well-known for their Scratch Resistant feature, and well-clarity. 

But the rumors are true that glass lenses aren’t that durable compared to plastic lenses, and they can break and crack easily. 

Costa plastic lenses are also lightweight, while glass lenses aren’t due to the heavy materials.

Costa plastic lenses can be good options for long-term performance. So here is the winner: 580P lenses!

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Pro Tips: If you own a sunglass with glass lenses, get in the habit of storing the sunglass in a safe place when it is not on your face. 

Clear Vision: 

Foreyes said that glass lenses ensure more fresh and clean vision compared to plastic lenses. 

However, this can be a little bit different in the case of Costa plastic lenses because Costa uses the latest 580 lens technology that helped the plastic lenses to become the clearest lenses.

But at the end of the day, plastic is nothing more than plastic, and glass should be the winner here. 

Color Enhancement

Costa is the first company that developed a useful technology with a lot of improvement on color enhancement. 

In both lenses, glass, and plastic, this feature can be found. So there is nothing to compare in terms of color enhancement.


Let’s discuss this part practically by looking at the image below: 

glass vs plastic

In the glass lenses, you can see that the C-WALL® MOLECULAR BOND has been used. This means that the glass lenses are Scratch-resistant. 

On the other hand, the C-WALL® MOLECULAR BOND material has also been used in the plastic lenses, doesn’t it mean that the plastic lenses are also Scratch-resistant? 

Now let’s see how true this is by getting some information from a real customer. According to the the hull truth sunglass forum, I customer has said that the Costa Glass lenses are almost impossible to scratch during daily usage. 

On the other hand, the same person also has Costa sunglasses with plastic lenses and said that the plastic lenses are easy to scratch. 

He suggests plastic lenses for freshwater activities and glass lenses for saltwater.

Price Point

Since glass materials are more expensive than plastic materials, it’s normal to charge a little high price for Costa glass lenses, and that’s what Costa is doing in the market. 

What is The Connection Between Fantail and 580P and 580G?

Costa Fantail is a sunglass, 580P (Plastic), and 580G (Glass) lenses are available with this model. 

There are also some variations in the lens, you can select a color based on your needs. The currently available lens colors with the Costa Fantail sunglasses are: 

  • Blue 
  • Gree
  • And Gray

There are four-colored frames available, Matte Black, Blackout, Matte Gray, and Tortoise. 

Costa Fantail Review

Costa Fantail Review
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The Costa Fantail sunglasses are smaller than Blackfin and good for people with small or medium heads. 

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Costa Fantail sunglasses are a great choice for those who are looking for something that can be used on fishing, traveling, hiking, and most of your outdoor activities. 

It’s a high-quality, stylish pair of sunglasses. The lenses are made of polarized glass and plastic, depending on your need, you can select any of them. 

The lenses will help reduce glare and UV rays and act as a protector during your outdoor activities under heavy sunlight.

There are no adjustable nose pads with this Costa Fantail. However, The High Bridge Fit will be more secure on the water and ensure a better performance to keep the frame with your face perfectly.

I will suggest you read this post on how to adjust a sunglass without nose pads because this model doesn’t have that.

The frames are made of a lightweight and durable TR-90 nylon material that is comfortable to wear. The Costa Fantail sunglasses also come with a case and a cleaning cloth.

Here are the frame and lens measurements: 

Frame Width131 mm
Bridge Width14 mm
Lens Width59.2 mm
Lens Height38.8 mm
Temple Arm Length127 mm

What Size Are Costa Fantails?

The Costa Fantail sunglasses are considered mid-size with a regular fit. Since Costa makes one size for a sunglass, you have no option to select a size from multiple options. If you love a model and the size doesn’t fit your face, try another model. 

Are Costa 580 Lenses Worth It?

580 is the name of the Costa-invented lens technology. By developing such a technology, Costa introduced how lenses can be and should be! 

What Does 580 Mean On Costa Sunglasses?

580 is the name of the Costa-invented lens technology. By developing such a technology, Costa introduced how lenses can be and should be! 

What Is Better 580g Or 580p?

Ask yourself what you will do with the lenses, and after knowing this, you should determine which one is the best. However, Costa 580P is good for its lightweight, durability, and less Scratch Resistant feature. And 580G is better for clarity and full scratch-proof technology.

What is Polarized 580?

Polarized 580 means an advanced lens technology with a polarized feature. Costa has created the technology and implemented it with all of its polarized supported lenses. 

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