Costa Glass vs Plastic – Which sunglasses best for fishing?

Costa Glass vs Plastic

You’ve already decided that Costa would be the best brand to buy the best sunglasses. However, you might want to read a detailed guide on Costa Glass vs Plastic. 

Because knowing the difference between Costa glass and plastic can help you to pick the better one for your actual needs. 

In this article, you’ll see the difference between Costa glass lenses and plastic lenses, which lenses are better, which one should you pick, and so on.

Glass Vs Plastic Lenses Costa (Comparison Chart)

Not more, there are three main differences between Costa glass and plastic lenses. 

  • Weight
  • Clarity
  • Scratch resistance

While Costa glass lenses are considered Scratch resistant, and heavier in weight, the Costa plastic lenses are always known as lightweight and non-scratch resistant.

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In addition to these, there are some other differences that can be noticed when it comes to knowing deeply.

Costa Glass Lenses Costa Plastic Lenses 
The Costa glass lenses are heavier in weight as the glass materials aren’t cheap.The Costa plastic lenses are lightweight as the plastic materials aren’t heavy.
With the smallest amount of distortion, the Costa glass lenses can offer the clearest vision.The Costa plastic lenses have a higher clarity but are not better than their glass lenses.
All the Costa glass lenses are scratch resistant.The Costa Plastic lenses are not scratch-resistant because the material is not as hard as other materials used for lenses.
Costa glass lenses use polarization technology to kill the reflected glare with the glass lenses.Costa ensures an impact-resistant feature with their plastic lenses.
Glass lenses are always expensive due to the premium-grade materials.Although Costa gave a touch of their 580 lens technology in their plastic lenses, however, due to the cheap material, You can get plastic lenses for cheap.
In terms of durability, Glass lenses are one step ahead of plastic lenses.Costa plastic lenses are also durable but not like glass lenses.

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More About Costa Glass and Plastic Lenses

More About Costa Glass and Plastic Lenses

As I’ve mentioned in the chart of the difference between Costa glass and plastic lenses, there are some key differences between them that can be noticed when making a buying decision.

First, the weight. People always love to wear something lightweight to feel better. 

Since the Costa glass lenses aren’t light and the plastic lenses are lightweight, you can change your decision to buy a plastic lens-equipped eyeglass from Costa. 

When it comes to lens clarity, Costa glass lenses can get the higher position as they have the clearest vision.

On the other hand, Costa plastic lenses do not provide enough clarity compared to glass, lenses. If clarity is an important thing to you, make sure you’ve looked at the glass lenses.

One of the most important features of the Costa glass lenses is the scratch resistance feature. 

The glass lenses are scratch resistant ensuring they are less prone to acquiring scrapes and unattractive scratches on the surface.

Since we’re talking about the Costa glass and plastic lenses, we can see that the glass lenses come with some special technology that makes them more useful. 

Features like polarization technology have been used in the Costa glass lenses that kill the reflected glare and protect the eyes. 

On the other hand, All the plastic lens-equipped eyeglasses from Costa are impact-resistant.

How To Tell If Costa Lenses Are Glass Or Plastic

How To Tell If Costa Lenses Are Glass Or Plastic

Costa makes it easy for customers to check the lens material by looking at the etching in the top corner of the lenses. 

If you notice the section is named 580G, the lenses would be glass, and if you notice the name is saying something like 580P, you have to assume that the lenses are made of plastic. 

Another thing you can do to know whether the plastic or glass is by feeling the lenses using your hands. If you feel it’s something premium and smooth, assume that the lenses are going to the glass. 

On the other, touch the lenses using your hand and feel the moment. If you notice it feels like something cheap and not too smooth, assume it’s going to be plastic lenses.

Note: It’s not an ideal task to check the lens material after buying the eyeglasses. First, make sure you’re going to purchase an accurate model made from your preferred material. 

After that, select a model and make a purchase. This will help you to make any mistakes. 

Glass Or Plastic Lenses For Fishing 

Glass Or Plastic Lenses For Fishing 

Have a fishing project or already working in the fishing industry? It can be an important thing to learn whether you should select a glass or plastic lens-equipped eyeglass for finishing.

What do you think? Will a one-line answer be enough?

There are some facts to know before finalizing your decision on buying the best eyeglass for your fishing project. 

The facts are the following: 

  • Clarity
  • Weight
  • Scratchability

The above three factors are the primarily considered things that you should notice when selecting the best glasses for fishing. 

Glass lenses are able to ensure better clarity than plastic lenses, and everyone believes it from the beginning. 

Tips: Since clarity is the main factor when fishing, glass lenses should be the first priority. 

The next thing is the weight of the lens. Plastic lenses are lightweight and easy to move, while glass lenses are not so lightweight due to the glass material. 

Tips: Since wearing less-weight sunglasses can help you when fishing, you can consider plastic lenses.

Scratchability is another important thing. If you want to use your sunglasses for a long time and want to keep the lens clear, you have to use a scratch-resistant lens-equipped option.

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Here the glass lenses will do the best as the lenses are more scratch-resistant. On the other hand, plastic lenses are less scratch-resistant.

So, what are you thinking? Is a Glass or Plastic lens good for fishing? Which one will you pick? 

In a single word, Glass lenses are good for fishing because of their clear vision but have some issues with their weight. On the other hand, plastic lenses are good because they are lightweight but have some problems with the lens clarity.

Now the decision is yours! However, we can suggest to you the two best sunglasses for fishing, one is made of glass lenses and another is plastic. 

The Costa Del Mar Men’s Reefton Pro is good-looking and professional-grade sunglasses for fishing made with glass lenses. 

The Costa Del Mar Men's Reefton Pro is good-looking and professional-grade sunglasses for fishing made with glass lenses. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for fishing sunglasses made with plastic lenses from the Costa brand, make sure you’ve checked the Costa Del Mar Men’s Rinconcito Rectangular Sunglasses.

Would you like to see a chart to know which brand is doing well in the fishing sunglasses industry?

Would you like to see a chart to know which brand is doing well in the fishing sunglasses industry?

Are Costa Sunglasses Worth The Money

Definitely, Costa sunglasses are worth the money when it comes to buying the best glasses for men and women? 

Sunglasses for the Costa brand are reliable and durable at the same time. They offer the best value for the money and ensure a better performance for outdoor activities. 

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FISHING SUNGLASSES: Plastic or Glass? Which Is Better?

InfoGraphic of Plastic Vs Glasess Lanses

InfoGraphic of Plastic Vs Glasess Lanses

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