How to Adjust Glasses Without Nose Pads: 9 Ways Glasses Adjusting

How to Adjust Glasses Without Nose Pads: 9 Ways Glasses Adjusting

Ever faced a situation when you are reading with your glasses on and then suddenly you find your glasses halfway down your nose? Isn’t it so frustrating when you have to keep adjusting your glasses every other minute as they slip down your nose?  Even having nose pads doesn’t help matters as they are prone to be unscrewed. So, what should you do? 

Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to adjust your glasses without nose pads. You can use chains, bands, and even eyeshadow primers to adjust glasses. So, if your glass doesn’t have nose pads, you don’t have to worry too much. 

Let me show you some ways how to adjust glasses without nose pads. I hope you will find at least one of them that suits you. 

9 Ways to Adjusting glasses without nose pads

Anything with screws runs the risk of getting unscrewed and getting lost. So do the nose pads of your glasses. So what can you do when your glasses have no nose pads? That’s easy, you can choose from any of the following options.

1. Using Eyewear Bands

How to Adjust Glasses Without Nose Pads: 9 Ways Glasses Adjusting

Eyewear bands not only will keep your glasses in place but will also make you look classy at the same time. Although they are predominantly worn by athletes, their use is not exclusive to sportsmen only. Anyone can wear them with any type of glasses such as sunglasses, wooden glasses and of course your reading glasses. 

As they are made for athletes who do a lot of moving around, they are quite comfortable. So you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing them. Although you will look a little out of place, hey, it’s 2021! Out of place is the new trend. 

2. Using glasses chains

Using glasses chains to Adjusting glasses without nose pads

When your glasses keep sliding off your nose, there is a chance that they will eventually fall off and break. Glasses chains have come to your rescue. They are especially compatible with reading glasses as you can keep the glasses attached to you all the time. So, there will be no worries about losing them.

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3. Tightening your frame

Tightening your frame to Adjusting glasses without nose pads

Another viable option for adjusting your glasses is to tighten your frame with the help of your nearby optician. That will make sure that the glasses will not just randomly fall off and break or worse, get lost. But there are a couple of issues with this method. 

First, No matter how well the glasses are tightened, after a certain period, they will again become loose. So you will have to pay the optician for frequent visits. Second, if the glasses are too tight, especially around the nasal regions, then there will be some soreness around that area. So, this option should only be considered a temporary one.

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4. Eye shadow primer

A trick that will make any life hacks youtube channel proud, eye shadow primers can also be used to adjust the glasses. All you need to do is to rub or apply some of the primers on the bridge of your nose. It will act as a temporary nose pad. But herein lies the problem with this trick. Using eye shadow primers is only a temporary solution and you have to apply them daily. 

5. Wax coating 

Another out-of-the-box solution to frequently falling glasses is to coat the glasses with wax. As outlandish as it may seem, this one is a surprisingly effective method of making your glasses stick to your nose. Apply wax on the areas of the glasses that come in contact with your skin, i.e the area where nose pads are supposed to be and the temple. It will make sure the glasses don’t slide off. 

This method also has its disadvantages. You have to apply wax frequently, especially if your skin is oily. Also, you will need to wash the glasses with soap on a nightly basis. 

6. Using heat shrink tube, socks, and friction sleeves

The trick to ensuring that you won’t have to deal with repeatedly sliding down glasses is to make sure that the tip has been secured. It is the part that mainly prevents the glasses from falling off. 

Shrink tubes, socks, and friction sleeves increase the resistance of the temple of the glasses. As a result, more friction is created which results in a reduction in the probability of the glasses falling off. But the downside of these three things is that they only work well with lighter glasses. Glasses with heavier lenses will most likely drag these down with them. 

7. Using Hair Ties and Rubber Bands

Yeah, I know it sounds a little bit farcical. But it doesn’t feel too far off from reality now that you have known that you can use eye shadow primers as a means to prevent glasses from falling off, right? Hair ties and rubber bands are pretty nifty tools if you don’t want to adjust glasses every other minute. Just tie them onto the temple and you are done. You can even tie a rubber band around your head to keep them from falling off. 

Although they are pretty neat and durable, their functionality depends on the fit. If they fit loosely, they won’t serve any purpose. 

8. Using Temple Ear hooks

These appliances are specially designed to keep your glasses in place. They are placed onto the temple of your glasses. As we have already established that securing temples is the way to go about when adjusting your glasses, they work perfectly in this scenario. 

They have a couple of downsides as well. As they are placed externally onto the temples, you will have to lift the temple a bit higher than you usually do when taking them off. Also, if you use a cheaper ear hook, it can cause some sort of discomfort around your ears.

There are other suitable options for you similar to this one as well, such as having frames with cable temples. 

9. Using Anchor tips

Probably the best among all other hacks, anchor tips are made of acetate that can be heated and adjusted to your liking. They are pretty soft as well, so there is no question of any discomfort. If one anchor tip is not enough, you can always add more to hold your glasses in place. 

Are glasses with nose pads better?

This is a tricky question to answer. That’s because such a thing depends entirely on the person wearing them. It is a subjective opinion as different people have varying preferences.

Glasses with nose pads have better adjustability. If you find your glasses too loose or too tight, you can just adjust the nose pads according to your liking. 

But nose pads are prone to damage such as the screws getting loose or the pads themselves breaking off. Also, not all nose pads are soft and comfortable, some are just pieces of rough, uncomfortable plastic that can hurt your skin. So that’s something you need to keep an eye out for.

On the other hand, glasses without nose pads don’t offer as much adjustability as those with nose pads but they are much more versatile. Also, you don’t have to worry about any of those breaking and falling off. 

Final thoughts

Now that we have discussed all the options, you have now gained sufficient knowledge about how to adjust glasses without nose pads. So worry about falling glasses no more, just grab a suitable replacement and enjoy your reading.

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