How to adjust to new glasses? (4 Pro Tips to Adjusting Fast)

how to adjust to new glasses

Wearing glasses cannot resist you from being stylish at all. Though you cannot use sunglasses, you can use several pairs of frames with your prescribed glasses.

It will help to keep you stylish. However, the problem arises from here. Changing glasses frequently can cause an uncomfortable visionary experience for you. Therefore, knowing how to adjust to new glasses is important for a spectacled person. 

There are certain hacks you can follow to adjust your new glasses fast. This context will describe to you all the points about this issue. We will make sure, after reading this article, you will be more confident about your stylish look with glasses. 

7 Steps to Adjust to New Glasses 

It is quite normal that you will need time to adjust to your new frame. The adjustment with your glasses will occur in 4 steps:

7 Steps to Adjust to New Glasses 

1.  Adjustment with the prescription 

When people wear glasses for the very first time must be familiar with the excitement they feel. But the reality is it might take time to make your vision comfortable properly. You will feel dizzy blurry after wearing glasses. It can take few days few months for adjusting to your new prescription.

For adjusting to a new prescription fast, you will need to follow some restrictions. Before anything else, you shouldn’t drive so long. In addition, stop reading a lot.

If you are wearing the glasses with the same prescription but the frame or lenses is different. It also takes time to get comfortable with the new frame. You will quickly get adjusted to Your new prescription if your brain took less time to adjust with new glasses.

2.  Adjustment with the new glass frames

After wearing glasses with a new frame, it can give you something Wired feeling. Sometimes frame can hurt your nose. You will feel this frame is not perfect for you, and you should change it.  Still, I prefer to wait few days. Adjusting with a glass frame can be awaking. So, keep patience for a while.

Suppose you notice some red marks on your nose after wearing new glasses. It would be best if you understood there is something wrong with your new glass frame.

If so, change it as soon as possible. The glass frame shouldn’t be tighter on your nose. It can be a cause of a terrible accident. Some eyeglass has adjustable nose pad. You can make it fit your nose whenever you like.

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3.  Adjustment with the new lens types

Sometimes you will notice different lens types helps you to see better when you are wearing lens for few indicate reason like seeing long distance and reading books. It would be best if you use it when you feel need, not always.

It may take few weeks to get comfortable with the new lens. It would work if you gave it time. Do not hurry up.

4.  Adjustment with new size and shapes of lens

There is some lens that adjusts very quickly. But if you are a rectangular or big round lens wearer, it will take time to adjust. Your brain also takes some time to get used to new lenses.

You know frame doesn’t take so long to adjust. If you notice after few days, your vision is still blurry and dizzy, and you should understand the problem is your lens, not frames.

We will know the tactics to make these steps easy for us. Before that, let’s know the problems you may face with an unadoptable frame. In other words, we can say those are the problems you can face during the adjustment period. 

Unfitted Glass

A glass with a perfect shape and size is very important to give you comfort. You can check Our Glasses Size Chart article. When you buy a glass that is oversized, then your face can fall out frequently. Thus, you will get irritated with it. Again, if you pick a glass smaller than your face will be an uncomfortable thing. It can pressurize on your nose and create a mark that you may not want.

Take it to the ultra pro, which means grab your glasses to the physician to adjust the eye-glasses. 

If you want to put it on to your child then adjust the glasses with the nose pads or bridge. Run a hairdryer into the bridge and bend it to the frame to make it looser or tighter and rely on your child. 

Sunglasses are usually irritating to wear. So you might wear it regularly to get used to it. Or consult an optometrist who helps you further after reading glasses that you wear recently.


Headache is the most common issue with new glass frames. Regardless of whether you are a new user or an old user, you can face the issue with prescription glasses.

When you wear new prescription glasses, your eye will face a sudden pressure that causes headache. Sometimes you feel a headache while wearing glasses, to avoid these sorts of situations try to put it off per second.


When you have a new prescription frame, it will create stress on your eye. Prescription frames change our focal points, and thus, it takes time to get comfortable.

Human eyes are very sensitive. It needs time to adjust with the new mate. So, when you have new glasses, your eye will need time to cope with it. Eyewear is often difficult to adjust for the novice but it won’t be impossible. 

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How Long Does It Take to Get Used to New Glasses?

The time you will need to adjust with your new frame depends. It varies from person to person. Generally, your eyes may take a couple of days to adjust with a new lens. Again, for some cases, it can be a couple of weeks also. It also depends on your adoption power.

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Why do New Glasses Make Me Dizzy? 

A very common complaint we found is that new glasses make me dizzy. In this situation I feel dizzy. Sometimes you can feel like the old one was better.

When you start to wear new glasses sometimes, you will feel uncomfortable with your new glasses. You will need weeks to adjust your eyes, and it can make you feel dizzy. Things you need to do to avoid that situation do not try to look at something drivingly.

In the adjustment period with your new glasses, you should avoid reading too much. Feeling dizzy is absolutely normal for you at this time. So, don’t worry about it. It will be fine after your eyes will start to cope with the new glasses. 

For adjusting with your new glasses fast you can warm it. To feel well soon, don’t focus on something. However, if you feel dizziness for quite a long time, consult with your eye doctor.  

Why do My New Glasses Feel Weird?

There is some reason which makes you feel weird with your new glasses. Here we are going to talk about some of these reasons: 

Why do My New Glasses Feel Weird?

Different lens types:

When your lens type is different from your old type lens, you can feel uneasy and wired as well. Sometimes when you buy another company lens, you will need some time for adjustment. This is a very normal feeling, something like this. On the other hand, you shouldn’t change your lens type without knowing your exact type.

New frame style:

New frame styles or frame shapes can make a huge difference. And this is the main reason for feeling something weird in your eyes after wearing it. For better understanding, if you purchase smaller glasses than you are using before or bigger glasses than your usual glasses can be the problem. 

So this is absolutely normal. You have to give it some, and it is going to be fine. Still, you must know how to adjust to new glasses to do it fast. 

Why do New Glasses Eye Strain?

When people use new glasses, they face different kinds of problems, especially if he is using it for the first time in his life. Eye strain is one of them.

The eye strain is a common term when one is using new glasses and especially if he is using them for the first time. Plus, it is seen for those people who are spending much of their time in front of digital devices, like computers, laptops, phones, etc.

The distance we watch through our eyes in the digital screens is quite under our vision area. In other words,

It is totally a variety of things which our eyes require to get used to. At that time, the muscles of the eyes work hard, which may cause eye strain. There is another reason for eye strain too. If the doctor prescribes incorrect Measurement of the eyes and gives the wrong prescription, it can cause eye strain. 

Why do New Glasses One Eye Feel Weird?

Nowadays, glasses are used mostly as an important tool of fashion. It isn’t limited to emergency uses. There are various types of glasses available in the present market.

These glasses are different from each other. They are different by their shapes, frames, colors & most importantly, by powers. There are mainly two kinds of glasses in the market. 

These are the powered one & the nonpowered one. The powered one is for those who have eye vision problems, and the non-powered one is for styling purposes. If someone changes his glasses suddenly, then it is normal to look different than usual.  

Again, if someone is using glass for the first time, obviously, he will look different than his usual look. It has a valid reason. The reason is people are habituated to seeing him without glasses.

Now, when suddenly he has started to use glasses, It is normal that he will look different from his normal look. Because a glass takes an adjusting period to get used to with the eyes and face. That’s why w Glasses One Eye Feels Weird.

Why do New Glasses Fishbowl Effect?   

It is normal to get used to glasses if you are using them for the first time or you have changed your glass’s power. Normally it takes a few days to get used to the eyes and brain. But sometimes it can take more time.

In the scientific language, people know it as the fishbowl effect. People facing various kinds of issues during the adjustment time is known as the fishbowl effect. At this time, people see their lenses.

The lenses are bent with the edges. Apart from these, one may face the problem of headache, eye strain, dizziness, and nausea due to this situation.

Why do blurry vision with new glasses? 

There are many reasons behind it. Here are some of the reasons. When you are using glasses in your eyes for the first time, your brain may not be ready to process the images you are watching through the glasses.

It is because your brain Isn’t used to it. Your brain and eyes will take some time to adjust with the glasses. But it may differ from person to person. Some can easily get accessed with the glasses, and some need weeks for it. 

Suppose you are having blurry vision problems while using new glasses, no need to be afraid.  Just give yourself some time to get used to it. After some time, you will notice by yourself that the vision Isn’t blurry anymore.  It is getting clearer as days pass.

The other reason behind this blurry vision is if someone uses the wrong powered glass or unfitted glass. If anybody uses glass that possesses a power that Isn’t compatible with the eyes, he will see the blurry vision with these glasses. Again, if someone uses the wrong framed glasses, he will face vision problems. 

Why do new glasses have astigmatism distortion? 

Astigmatism occurs when the curvatures surface of the lens bend or refract lighter than one focal point in the eye. Many people have this misconception that glasses can cause astigmatism distortion. 

However, the reality is there is no chance of having astigmatism because of new glasses. Even if the prescription is wrong, it can’t cause astigmatism distortion because the reason behind astigmatism is the shape of the eye’s lens or cornea. Also, we know that glass can’t change one’s lens or cornea shape.

Why do New Glasses Nausea? 

Nausea is a common issue that people face with new glass. Sometimes doctors provide high prescriptions, which is the main reason for nausea. A sudden change in high power change can make you uncomfortable. Human Eye needs time to adjust to new eyewear.

Again, it can make one feel nauseous, mainly when using glasses in eyes with depth perception. 

How to get used to new glasses fast?

Though having some time to adjust with the new glasses is normal, we can make it fast. In that case, you have to follow some tips that will help to lessen the period. These are:

  • You should wear your new glasses regularly. As we already said, you must face problems but should never stop using this. Some people make this mistake. They stop using the new glass or put it off sometimes while facing uncomfortable with it. But this won’t make things easy and cause more problems to you instead.
  • Some people also think of using the previous glass while they face irritation. This idea is very poor. You should never do this. It can lengthen the adjustment period.
  • You can use an advanced coating glass instead of a general one. These are more suitable for reducing such issues with new glasses.

Pro Tips for Fitting Glasses

Here are some pro eyeglass fitting tips. It is essential to get fit with your eyeglass properly. So let’s know what can help you make your glasses fit for you:

Prescription: It is essential to update your prescription timely. After every specific time, go to your eye doctor and check your eye condition. If needed, update your prescription and get a new glass.

Frames: There are different types of frames; choose one according to your need. If you have an allergy problem take metal frame glasses. And if you want durable and lightweight frames, you can go for the plastic frame.

Lens material: Lens materials meters. There is a wide variety of the lens. And obviously, not every lens will suit you. Go for the lens that fits you.


Does it take a few days to adjust to new glasses?

Yes, most of the time, adjusting to new glasses take time. Most of the time, this period can be one day to one week. However, it can take a few weeks sometimes. Don’t worry if you feel the same difficulty. It would be fine after few days. Still, if you don’t feel alright after two weeks, then you should contact your eye doctor.

Why does it take so long to adjust to new glasses? 

When you are using glasses for the first time, you will need time to adjust the focal length inside your eye. So, you will have to go through a short adjustment period. In the meantime, you can feel dizzy, uncomfortable, and sometimes feel wired in your eyes which is totally normal. It is just taking time to adjust yourself with your glasses.

How long does it take to get used to glasses for the first time? 

f you are wearing glasses for the very first time, you will feel something wired in your eyes. After few days, it would be okay. It can take few days, even a few weeks. Sometimes your vision Will is like a blur, sometimes dizzy. So, just keep patient, and everything is going to be okay. 

How do I know if my glasses prescription is wrong?

As we know, your first pair of glasses will take some time to get comfortable with your eyes. But what if the glasses prescription is wrong. If you experienced any of the symptoms giving below, then it might be the wrong prescription: lack of focus, too much blur vision, extreme headache, etc. 


The people who use prescribed glasses regularly must know how to adjust to new glasses. It is important for them as glasses are their regular mate. If you are one of them, it is natural that you may change your glasses. So as you know, when changing glasses, lenses, or frames, it takes time to adjust.

Though you cannot get rid of the problems with new glasses, you can lessen the adjustment period. For this, you must follow the described suggestions properly. 

We hope you find the content helpful. Thanks for reading.

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