How to Clean Blue Light Glasses? (3 Best Ways to Cleaning Glasses)

how to clean blue light glasses

When you ask someone how they clean their glasses, you’ll get something like, “I usually clean my glasses with my T-shirt or the clothes lying around my house.” 

They will claim that blue light glasses are much easier to clean.  Well, you know what?  These things can never be the right solution.  It can cause some ugly scratches on your glasses.  Your glasses will look dirtier than before.

So, are you thinking about How to clean blue light glasses?  Well, here we are going to mention some easier and cheaper ways to clean your glasses as they look new after each wash.  Let us know to get in.

3 Best Ways to Clean Blue Light glasses

3 Best Ways to Clean Blue Light glasses

Taking care of your glasses daily can ensure your glasses’ longevity. Make a habit of checking your glasses twice a day when you wake up and go to bed. If you notice it is dirty, try to clean it as soon a possible using the following process.

Process 1: Using lukewarm Water

Process 1: Using lukewarm Water

To clean your blue light glasses, dirt and smudge lukewarm water work the best. You need to keep in mind is never to use cold or hot water to clean glasses because it can permanently damage your glasses.

Now, let’s know the process to clean blue light glasses with lukewarm water. Firstly rinse your glasses with water. And rub it with soft clothes. If you still see dirt in the glasses, take a toothpick and remove the filth.

Process-2: Using eyeglass cleaning solution

Process-2: Using eyeglass cleaning solution
Using Eyeglasses Cleaning Solution

Eyeglass solution is super affordable and easy to find anywhere. You should be more careful about the eyeglass label if your glass is anti-reflected. I am sure you won’t want to damage your eyeglass and lenses permanently for any silly reason.

So, how can you use the eyeglass solution? Things you need to do is spray the eyeglass solution in your glasses. Your glasses will shine if you cover your lenses with the eyeglass solution adequately.

Rub the blue light glasses with microfiber cloths in a circular motion. After washing, dry the glasses with soft air. Before wearing, make sure the glasses are dry. Enough.

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Process-3: Using dish wash

Using mild dish wash soap for cleaning blue light glasses is a great idea. Whenever you feel the dirt in your glass, you can wash it with dish wash, available in our house.

Let’s know the perfect way to use dish wash. All you Have to do is rinse your glasses with warm water. Then take a dub of dishwashing soap on each glasses.

Rub it with a soft finger to make sure you are didn’t hurting your glasses. Please continue rubbing until you see the thick foam in your glasses. Once you are done, clean the soap with warm water and let it dry.

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The cheapest way to clean blue light glasses

First of all, wash your hand nicely with germs-free hand wash. Rinse the glasses perfectly. Make sure both sides of the glasses are rinsed in the water.

Besides, dry the glasses with microfiber cloths. Dry it in the patting system; do not rub it. Make sure the microfiber cloths are clean and usable.

After patting dry clean the lens with microfiber cloths softly, remember this is the most sensitive part of the glasses. By doing these things, you should keep these 4 healthy habits and remember expert tips.

Tips-1: If your glasses are anti-fog, then do not use harsh chemical soap and alcohol.

Tips-2: Make a habit of storing your glasses in their case.

Tips-3: If you feel the glasses are wet, immediately clean them with cotton.

Tips-4: Do not let the sunscreen and saltwater dry on the glasses, which can permanently damage them.

Things shouldn’t use to Clean Blue Light glasses

Things shouldn’t use to Clean Blue Light glasses

Don’t be rough with your glasses. There are some terrible things which you shouldn’t do with your glasses. It might seem easy to clean blue light glasses, but to be honest, you will need to consider so many things while cleaning blue light glasses. Let’s know what you shouldn’t do with your glasses.

Please don’t use any shirttail to clean your blue light glasses, mainly when they dry. It can be the reason for some ugly scratch on your favorite glasses.

Avoid saliva to make your glasses dry.

Don’t use a house cleaner to clean your glasses because all those things are made of harsh chemicals, which can be terrible for your glasses.

Never use toilet paper or napkins to dry your glasses. It can make your glasses smear.

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How to Remove Scratches

Unfortunately, there is no perfect cure for scratched glasses. Still, some products can make the scratch a slight bit blurs. It depends on the location and the depth of the scratched. Once your glasses get, scratch its scratched. For optimum vision, replace your glasses. Otherwise, there is no permanent solution.

When you are purchasing glasses, go for the glasses which have a durable scratch-resistant coating. If your glasses are perfect in shape but nose pads become impossible to keep clean, then return them where you purchase from.

FAQ About Cleaning blue light glasses

Why it’s essential to keep your glasses clean?

Glasses are not maintenance-free. To make sure your glasses longevity, you have to take proper care of your glasses. When you are a glasses wearer, your vision entirely depends on how good you are taking care of it. So, undoubtedly it is essential to keep your glasses clean.

Can I use wet wipes to clean blue light glasses?

Well, you can use wet wipes to clean glasses when you are outside. It’s a quick way to clean your glasses. Just take a damp wipe and rub it on the mirrors in a circular motion. Once you are done, dry the glasses at room temperature.

Can I use alcohol to keep blue light glasses clean?

Be careful; you can never use alcohol to clean your blue light glasses. You also can’t use those products which made of high concentration of acid. Alcohol can damage your glasses coating—the best way to clean blue light glasses in warm water and dishwashing soap.


Glasses never last forever, but here are some tips and tricks that help increase the lifespan of glasses. Blue light glasses wearer people know how difficult to clean. In this discussion, we try to let you know How to clean blue light glasses.

Before everything, you have to make some expert glasses habits. We guess you will find something helpful after reading this article.

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