How To Clean Polarized Sunglasses (A Proper Guidline)

How to Clean Polarized Sunglasses

You need to clean your sunglasses, right? Well, while many people think that they have to put them in the cleaning solution, it is not true.

However, Polarized Sunglasses or sunglasses with a polarized lens can be a pain to clean.

Because they absorb all kinds of dust, dirt, and grime from all angles. And you won’t even be able to remove the dust with the lens itself.

So, how to clean polarized sunglasses easily?

The easy way to clean polarised sunglasses is with the help of a cleaning cloth or microfiber. You just need to wipe off the lenses, and the sunglasses will be crystal clear again. And don’t forget to clean the nose pads with the microfiber cloth too. Dry them after the cleaning process.

Today, let’s see the complete polarized sunglass cleaning method. Read more below.

5 Best Cleaning Method Polarized Sunglasses

How To Properly Clean Polarized Sunglasses

With the right technique, you can easily clean your polarized sunglasses without ruining their clarity. Here are a few methods you can follow:

1. Get a microfiber for sunglasses

Use a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning solution specifically designed for use on polarized lenses. Regular glass cleaner or soap and water can damage the lens polarization coating.

2. Gently wipe 

Gently wipe the lenses in a circular motion starting from the center of each lens and working your way outwards towards the edges. 

3. Avoid all scratches 

Avoid using your fingers or anything else that could scratch the lenses.

4. Use a cleaning solution if needed

If the lenses are very dirty, you may need to use a lens cleaning solution and a soft brush to remove all the dirt and grime.

5. Rinse off, dry, and store

Rinse the lenses with clean water and dry them with a soft, clean cloth. Store your polarized sunglasses in a case when you’re not wearing them to protect the lenses from scratches.

Note: For all types of polarized sunglasses, the above method turned out the best. We could clean stubborn dirt and even the cracks between the joints. However, you can use other cleaning methods as well. You can use them also.

Cleaning Polarized Sunglasses With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide

You can use Hydrogen peroxide to clean your sunglasses and get them looking like new again. Let’s see the steps: 

  • Add 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide to a bowl of warm water.
  • Next, take a soft cloth and dip it into the solution.
  • Gently wipe down the lenses of your sunglasses with a cloth until they are clean.
  • Rinse the lenses with cold water and dry them off with a soft, dry cloth.
  • The polarized lenses of your sunglasses should now be sparkling clean!

Cleaning Polarized Sunglasses With Baking Soda

Baking Soda
Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural cleaning product that can clean polarized sunglasses without damaging the outer coating. Follow the steps below: 

  • To properly clean your polarized sunglasses, start by removing any dirt or debris from the lenses with a soft cloth. 
  • Next, wet the lenses with warm water and add a small amount of baking soda to create a paste.
  • Use your fingers to gently rub the paste into the lenses in a circular motion. 
  • Rinse the lenses with warm water and dry them with a soft, clean cloth.
  • If your polarized sunglasses are just too damn dirty, you may need to repeat this process a few times.

Cleaning Polarized Sunglasses With Alcohol

Vinegar Alcohol
Vinegar Alcohol

Polished lenses, sunglasses, and frames tend to gather more dust than normal glasses. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep dust off of your polarized eyewear using a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Let’s dig in: 

  • Start by removing any dirt or debris from the lenses with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto another clean, soft cloth.
  • Gently rub the lenses in a circular motion with the cloth until they are spotless. 
  • Be sure not to scrub too hard, as this can damage the lens coating.
  • Now, Rinse the lenses with clean water and dry them with a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Repeat steps 2-4 if necessary and wallah.

Note: If you have any stubborn dirt or grime on your lenses, you can also try using a mild soap and water solution. Simply mix a small amount of soap with clean water and follow the same steps again

Cleaning Polarized sunglasses with Vinegar (6 Tips)

Vinegar is a natural acid, so it will not harm your lenses. Here we are going to know how to clean polarized sunglasses using it:

  1. First, fill a bowl with equal parts water and white vinegar.
  2. Submerge your sunglasses in the mixture, ensuring all lenses are covered.
  3. Let them soak for about 5 minutes.
  4. Now, take it out and use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe away any dirt or grime from the lenses.
  5. The next, step is to rinse the lenses with clean water.
  6. Finally, dry the lenses with a soft, clean cloth.

Note: Don’t leave the glasses for too long in the soaking water. Else they may get lime scaling. 

Things To Avoid While Cleaning Polarized Sunglasses

Well, there is nothing wrong with cleaning your glasses, but you should know what to avoid while doing so. Cleaning a polarized sunglass in the wrong way can leave some nasty scratches. 

First of all, it is not a good idea to clean your glasses by rubbing them with a cloth, a towel, or a tissue. The reason behind this is the polarizing lenses may get damaged.

Secondly, you need to be careful while using chemicals and solvents as they can damage the lenses.

And last but not the least, you should never use harsh abrasive cleaners, as these can ruin the lenses and frames.


Can You Use Lens Wipes In Polarized Glasses?

Lens wipes are safe to use in polarized glasses as long as they’re not made of plastic. However, they don’t work as well. If you use regular lens wipes, you might be able to clean your lens, but scratches may pop up.

Does Isopropyl Alcohol Damage Anti-Reflective Coating?

While isopropyl alcohol can damage the anti-reflective coating on your lenses, it doesn’t affect it significantly. Some people have found no change in the performance of the anti-reflective coating after the cleaning.

Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean My Glasses?

Yes, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean glasses. Just pour some rubbing alcohol onto a clean cloth and wipe your glasses with it. You can also use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean your glasses.

Can You Use Alcohol Wipes To Clean Polarized Sunglasses?

You can clean polarized sunglasses with alcohol wipes. Just wipe them down with rubbing alcohol. Make sure you don’t touch the lens, or you risk scratching it.

Can You Use Lens Wipes In Polarized Glasses?

Most lens wipes will work in polarized glasses. However, first, you must ensure that the polarized glass is clean. Otherwise, the dust particles may be scattered and cause blurry vision.

End Note

Hope now you can find out how to clean polarised sunglasses. Rule of thumb, they should be well-cared for and kept in good shape.

Before you wear them, make sure they’re clean, and if you’re going to wear them out of the house, do not expose them to too much water. 

If you spill something on the lenses, wipe them off immediately, and always keep them in a dry, cool area.

You can also get a special cleaner that will eliminate the dirt and grime from your polarized lenses.

This is all for today. If you have any more questions, let us know. Thanks. 

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