How to tighten glasses without a screwdriver (Some Tips & Tricks)

how to tighten glasses without a screwdriver?

We usually face a lot of issues while using glass. Sometimes the temple becomes loose, the glasses fall off, and even break due to some kind of sudden pressure. In the cases where the temple or the nose pads become loose, it happens due to the screw holding those pieces in place becoming loose.

It’s not always possible to find screwdrivers or the right-sized ones when you need them. In that case, you can use various objects that are used in our day-to-day lives such as USB cables, paper clips, metal rulers, etc.

In the article below, I will try to introduce you to a few objects we use in our day-to-day lives and teach you how to tighten glasses without a screwdriver using those objects. 

How to screw glasses without screwdriver: Glasses screwdriver alternative

Sometimes, a screwdriver isn’t at our disposal. There are times when we’re outside when our glasses need a sudden fix, or we don’t have a screwdriver nearby. In such times, we need an alternative for it.

Tools needed to fix glasses

There are a few alternatives you can use to tighten your eyeglasses or sunglasses. You will be surprised at how simple it is to use them for this purpose. Also, it is not always possible to keep eyeglass repair kits at hand, which makes these tools all the more useful. These tools are :

  • USB cables
  • Paper clips
  • Pliers
  • Lighters
  • Hammer
  • Metal rulers

In the case of the absence of flathead screwdrivers around you, you might use some other methods to fix your glasses using the tools mentioned above. They are :

1.Using USB Cables

Using USB Cables

USB cables are usually used to charge our phones or connect our devices to computers. But you can also use them as tools to fix glasses. You can use them to both screws or unscrew the hinges of the glasses, tighten nose pads, etc. The steps of using the USB cable are :

  1. Take your charger and detach the USB cable from it.
  2. Take the eyeglasses or sunglasses and determine what part of it you wish to fix.
  3. Take the broader head of the USB cable and put the thinner side in the furrow on the middle of the screw.
  4. Start rotating the screw clockwise with the help of the cable’s head. After half a rotation, the screw should be tight enough for the glasses to be ready to be used.

While using USB cables as a tool to fix your glasses, make sure you don’t tighten the screw too much.  As the cable is way larger than the screw, you may break the screw or damage the ridges on the glasses by rotating them too hard or too much.

2. Using Paper clips 

 Using Paper clips

One of the best things about learning screwing eyeglasses without a screwdriver is getting to know how versatile even the smallest of everyday objects are. One such object is a paper clip. For the paper clip to be used to tighten your glasses, you will also need a lighter, pliers, or a hammer. You have to follow the following steps:

  • Take the paper clip and slightly bend its outer edge.
  • Take the lighter and heat the outer edge with fire until the plastic covering it melts off.
  • Then take a plier and clinch the heated edge with it.  You can also use a hammer and strike a few times. This will result in the edge resembling a flathead screwdriver.
  • Now put the flattened head of the clip in the screw’s furrow and start rotating it clockwise to tighten the screws. If you want to unscrew anything, just follow the same process with the only exception being the rotation in that case will have to be anti-clockwise. 
  • Compared to the USB cables, you will have to rotate the clip with more force. You will also need to rotate the screw more times for it to be tightened properly.
  • Once you are done tightening, check the hinges if they are tightened to your liking. If not, repeat the same process until you are satisfied.

See Also:

3. Using a metal ruler

3. Using a metal ruler

In case of the absence of a flathead screwdriver or an eyeglass repair kit, you can also use a metal ruler to tighten your glasses.

It is better to use the smaller, 6-inch ones as they are thinner and are more likely to fit into the thin furrows of the screws of the eyeglasses or sunglasses. The steps you need to follow while using a metal ruler are : 

  • First, put the screws and the parts in place.
  • Take a small metal ruler and see whether the sides or the corners fit in the furrows properly. 
  • After finding the ideal part of the ruler to fit in the screw’s furrows, rotate the screws clockwise a few times to tighten them. For unscrewing, rotate anti-clockwise.
  • As the edges are usually pretty rough and sharp, be very careful while using the corners of the rulers. Using too much force will be counterproductive as it results in your eyeglasses being damaged.

These are the most commonly used methods to tighten glasses if you don’t have a flathead screwdriver around. As for how to fix glasses without screws, you will have to follow all the similar steps, only the rotation will have to be anti-clockwise.

How to unscrew glasses without screwdrivers

Suppose you went on a vacation and you are chilling in the sun wearing your sunglasses. Suddenly you realize that the little screw in your sunglasses has fallen off.

Most of the time you will not find the screw as searching for it will be like finding a needle in a haystack.  So, what should you do? In cases such as this, you can use a paperclip to fix your glasses. The steps you have to follow are :

  1. Find the right-sized paper clip for your screw. Too large of a paper clip won’t fit through the hole while too small clips will just slip right through the hole while you are working.
  2. Push the end of the paper clip through the hole until a millimeter of the clip sticks out of the other end.
  3. Bend the clip around the outer part of the screw hole. 
  4. Now take the clip out and cut the rest of the clip off with a flush cutter.
  5. Open the bend, which looks like a D, just a little for you to be able to push through the hole.
  6. After pushing the clip through the hole, close the bend of the D.

Now this paper clip screw replacement will never fall off unlike the screws 

Problems of loose screws in Eyeglasses

Problems of loose screws in Eyeglasses

Alongside knowing how to fix glasses without screwdrivers, we should also know what problems loose screws create. People who use prescribed spectacles or sunglasses face a whole lot of problems due to loose screws. 

Whenever they are using those glasses, if the screws holding the temple together become loose, they find the glasses sliding downwards now and then. After once or twice, it becomes extremely annoying to deal with. There are only so many times you can adjust your eyeglasses.

Also, sometimes the glasses fall off completely, resulting in them either breaking or being lost. If the glasses fall, the lenses will become damaged which will create a whole host of problems for you.

Not only the temples, but the nose pads also sometimes become loose. As a result, the glasses keep sliding down the nose. If you are using glasses for reading purposes, it becomes extremely annoying to adjust them again and again

Usually, you would use a screwdriver to tighten those screws. But you often are faced with two problems. First, you can’t always find a screwdriver around. Second, due to screws being very small, even if you happen to find a screwdriver, chances are that it won’t be of the right size. So, you will need some other tools to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I use if I don’t have a glasses screwdriver?

You can’t always find a regular screwdriver, let alone a glasses one. If you don’t have a glasses screwdriver, you can use USB cables, Paper clips with their head flattened with pliers or a hammer,  or a thin metal ruler.

2. What can I use to tighten my glasses?

Usually, you have to use a flathead screwdriver to tighten your glasses. But you can also use any one of USB cables, metal rulers, or a paper clip to do it.

3. Can I tighten my glasses myself?

Of course, you can tighten your glasses yourself. In fact, in most cases, you should do it yourself. It will be a waste of time and money to go to the glasses shops to do a job you can easily do yourself at home.

Final thoughts 

People who use prescription glasses, can not do without properly functioning glasses in most cases. Some of them can not even see at all without them. So, if for some reason their glasses’ screws become loose, they must have the means to tighten those screws around. 

But as I said before, you can not always have the perfect-sized screwdrivers around you. So you must learn how to tighten glasses without screwdrivers.

Once you have learned that, the absence of screwdrivers won’t matter as you will always have things like paper clips, USB cables, or metal rulers around. So, you should know about the potential use of these useful objects.

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