How To Tighten Maui Jim Sunglasses Without Breaking It

How To Tighten Maui Jim Sunglasses
How To Tighten Maui Jim Sunglasses Without Breaking It

Suppose, you have just purchased a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses and now the problem of them falling off your face arises. Your hands aren’t in the right position and you can’t find the right place to put it. Now you ask yourself, how to tighten Maui Jim sunglasses?

Well, the solution is simple.

You can use some Maui Jim glasses tightening tools. These come in different designs and forms. They can be a pair of tweezers, an Allen wrench, or even a pair of pliers. Sometimes, regular hot air guns can do the trick as well. So, you can just remove the lenses and tighten the glasses manually. 

However, make sure you don’t damage the lenses when tightening the glasses. Also, don’t apply too much force. Just enough to tighten the glasses.

Today, we will see how to tighten Maui Jim’s sunglasses without destroying them completely. Read more below.

Can You Tighten Maui Jim Sunglasses

How To Tighten Maui Jim Sunglasses

You can actually tighten Maui Jim sunglasses to give your glasses better comfort and fit. There are two methods to do so. The first one is by using two adjustable nose pads. The other is by using an easy-to-find adjustable spring. 

Try out both these techniques and find out which one is best for you. You will love it as it will enhance your style and comfort level.

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How To Tighten Maui Jim Sunglasses: Step-By-Step Guide

If your Maui Jim sunglasses are too loose and slide down your nose, you can tighten them yourself with a few simple steps. All you need is a hair dryer or warm water and a little patience.

  • First, remove the lenses from the sunglasses, as they can get damaged while doing the bending process.
  • Hold the frame of your sunglasses in one hand and the lens in the other. Apply gentle heat to the frame with the hair dryer or warm water for about 30 seconds. You don’t want to overdo it, just enough to make the plastic slightly more pliable.
  • Next, take advantage of gravity by holding your glasses upside down so that the lenses are pointing toward the ground. Gently bend both arms of the frames inward until they’re snug against your head without being uncomfortable. 
  • Remember, not to twist the glasses as they might just lock in place and you will have a hard time opening the twist. 
  • Now, give the frames a quick blast of cold air from the hair dryer or a quick dip in cold water. 
  • This will help to set the new shape of the frames so that they retain their new, tighter fit.
  • Finally, readjust the lenses and you are done. 

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Things To Consider While Tightening Maui Jim Sunglasses

If your new Maui Jim sunglasses arrive with them already attached to your head, you’ll probably notice that they feel a little loose. This is normal. However, there is some stuff you need to consider while tightening a Maui Jim Sunglass. They are: 

  • Never overdo the heat.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on the frame.
  • Always remove the lenses before applying heat.
  • Use gloves as your fingerprint may be imprinted on the frame. 
  • Bend, but don’t twist. 
  • Try not to rush things. 
  • Never use a direct heat source like fire.
  • Go one step at a time. If the glasses don’t fit properly after the first try, then go for a second round… 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Risk Tightening Maui Jim Sunglasses?

If done too much, the tightening process of the Maui Jim Sunglasses can cause them to break. So if you are thinking of buying Maui Jim sunglasses, make sure you check the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing them. Do it with the right precaution, and you will be just fine. 

How Do I Return My Maui Jim Sunglasses For Repair?

If you need Maui Jim glasses repair, the process is straightforward. Just fill out a form on the Maui Jim website and they will send you a shipping label. Then, ship your glasses off. You will receive your repaired glasses within 4-6 weeks. Try contacting Maui Jim customer service for any questions you have. 

How To Fix Broken Maui Jim Sunglasses?

If you’ve got broken Maui Jim sunglasses, you can try to repair them with a little bit of super glue. You’ll need to remove all the lenses, which will have to be removed individually and fix everything with the super glue. Then you can put them back in place, and reassemble them to see if they work again.

Final Thought

We are sure you know how to tighten Maui Jim sunglasses and what you should and should not do. If not done correctly, the frame or glasses may break, leaving you with tons of agony.

A properly tightened pair of sunglasses has a solid feeling when you put them on, but you shouldn’t have to struggle to get them on. Also, they shouldn’t hurt or irritate the nose or ears while you wear them.

As always, you have to use good-quality lenses. And also, make sure that you follow all the instructions for the Maui Jim you have. Rule of thumb, never over do it.

This is all for now. Ask us about any problem you have. We will do it just for you. Have a nice day.

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