Maui Jim Bi Gradient Vs Gradient – What Do They Mean?

Maui Jim Bi Gradient Vs Gradient – What Do They Mean?
Maui Jim Bi Gradient Vs Gradient

Maui Jim is the name of the revelation of this sunglass industry. However, if you’re confused about the Maui Jim Bi Gradient Vs Gradient, it’s time to clear that up!

Although there are three gradient coatings available with Maui Jim sunglasses,  people feel difficulties when they ask what is Maui Jim Bi Gradient, and only Gradient. 

Our research on this topic will make sure you’ve got all the needed information about these gradient coatings. 

First, we answered the main question and then created a comparison table to show a point-by-point difference between Maui Jim Bi Gradient and Gradient. 

What Does Bi-Gradient Mean In Sunglasses?

What Does Bi-Gradient Mean In Sunglasses?

Bi-Gradient lenses are darker than the MauiGradient lenses, and at the same time, the lenses would be gradient with two primary colors, light and dark.

What Does Gradient Mean In Sunglasses?

Gradient Mean Sunglasses

When you see the name “Gradient” during your sunglasses purchase from Maui Jim, you’ll notice a lens with a light color that shows a gradient color.

Comparison Table Of Maui Jim Bi Gradient Vs Gradient

Where applied?Top and bottom of the lens.The coating can be found Slowly from top to bottom of the lens.
FeatureAllow your eyes to relax, and block the glare from the snow, and sunlight.It also blocks the glare from the snow and sunlight.
DesignBi-Gradient makes the lens a little bit darker.The MauiGradient mirror was created as a stylish alternative to Bi-Gradient. The lens is lighter.
PurposeWhen you wear the lens, the mirror will act as a shield for you to reduce the glare from above and below.This lens allows the appropriate amount of light to filter into specific areas

Head-to-head Comparisons – Maui Jim Bi Gradient vs Gradient

As you can see in above, all the differences are now clear between Maui Jim Bi Gradient and Gradient. 

Both are lens mirror coatings, they are not anything that can give you direct benefits when wearing. 

The primary difference between Maui Jim Bi Gradient and Gradient is the mirror shape and how they are equipped with the lenses. 

And the second difference is the color. Bi-gradient makes the lenses a little darker, while the Gradient is lighter.

Bi-Gradient is applied at the top and bottom of the lens that looks circle if closely noticed. 

On the other hand, the Gradient mirror coating is applied from the top of the lens to the bottom. The density of the black color decreases towards the bottom even though it is dense at the top. 

Both, the Maui Jim Bi Gradient and Gradient lenses limit the intensity of glare from direct sunlight, and at the same, give the option to look via a lighter part of the lens. 

You may find them helpful when reading anything outdoors, and even playing sports in harmful sunlight. 

However, it’s good to know that none of them, Maui Jim Bi Gradient and Gradient, block UV rays but there is a feature called UV protection with all the Maui Jim sunglasses. 

Benefits Of Using Maui Jim Bi Gradient And Gradient Lenses

When talking about the Maui Jim Gradient sunglasses, the first thing that should be pointed out is comfort. 

According to visioncenter, These sunglasses helps to keep the wearer’s eyes comfortable in the sun. 

However, you may think that the extra added gradient feature can reduce the clarity of the lens. But that’s not the truth, users can still see clearly when they are inside or in shade locations. 

Apart from these benefits, Maui Jim Gradient sunglasses are also preferable for driving and other outdoor activities. 

Because they have the ability to shield the wearer’s eyes from the sun, and at the same time allow a balanced amount of light through. 

Discard everything else, let’s take a look at the design. Doesn’t it look like a pretty unique lens?

Not only Maui Jim but the companies who produce the Gradient sunglasses are considered a unique pair of sunglasses, and even more stylish than regular sunglasses. 

Read our previous article on: Polarized Vs Mirror Sunglasses.

Who Wears Maui Jim Sunglasses?

Not only normal people but also celebrities such as Matt Kuchar, and Jude Law use Maui Jim sunglasses. So you can get inspired by them and start using sunglass from the same brand.

Which Maui Jim Lens Is Best For Driving?

The Maui Jim bronze lenses are considered the most comfortable and ideal lenses for driving. 

They are equipped with the PolarizedPlus2® and polarized lens technologies, so your driving will be safe in hazardous driving moments such as wet pavement, snow, and blinding sun.

Which Maui Jim Lens Is Best For Skiing?

Maui Jim does do have any suggested lens colors/styles for skiing. However, the darkest lens color they offer is Neutral Grey, it would work very well for cutting down the glare from snow and reflective light.   

What Is The Darkest Lens For Maui Jim Sunglasses?

The research shows that Neutral Grey is the darkest lens color that is highly recommended for all kinds of outdoor activities as the lens is polarized and made of durable material. 

Final Verdict

There is no chance to extend the article on Maui Jim Bi Gradient Vs Gradient because they are just a feature on the modern sunglasses used by the most popular sunglasses-producing companies like Maui Jim. 

In a single word, Bi-Gradient makes the lens darker, and MauiGradient is lighter. The design and color is the main difference, nothing more than that. Even meet almost the same requirements for the users.

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