Maui Jim Hema Vs Hikina: Which One Is Better?

Maui Jim Hema Vs Hikina: Which One Is Better?

Maui Jim is one of the best and most popular sunglass companies in the world. There are several different versions of their products including different models of glasses, lenses, and many others. However, the Maui Jim Hema vs Hikina pair is quite intriguing.

Both are from the same manufacturer but they are available at the same price ranges. So, the question is which one should you buy? Well, here is a quick review of the differences between the two products and how they differ from each other.

The Maui Jim Hema is ideal for people who just like to go out in the sun with friends without any fear of getting sunburnt. On the other hand, the Maui Jim Hikina is ideal for those who love going out and trying different sports like kayaking, camping, hiking, etc. They have a bigger lens height, for a better viewing angle.

Today, we will see a head-to-head comparison between these two sunglasses by Maui Jim. Let’s begin. 

Comparison Table Between Maui Jim Hema Vs Hikina

In today’s competitive market, you must keep up with the latest trends by getting the best deal. This is why a comparison of Maui Jim Hema vs Hikina sunglasses is given below:

Maui Jim Hema Vs Hikina
FeaturesMaui Jim HemaMaui Jim Hikina
Polarized with anti-glareYesYes
Color variationBlack Matte/Green Mirror PolarizedBlack Gloss/Maui Rose PolarizedCrystal Matte/Blue Hawaii PolarizedGray Matte/Neutral Gray PolarizedRootbeer Matte/Hcl Bronze PolarizedOlive Matte/Maui Ht PolarizedBlack Gloss/Maui Rose PolarizedCrystal Matte/Blue Hawaii PolarizedGray Matte/Neutral Gray PolarizedRootbeer Matte/Hcl Bronze Polarized
Comprehensive UV & HEV protection 100% protection100% protection
Color EnhancingPatented color enhancement Patented color enhancement 
Scratch ResistanceFront and back scratch resistant Front and back scratch resistant 
Anti-Reflective YesYes
Lens height and width 43 mm and 62 mm 45 mm and 62 mm
Material UsedNylon frame and composite lensNylon frame and composite lens
SizeMedium-sized head shapeOne size fits all

Head To Head Comparison: Maui Jim Hema Vs Hikina

For us, it’s a draw. However, with all this information on the eyeglasses you should be able to choose the best eyewear for you: 

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Color Option(Depends On User)

The Maui Jim Hikina sunglasses are a great option if you like bold colors. These shades feature a blue lens which adds a cool and youthful vibe to the wearer’s appearance. On the other hand, Hima from Maui Jim has a better vibrant color option. 

Lense Height And Width (Depends On the User)

Maui Jim Hema Vs Hikina

Maui Jim Hima sunglasses have lenses longer than the Hikina. This gives them a more rectangular shape that is well-suited for people with round faces. The Lens height and width of Hima are 43 mm and 62 mm, whereas the Hikina is 45 mm and 62 mm respectively. If you want the glasses to cover your entire face, use the Hikna, else use the Hima. 

UV Protection And Anti-Glare (Draw)

This is a draw here. Well, both offer great UV protection and anti-glare features. You will get up to 100% harmful ray protection for your eyes in any of the models. Plus, They also have an advanced coating that helps reduce eye fatigue and glare.

Durability And Usage (Draw)

There is no clear winner in terms of durability. Both models are made of high-quality materials and can withstand regular wear and tear. So even if you are looking for glasses to use while playing sports or doing other strenuous activities, you may want to go with any of the two sunglasses.

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Color Correction (Draw)

As both of them are from Maui Jim, they have the same glasses and lens type. Even under bright light, you can see through them quite well. Plus, minimal eye fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Maui Jim Lenses The Same?

No, they’re not all the same. They have different lens sizes, frames, colors, etc. Some are prescription lenses, and some are just for fun. However, most lenses feature one-piece construction, an anti-reflection coating, and a dual-axis system that assures uniform depth of field. And proper focus throughout the entire frame. 

Which Maui Jim Lens Is Best For Driving?

The Maui Jim sunglasses with polarized lenses are a good option for driving on a cloudy or rainy day. You can see better while your eyes stay dry. This lens features a multi-layered polycarbonate design that offers better UV protection than conventional lenses and is very resistant to smudging, dirt, and scratches.

Which Maui Jim Are Best For Small Face?

Maui Jim Hema Sunglasses are ideal for small faces. The frame design is wide enough to fit the contours of the face comfortably, without being so wide as to leave the wearer looking blocky and overdressed.

How Can You Tell If Maui Jims Are Fake?

Maui Jims are usually easy to identify as counterfeit because of the fact that they are not available in stores. The fake products usually appear different from authentic Maui Jims. You will generally see older logos in the fake Maui Jims, which is hardly etched. 

End Note

Hope now you can see the difference between Maui Jim Hema Vs Maui Jim Hikina. The Hema is just for sunbathing while the Hikina is for outdoor sports. Yet, they are quite similar. So, you may want to check which one is the better option for you.

The only difference is, the Maui Jim Hikina has a larger lens, but the built-in UV protection for daily activities is the same. In fact, even if you go out in the sun for 5-6 hours straight, you won’t experience any problems with both of them. Whereas, the Maui Jim Hema has a smaller lens size, giving you a more compact style.

This is all for today. If you have any more questions, give us a hit, and we will be there to help you out.

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