Maui Jim Hookipa Vs Makaha: Is There Any? Let’s Dig In

Maui Jim Hookipa and Maui Jim Makaha sunglasses are famous for their superior quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. So, what’s the difference between Maui Jim Hookipa Vs Makaha?    

Well, frankly speaking, other than the lens height, there isn’t much difference. The Makaha has a lens height of 35mm, and the Ho’okipa has 39 mm. Other than this, they are the same in terms of UV protection, scratch resistance, and material, and so on.

Yet, a bit of change in the lens can change your choice for the best one. Let’s look into the differences, shall we? Read more below.

The Comparison Table Between Maui Jim Hookipa Vs Makaha 

In a hurry? Here’s a comparison list of the two Maui Jim sunglasses. 

FactorsMaui jim HookipaMaui Jim Makaha
UV protectionYesYes
User profileSmall to medium head sizeSmall to medium head size
Lens width64 millimeters64 millimeters
Lens height39 millimeters35 millimeters
Bridge17 millimeters17 millimeters
Arm130 millimeters130 millimeters
Anti-scratch YesYes
Anti-reflect, Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, and Color EnhancingYesYes

Maui Jim Hookipa Vs Makaha:Head To Head Comparison 

Maui Jim Hookipa Vs Makaha:Head To Head Comparison 

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If you’re looking for maui jim sunglasses, you’re in the right spot. It’s a popular choice, so make sure you have the perfect pair with you. Let’s look at the Hookipa vs. Makaha right here: 

Durability (Draw) 

Both sunglasses have excellent quality. however, there are few differences between them. This can be because Maui Jim makes both sunglasses with the same Nylon materials. Plus, the lenses are of composite glass. 

UV protection (Draw)

In general, these Sunglasses with 100% UV protection offer the same level of protection as sunglass lenses which are tinted with a UVA/UVB filter. The Sunglass lenses are tinted in the visible spectrum with a filter that blocks the ultraviolet light in the range up to 400 nm. 

Width and height (User dependent)

Do you want a smaller lens height or a bigger one? Though both of them aren’t as big to protect most of your cheek nose, they aren’t half bad. The Hookipa has a height of 39 mm. Whereas, the Makaha has about 35 mm. Length height is the same at 64 mm.

Anti-scratch and anti-reflect (Draw)

No difference here. Both Maui Jim’s sunglasses provide superior comfort and style, with protection from the sun, wind, rain, dust, and sand. These frames have a sleek yet rugged look. 

Color options (Hookipa wins)

We love both of those sunglasses and use them as our go-to sunglasses. They both come in a variety of colors and offer good protection from the sun. But the Maui Jim Hookipa sunglasses have greater color options.

User-profile (User dependent)

As the lens height of the Makaha is 35mm and the Hookipa is 39 mm, the difference isn’t too great. Both of them won’t cover your cheek nose. So, it depends on you what you choose. 

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic (Draw)

The Maui Jim Hookipa and Maui Jim Makaha are both hydrophobic and oleophobic sunglasses. With the new generation of polarized lens technology, the lens is made to repel water and oil, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of an eyeglass without having to worry about fogging, condensation, or water running into the lens.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Which Circumstances Maui Jim Hookipa Sunglasses Can Be Our Best Choice?

When you want more durability, fit to size body, and scratch-resistant lenses, then the Maui Jim Hookipa can be our best choice. Also, it comes with a water resistant strap along with the nose pads. Besides, it is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to pick out the shades that go perfectly with your style and personality.

What Makes Me Impressive For Buying Makaha Sunglasses?

The light, durable, yet stylish design of the Makaha sunglasses makes it damn impressive. They are perfect for sports, and they are easy to wash. The lenses of these eyeglasses are scratch resistant. I love that they are UV treated as well. Plus, these sunglasses are ideal for any climate you can think of.

Which Types Of Face Can Be Perfected By These Sunglasses? 

These sunglasses are best suited for small and medium sized faces. Additionally, they are good to go with many facial features like round face, square face, and so on. The best part is that these glasses will match your eyes even more closely, making you look younger.

End Note

Hope now you know what is the difference between the Maui Jim Hookipa Vs. Makaha.

Well, there really isn’t much of a difference between Maui Jim Hookipa vs Makaha sunglasses. However, some people prefer the Makaha because it looks less bulky on the face. The price, features, and user profile of both the glasses is the same.

Hope now you can find the best pair of sunglasses for your needs. If you have any more queries, then feel free to contact us. Have a good day.

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