Maui Jim Red Sands Vs Oakley Holbrook: Which one will win?

Maui Jim Red Sands Vs Oakley Holbrook: Which one will win?
Maui Jim Red Sands Vs Oakley Holbrook

It’s not often you get a pair of sunglasses, which can work both on the beach, and on your daily commute to work. You have come across a pair that can easily do both of these.

Both the Maui Jim Red Sands and Oakley Holbrook are made of the highest quality plastic lenses that guarantee you 100% UVA and UVB protection. The lenses are scratch and shatterproof, ensuring your eyes always stay protected. So what’s the difference between Maui Jim Red Sands vs Oakley Holbrook?

In terms of performance, Oakley offers excellent clarity, contrast, and light transmission. Also, they offer an extremely clear view even when wet. On the other hand, Maui Jim Red Sands come with a multi-layer lens coating that protects against scratches and blemishes. They are also super lightweight, durable, and offer outstanding clarity and brightness.

So, the winner is obvious. But hey, before that we need to talk about the pros and cons. Let’s dive into it. Read more below.

Comparison Table Between Maui Jim Red Sands Vs Oakley Holbrook

Maui Jim Red Sands and Oakley Holbrook are two different sunglasses from two different brands. The comparison table between them tells us what is best to use depending on the purpose of using:

FactorsMaui Jim Red Sands Oakley Holbrook
Color optionsUp to 5 color variantsMore than 15 variants
Lens height44 millimeters43.3 millimeters
Lens width59 millimeters56 millimeters
Polarized LensesYesNo
Material Nylon frame and Composite lensComposite frame and Plastic lens
Bridge: 17 millimeters17 millimeters
Durability and QualityHighly durable and excellent quality A bit cheap quality 
UV and Glare protectionYesUV yes, but not glare protected

Head To Head Comparison: Maui Jim Red Sands Vs Oakley Holbrook

Maui Jim Red Sands Vs Oakley Holbrook
Maui Jim Red Sands Vs Oakley Holbrook

It’s no doubt that both Maui Jim and Oakley are great brands. However, the Maui Jim Red Sands uses a special type of polarized coating for UV and glare protection, whereas Oakley Holbrook doesn’t have that feature. Here is a head-to-head difference between these two: 

Color options (Oakley Holbrook Wins)

Oakley Holbrook wins in this one. The glasses have more than 15 color variants, which is just insane. You can be a green person, red, blue, or whatever you want. On the other hand, the Maui Jim Red Sand has around 5 color variants. 

Uses and longevity (Maui Jim Red Sands Win)

Maui Jim Red Sands offers a longer-lasting tinted sunscreen compared to its competitor Oakley Holbrook. It has the highest SPF of any tinted sunscreen on the market. Its shade selection is more diverse than that of Oakley Holbrook, making it a better choice for people who have sensitive skin. 

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Durability and quality of material (Maui Jim Red Sands Win)

Red Sands outperform Holbrook by a large margin. The Oakley is just pure plastic and is thicker and heavier. This means that the Maui Jim Red Sands is less likely to split or crack if you drop it on the ground. It is also easier to apply than Holbrook.

UV and Glare protection (Maui Jim Red Sands Win)

UV rays can cause long-term damage to the skin. Acne scars caused by UV radiation often look pink or purple under the skin. Glare is especially a problem for those with dark skin. In terms of UV and glare protection, Maui Jim Red Sands beat out Oakley Holbrook. For the UV part of the test, Maui Jim Red Sands is pure polarized glass, and Holbrook is just pure plastic. 

Fitting and user types (User Preference)

Here it’s a draw. So you can decide who wins. The Oakley Holbrook will fit anyone with a big head, whereas the Maui Jim Red Sand is kinda like a one size fits all. Look at the table below: 

Lens height44 millimeters43.3 millimeters
Lens width59 millimeters56 millimeters
Bridge17 millimeters17 millimeters

Pricing (Oakley Holbrook Wins)

In this case, it’s hard to beat Oakley Holbrook. Turns out, they offer non-polarized sunglasses for a cheap price. The Red Sand from Maui Jim is always polarized and equipped with premium features. So, they cost about $100 more than regular Hokbrooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Maui Jim have a lifetime warranty?

Maui Jim does not offer a lifetime warranty. When you purchase an item from Maui Jim, your item comes with a 30-day guarantee and a 2-year limited warranty. After the two year period, your item is no longer covered by their warranty policy.

Who is Maui Jim owned by?

Kering Eyewear officially owns Maui Jim and its rights to production. According to Kerring, Kering Eyewear acquires the iconic U.S. eyewear brand Maui Jim in 2022.

Why are Maui Jim sunglasses so good?

The Maui Jim brand of sunglasses is good for many reasons. They block out harmful UV rays from the sun, they’re comfortable to wear, and they look great. In addition, they’re highly durable and can last for years with proper care.

Are Oakley better than Maui Jim?

Not in a million years. Maui Jim is a far superior eyewear brand to Oakley. All the lenses of Maui Jim are polarized, blocks 100% UV rays, are anti-glare, and are highly durable. On the other hand, only the premium glasses of Oakley are compatible with a Maui Jim. 

End Note

It’s not easy to say which brand is better than the other but in Maui Jim Red Sands Vs Oakley Holbrook, Maui has got their best output. 

You will be happy with this eyewear if you live in hot climates where it is important to wear shades that block harmful rays. If you are looking for something more stylish, then these would be a great choice.

Oakley is a clear choice if you want cheaper sunglass. Though they protect you against harmful UV rays, it isn’t top-notch quality. Maui Jim Red Sands are hard to beat, especially when you want pure user satisfaction.

This is all for now. See you later. 

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