Oakley Tincan Cap review

I have just discovered an exceptional product that combines both style and functionality: the Oakley Tincan Cap. Crafted with a curved brim and a moisture-wicking sweatband, this hat not only offers a contoured fit but also ensures lasting comfort. The closed back, made with stretch fabric, guarantees a secure fit every time you wear it. Adding to its charm, the solid metal ellipse logo at the crown of the hat represents the enduring legacy of the Oakley brand. With the Oakley Tincan Cap, you can effortlessly elevate your outfit while expressing your appreciation for timeless design.

Oakley Tincan Cap

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Why Consider This Product?

I’ve always been a fan of Oakley products, and the Oakley Tincan Cap is no exception. This hat offers so many great features and benefits that make it a must-have for anyone in need of a comfortable and stylish headwear option. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply running errands, the Tincan Cap has got you covered.

First and foremost, the curved brim of the Tincan Cap provides excellent sun protection. As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, I understand the importance of shielding my face and eyes from harmful UV rays. The curved brim does a fantastic job in blocking out the sun and ensuring that I can enjoy my activities without worrying about sunburn or glare.

Another impressive feature of the Tincan Cap is its moisture-wicking sweatband. It’s no secret that wearing a hat can cause sweat to accumulate, leading to discomfort and an unpleasant smell. However, with the Tincan Cap, I no longer have to worry about that. The moisture-wicking sweatband effectively absorbs and evaporates sweat, keeping my head dry and cool even during intense physical activities.

Lastly, the stretch fabric on the closed back of the cap provides a secure fit. I’ve had many hats in the past that were either too tight or too loose, leading to constant adjustments and discomfort. The stretch fabric ensures that the Tincan Cap fits snugly but not too tight, giving me peace of mind that it will stay in place no matter what I’m doing.

Overall, the Oakley Tincan Cap is a top-notch product that offers both style and functionality. With its curved brim, moisture-wicking sweatband, and secure fit, it’s a versatile hat that can be worn for any occasion.

Features and Benefits

Stylish Design

The Oakley Tincan Cap boasts a sleek and modern design that is sure to turn heads. The solid metal ellipse logo at the crown adds a touch of sophistication and serves as a symbol of Oakley’s durability and legacy. Whether you’re wearing it to the gym or out for a casual outing, this hat adds a stylish edge to any outfit.

Contoured Fit

One of the standout features of the Tincan Cap is its curved brim, which not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also offers a contoured fit. The curved brim provides excellent sun protection and ensures that the hat stays securely on your head even during high-intensity activities. It’s designed to mold to the shape of your head, providing maximum comfort and stability.

Moisture-wicking Sweatband

Nobody likes a sweaty head, and the Tincan Cap’s moisture-wicking sweatband addresses that issue perfectly. The sweatband is made from special materials that absorb sweat and allow for quick evaporation, keeping your head dry and cool even in the hottest conditions. Say goodbye to uncomfortable and smelly hats!

Stretch Fabric for Secure Fit

The closed back of the Tincan Cap is made from stretch fabric, which provides a secure and comfortable fit. The stretchiness allows the hat to adapt to the size of your head without feeling too tight or too loose. You can engage in any physical activity without worrying about the hat falling off or needing constant adjustments.

Long-lasting Durability

Oakley is renowned for its high-quality products, and the Tincan Cap is no exception. The use of premium materials ensures that this hat can withstand the test of time. The solid metal ellipse logo not only adds a stylish touch but also symbolizes the longevity and reliability of this iconic brand. Rest assured, this hat will serve you well for a long time.


In addition to its moisture-wicking sweatband, the Tincan Cap also features sweat-wicking properties in its fabric. This means that not only will your head stay dry, but the hat itself will also stay fresh and odor-free. It’s a win-win situation that guarantees comfort and confidence.

Oakley Tincan Cap

Get your own Oakley Tincan Cap today.

Product Quality

When it comes to product quality, Oakley is a brand that never disappoints. The Tincan Cap is no exception. I’ve owned various Oakley products over the years, and I can attest to their durability and longevity. The materials used in the construction of the Tincan Cap are of the highest quality, ensuring that it can withstand regular wear and tear.

One of the standout features of the Tincan Cap is its solid metal ellipse logo. This logo not only adds a touch of style but also symbolizes the durability and longevity of Oakley as a brand. It’s a statement piece that speaks to the exceptional quality that Oakley is known for.

Furthermore, Oakley products often come with a warranty, providing additional peace of mind for their customers. If any manufacturing defects or issues arise, you can rest assured knowing that Oakley will stand behind their product and take care of any necessary repairs or replacements.

In terms of overall construction, the Tincan Cap is expertly crafted with attention to detail. The stitching is precise, ensuring that the hat retains its shape and integrity even after prolonged use. The curved brim is reinforced, providing excellent sun protection without losing its shape.

Overall, the Tincan Cap exemplifies Oakley’s commitment to producing high-quality products. It’s a hat that you can rely on for its durability, comfort, and style.

What It’s Used For

Outdoor Activities

The Tincan Cap is perfect for various outdoor activities. Whether you’re going hiking, running, playing golf, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, this hat offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. The curved brim provides excellent sun protection, keeping your face and eyes shielded from harmful UV rays. The moisture-wicking sweatband ensures that you stay cool and dry, even during intense physical activities.

Sports and Fitness

If you’re into sports or fitness, the Tincan Cap is an excellent choice. Its contoured fit and secure stretch fabric make it perfect for high-intensity workouts or training sessions. The moisture-wicking sweatband keeps the sweat at bay, allowing you to focus on your performance without any distractions. From running to weightlifting, this hat is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Casual Wear

Even if you’re not engaging in any physical activity, the Tincan Cap is still a great addition to your wardrobe. Its stylish design and comfortable fit make it suitable for everyday casual wear. Pair it with jeans and a t-shirt for a laid-back look or dress it up with a button-up shirt for a more polished ensemble. The possibilities are endless, and the Tincan Cap adds a touch of sporty sophistication to any outfit.


When you’re on the go, it’s important to have a reliable and versatile hat that can adapt to different situations. The Tincan Cap is lightweight and easy to pack, making it an ideal travel companion. Whether you’re exploring a new city, going on a road trip, or lounging by the pool, this hat offers protection from the elements while ensuring that you look stylish and put together.

Everyday Use

Even if you’re just running errands or going about your daily routine, the Tincan Cap is a great option for everyday use. Its comfortable fit, sweat-wicking properties, and stylish design make it a practical and fashionable choice. Whether you’re headed to the grocery store, walking the dog, or meeting friends for coffee, this hat will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Oakley Tincan Cap

Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Brand Oakley
Style Baseball Cap
Material Polyester Blend with Stretch Fabric
Brim Style Curved
Closure Closed Back with Stretch Fabric
Sweatband Moisture-wicking, Sweat-wicking
Logo Solid Metal Ellipse Logo at the Crown
Sizes Available One Size Fits Most
Color Options Black, White, Gray, Navy Blue, Red
Care Instructions Hand wash or spot clean

Who Needs This

The Oakley Tincan Cap is suitable for anyone who values both style and functionality in their headwear. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a sports and fitness enthusiast, or someone who appreciates a versatile hat for everyday use, this cap will meet and exceed your expectations.

If you’re constantly exposed to the sun due to your job or hobbies, the Tincan Cap’s curved brim offers excellent sun protection. It will shield your face and eyes from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and aiding in glare reduction. This makes it an ideal choice for hikers, golfers, beachgoers, and anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors.

For sports and fitness enthusiasts, the Tincan Cap’s contoured fit, moisture-wicking sweatband, and secure stretch fabric are all advantageous. Whether you’re running, playing tennis, or hitting the gym, this hat will stay in place and keep you cool and dry throughout your activities.

If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable hat for everyday use, the Tincan Cap fits the bill. Its sleek design and solid metal ellipse logo add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Whether you’re running errands, meeting friends, or simply running out for a quick coffee, this hat will make you look put together and sporty.

Overall, the Oakley Tincan Cap caters to a wide range of individuals who appreciate high-quality headwear that is both stylish and functional.

Oakley Tincan Cap

Pros and Cons


  • Stylish and modern design
  • Excellent sun protection with curved brim
  • Moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking properties
  • Secure fit with stretch fabric
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Versatile for various activities and occasions
  • Easy to pack and travel with


  • Only available in one size fits most
  • Limited color options


Q: Is the Tincan Cap adjustable? A: Yes, the Tincan Cap features a stretch fabric on the closed back, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit that can adapt to different head sizes.

Q: Can the Tincan Cap be washed? A: The Tincan Cap is recommended to be hand washed or spot cleaned to maintain its quality and shape.

Q: What is the material of the Tincan Cap? A: The Tincan Cap is made from a polyester blend with stretch fabric, ensuring both comfort and durability.

Q: Is the Tincan Cap suitable for outdoor activities? A: Absolutely! The Tincan Cap’s curved brim provides excellent sun protection, making it perfect for various outdoor activities.

What Customers Are Saying

“I’ve been wearing the Oakley Tincan Cap for a few months now, and I must say it’s the best hat I’ve ever owned. The curved brim protects my face and eyes from the sun, which is crucial for someone like me who spends a lot of time outdoors. The moisture-wicking sweatband keeps me dry and cool, even during intense workouts. I also appreciate the secure fit provided by the stretch fabric on the closed back. Overall, this hat is stylish, comfortable, and functional.”

“I bought the Tincan Cap for my husband, who is an avid golfer. He absolutely loves it! The curved brim provides excellent shade on the golf course, and the moisture-wicking properties keep him comfortable even on hot days. It’s become his go-to hat for all outdoor activities.”

“I’ve been searching for a hat that combines style and practicality, and I finally found it with the Tincan Cap. The solid metal ellipse logo adds a nice touch, and the fit is perfect thanks to the stretch fabric. I’ve received so many compliments while wearing this hat.”

Overall Value

In my opinion, the Oakley Tincan Cap offers excellent value for its price. It combines style, functionality, and durability in one package. The attention to detail and high-quality construction ensure that this hat will last for a long time. Whether you’re using it for outdoor activities, sports, or everyday wear, the Tincan Cap delivers on its promises. The added benefits of sun protection, moisture-wicking, and secure fit make it a standout product in the market. If you’re in need of a versatile and reliable hat, I highly recommend giving the Oakley Tincan Cap a try.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • To maintain the shape and quality of the Tincan Cap, it’s recommended to hand wash or spot clean it rather than machine wash.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach when cleaning the cap, as this can damage the fabric and logo.
  • If the hat becomes dirty or stained, gently scrub the affected area using a mild detergent and water.
  • Allow the cap to air dry completely before storing or wearing it again.
  • If the hat becomes wrinkled, you can gently steam it or use a low-heat iron to remove the wrinkles. Make sure to place a cloth between the iron and the cap to protect the fabric.
  • Store the Tincan Cap in a cool and dry place to prevent mold or mildew growth.
  • Avoid exposing the cap to excessive heat or sunlight, as this can cause fading or damage to the fabric and logo.
  • Always check the care instructions provided by Oakley for the best maintenance practices.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Oakley Tincan Cap is a versatile and stylish hat that offers a multitude of features and benefits. Its curved brim provides excellent sun protection, while the moisture-wicking sweatband keeps you dry and cool. The stretch fabric on the closed back ensures a secure and comfortable fit, and the solid metal ellipse logo symbolizes Oakley’s longevity and reliability. Whether you’re engaging in outdoor activities, sports, or everyday use, the Tincan Cap is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Final Recommendation

As someone who appreciates quality headwear, I can confidently say that the Oakley Tincan Cap is worth every penny. Its combination of style, functionality, and durability make it a standout product in the market. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or simply looking for a stylish hat for everyday wear, the Tincan Cap has got you covered. With its superior sun protection, moisture-wicking properties, secure fit, and solid construction, it’s a hat that you can rely on for years to come. Don’t settle for less when it comes to headwear – give the Oakley Tincan Cap a try and experience the difference for yourself.

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