Prescription Glasses vs Transition Lenses (Know Before You Purchase One)

Prescription Glasses vs Transition Glasses

Are you poignantly seeking an answer to which one would be the best pick in prescription and transition glasses? On the assumption that you must read this article to enhance your apprehension on another level about glasses.

People who are newbies in the glasses world will deal with some awaking thing. Often they wanted to rid of wearing glasses.  But you know, some exclusive pairs of glasses can make you fall in love with them.  Nowadays, glasses have become so more imaginative.

When someone talks about the best eyeglasses, they will mention prescription glasses vs transition Lenses. Because now it becomes most trendy glasses. 

Prescription Glasses vs Transition Lenses

Prescription Glasses vs Transition Lenses : Which one should be your final pick?

Both glasses are doing fantastic. Still, not everyone can afford both. Especially for those readers, I am trying to find out the best and cheapest one.

Otherwise, you can choose Prescription glasses or transition Lenses according to your needs.

 Both glasses are enough excellent and valuable. Prescription glasses are mainly used for outdoor use, and transition glasses can be used outdoor and indoor frequently.

Transition Lenses have some features which make people buy them. It can change its color according to the weather. So, we can say transition glasses are the most cost-effective and useful too.

On the other hand, if you need glasses just for outdoor wearing, you can go for prescription glasses. But when you want to use it frequently, then go for transition glasses. 

What are Prescription Glasses?

Prescription Glass

The eyeglass prescriber (like the ophthalmologist) prescribes prescription glasses according to the patient’s needs.  Mainly it is an outdoor glasses.  If you buy prescription glasses, you will get visual correction and UV protection in one pair of glasses. It has everything you might want in your glasses. 

Prescription glasses will give you the things you need based on your state of vision.  It is mainly used to protect your eyes from sunlight.

Also when you are driving and the sunlight reflecting on your eyes, you can’t drive properly. In this situation, prescription glasses can be a blessing for you because it has a polarized lens which protects your eyes from sunlight. 

Sun heat is very harmful to our eyes. Even when the sun is not shining at all, it is still a threat to the health of your eyes.  You will need prescription glasses when your eyes need to change a measurable thing.  If you have trouble seeing objects from a distance, prescription glasses are recommended for you.

Advantage of Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses have several advantages :

  • Prescription glasses added some utility to your lifestyle more than you think.
  • The most beneficial advantage is that you shouldn’t carry extra glasses when you are outside(one is for regular wearing and another is for sun heat).
  • You are always tension-free when planning for travelling.
  • No matter wherever you are, sand, beach, Your prescription glasses will allow you everywhere. When you are under the sun heat, you won’t feel itchy and watery.
  • There are a huge variety of prescription glasses lenses.
  • You can get any tint you like in your glasses.
  • Frame and style are vital aspects for any eye wearer. And you will get every variance of frame and style available in the prescription glasses.

The Disadvantage of Prescription Glasses

Everything has some good sides and bad sides too. Prescription glasses also have some disadvantages lets know what’s they are:

  • There is no doubt prescription glasses are excellent for outdoor use, but when it is about indoor use, you should think once more. I mean, you will have to go for another pair of glasses when you think about having indoor glasses.
  • If cost Doesn’t exist, everything would have been so beautiful. Okay, please leave it to come to the point. Since prescription glasses have many advantages and eye-catchy features and ensure higher benefits, they can be costly.

What are Transition Lenses ?

Transition Lenses

Transition Lenses can change their color from one shade to another depending on sun exposure. It is a glass with various effects which can be changed when need. This is different from any other glasses for Its some aesthetic features.

For example, it has the power to work depending on the condition of light. Transition Lenses are superb for indoor use especially.

As we know, indoor and outdoor glasses are different. It has an adaptive lens that allows you for variable polarization. You have to wear sunglasses when you are outside to protect your eye from sun heat.

But When you are a transition Lenses wearer, you shouldn’t wear sunglasses cause transition Lenses will automatically turn into brown color when you are under the sun’s heat.

Because as you know brown sunglasses are perfect for protecting eyes from the sun heat. Even when you are in the dark, it will turn blue and which can make your eyes feel more comfortable. So, You are getting two pair glasses benefits in one pair of glasses.

Transition color glasses are known as eye health protectors. If you need glasses for both indoor and dark outdoor, then you can go for transition glasses. Besides, the most important thing is if you are a myopia patient then you will be prescribed transition Lenses by your eye doctor. Cause transition Lenses can avoid sun heat. 

Advantage of Transition Lenses

Indeed prescription glasses are less expensive than the total cost of prescription glasses and sunglasses. Because if you are using prescription glasses, then you won’t need sunglasses.

Before making your final decision, it would help to know about transition glasses advantage. Here’s the advantage of it.

  • Most eye wearers feel disturbing when they have to carry two pairs of glasses—also, carrying two types of glasses and maintaining them is impossible.
  • The moment when we go outside and forget sunglass is awaking and irritating. If you are a transition glasses wearer, then you shouldn’t worry about forgetting sunglasses.
  • Changing colour is a fantastic and magic trick. In these modern words looking attractive and unique is essential.
  • Eyes feel so comfortable no matter how the weather is.
  • It helps to reduce headaches and unwanted eye closing while stepping put.
  • It gives continuous UV protection.
  • You can select your favourite frame colour and style because it has so many options.
  • Transition glasses are less expensive than prescription glasses.

The Disadvantage of Transition Lenses

Transition glasses also have some disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages of transition Lenses:

  • You cant have a perfect Picture with transition glasses. It will look darker. So, for taking a perfect photograph, you have to remove the glasses first.
  • As we said earlier, transition Lenses are less expensive than prescription glasses. Also, it helps to save your money. Cause if you use transition glasses, you shouldn’t purchase sunglasses.

So, it will be the best one if you are searching for all-rounder but affordable glasses.


So, now we are in the last segment of this context. Here we discuss Prescription Glasses vs Transition Lenses. We also give you the chance of picking one if you are not eligible to buy both.

 Prescription glasses are undoubtedly a unique choice for outdoor wearing. But if you don’t like to carry extra glasses (I know no one likes to), transition glasses can be your final pick.

We already give you the details about both glasses. If you don’t think you can’t be satisfied with our decision, you can decide for yourself.

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