UV Protection Glasses Vs Blue Light Glasses (Which One Will Your Perfect Choice And Why)

UV Protection Glasses Vs Blue Light

Are you wondering what’s better? UV Protection Glasses Vs Blue light! Well, we are here to give you a clear and easy solution for your blue light and UV protection glasses.

So, what’s the catch?

Turns out, the sun emits harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which damage your eyes. This leads to conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection helps to block these harmful rays and protect your eyes.

On the other hand, blue light from electronic screens can also be harmful to your eyes. Give it a prolonged exposure to blue light, and dry eyes, headaches, and blurry vision aren’t far away. This is where blue light glasses kick in.

Today, we will see why and how we pick the right UV protection glasses and blue light glasses. Read more below.

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What Are UV Protection Glasses?

If you have clear vision and you want to protect your eyes, you should wear UV protection lenses/glasses. Many sunglasses have UV protection. 

So, what are UV protection glasses? 

UV protection glasses are eyeglasses or sunglasses that have special coatings that filter out ultraviolet (UV) light.

There are different levels of UV protection available, and they usually start with prescription glasses or sunglasses. So, you need to choose them carefully. 

What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue light is a form of visible light that has a wavelength of around 450-495 nm. The human eye is most sensitive to this type of light, which is why too much blue light causes your eyes to hurt after staring at it. 

Blue light-blocking glasses are specialized glasses designed to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches the eye. These are available in two different types: prescription glasses and glasses with built-in filters.

Blue light can have a negative impact on your body by disrupting sleep cycles. So, using a blue light filter should block the most harmful blue light affecting your eyes. 

UV Protection Glasses Vs Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Comparison Table

Comparison UV Protection GlassesBlue Light Blocking Glasses
Light spectrum block100-400 nanometer 450 and 495 nanometers
UV protection100%Some UV light 
Blue light No protectionYes
Light distortionYesNo
Use for sleep imbalanceNoYes (Recommended)
Eye strain YesYes
Anxiety and stress reliefOnly under sunlightAll day long
Reducing the risk of depressionNoYes

UV Protection Glasses Vs Blue Light Blocking Glasses Head To Head Comparison

UV Protection Glasses Vs Blue Light Blocking Glasses Head To Head Comparison

UV protection glasses usually use a coating called tri-filter on the lenses that block harmful ultraviolet light and protect your eyes from sunburns. Whereas, Blue light is just a regular coating. UV glasses are a bit more expensive than Blue light ones.

Here is a complete comparison:

Light Spectrum blocking

Although both glasses come under the same category but having different properties is the difference. UV protection glasses block 100-400 Nanometers whereas blue light-blocking glasses block 450-495 nanometers.

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Indoor and outdoor use

You should always choose a good set of UV protection glasses if you plan to work outdoors, for instance when you are painting your house. Also, they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. In contrast, blue light-blocking glasses should be chosen if you are planning to work in front of computers or mobile phones. 

Eye strain (Use blue light filter glasses)

The glasses that block blue light give you better vision. You will have to put up with a bit of eye strain and a feeling of darkness in front of your eyes when you use these blue light-blocking glasses.

Sunray block

UV Protection Glasses protect your eyes from harmful effects of solar radiation like sunburn, aging, skin cancer, cataracts, etc. In contrast, Blue Light blocking glasses help to prevent eye strain, improve sleep and reduce headaches.

Anxiety and stress relief

Although UV protection glasses do provide better eye comfort, the use of blue light-blocking glasses can help you reduce eye fatigue and also improve your overall mental health by relieving anxiety and stress.


Is It Ok To Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses All Day?

Yes, it’s ok to wear light-blocking glasses all day. It’s not harmful to your eyes. Plus, if you have dark-tinted sunglasses, the lenses will still help you see in daylight. However, if you have a headache, avoid wearing glasses too much.

Do All Glasses Have Blue Light Protection?

Not all of them include blue light protection. However, there are some companies that are now making glasses with blue light protection for people who spend a lot of time staring at screens. If you are worried about the amount of blue light exposure you are getting, you may want to look into getting a pair of these glasses.

Do All Smartphones And Computer Screens Emit Blue Light?

All smartphones and computer screens emit blue light, but the amount varies by device and screen technology. In general, newer phones and tablets have brighter screens that emit more blue light, while older phones and laptops have less blue light.

End Note

A pair of UV glasses is an excellent thing to wear outdoors. They protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Moreover, they also prevent eye fatigue and allow you to look through the rearview mirror more clearly.

In fact, the human body is very susceptible to these kinds of radiation. They can trigger skin cancer and other forms of diseases.

On the flip side, some people may prefer to wear blue light glasses. They are less obvious than UV protection glasses. But can protect you from computer blue light, which can cause stress and anxiety. 

So, if you feel your view is being hindered by the UV filter, you can always opt for a pair of blue light glasses.

But hey, between UV protection Glasses Vs blue light the choice is yours. Good luck

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