Best Costa Lens Color For Driving – What To Look For? 

Best Costa Lens Color For Driving

Since Costa has 7 different lens colors, you might want to know about the best Costa lens color for driving. 

Don’t lose hope!

Because you’re going to see which lens color is the best for driving and why you should pick that particular lens instead of picking the rest of the 6 lens colors.

Note: in addition to sharing this, I’ve also mentioned some points to consider before selecting the perfect lens color for driving. 

So stay tuned!

Best Costa Lens Color For Driving: Pick up the best color

Among Costa’s seven different lenses, Costa recommends the Copper lens for driving because it can block 88% of lights, and allows 12% of lights in. additionally, it has a color enhancement feature to allow seeing everything clearly when driving. 

Do you want to know what to consider before selecting a suitable Costa lens for driving? Follow the rest!

Best Costa Sunglasses for Driving

Best Costa Sunglasses for Driving

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What To Look For When Selecting The Best Costa Color Lens For Driving?

Note Color matters in lenses but unless you know about the features of the lenses, you shouldn’t rely on the color only.

When it comes to driving, there are a few key factors to consider when selecting the best Costa lenses for the job. 

In general, you might want to use a lens that offers a wide field of view, good light transmission, and polarized and color-enhanced features. Here are a few specific things to look for.

Field of View

Field of View

One of the most important factors when driving with a sunglass is the field of view. 

See all the Costa lenses and find one that offers a wide field of view so you can see as much of the road as possible. 

Although this isn’t related to the lens color, make sure the Costa lens you’re going to buy is wide because it is important when driving in traffic or in low-light conditions.

Light Transmission

Light Transmission

Another important factor to consider is light transmission. You’ll want a lens that offers good light transmission so you can see clearly in all conditions. 

Color Enhancement

Color Enhancement

Costa doesn’t sell any lenses without the color enhancement feature because they use the 580 lens technology with all of their sunglasses. 

A color enhancement feature helps the lens to boost the color. In that way, the wearer can see everything better than his/her normal eyes.



Since driving is considered an outdoor task, whatever colored lens you’re going to pick doesn’t matter, it should be polarized. 

The good news is that Costa only sells polarized lenses. So you don’t have to worry about this particular feature. 

Now let’s see how we can find all of these mentioned features in Costa Copper lenses.

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Costa Copper Lenses For Driving

Costa Copper Lenses For Driving

The Costa copper lens is specially made for sight fishing, driving, and everyday activities. 

The lenses are 100% polarized and come with color-enhancing 580 technology. Compared to other Costa lenses, Copper lenses can transmit 12% of light. 

Two lens materials are available for the Costa copper lenses, glass, and plastic. So if you’re looking for a lightweight lens, you can go with a plastic one that will be suitable for long-time driving.

The copper lenses can cut glare for eye comfort in multiple conditions. So long-term driving within different road and weather conditions.

As you can see, all the required features for becoming the best Costa lens for driving are available in this copper lens. 

However, what about the wide field of view? 


When you pick a sunglass from Costa with the copper lens, just make sure the lens width and height are wide. 

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However, since Costa sunglasses come with ideal sizes depending on the frame sizes, you can skip this part and consider the rest of the features. 

So, what are you thinking? Should you go with the Costa copper lens for driving? 

If you finish the article from start to finish, you’ll be forced to pick this lens as the copper lenses are the only options for driving among the 7 different options.

Apart from this, the best costa lens color for everyday use is also copper. So your purpose can be two with the same lens color from Costa and protecting your eyes during driving and outdoor activities will be easier. 


It can be a little confusing to find out the best Costa lens color for driving because you’ve 7 different options. 

Costa answered the question and made the copper lenses for driving. You can pick a sunglass that is connected with the copper lenses and start driving 

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