Best Costa Sunglasses For Big Heads

Best Costa Sunglasses For Big Heads (Men and Women)

Do you have a large head and worry about getting the best Costa sunglasses for big heads? 

Hey folk, don’t be upset because Costa has the solution for large head owners and that’s what I’m going to cover today. 

Note: Costa has some hand-counted models that are suitable for big face shapes, and you’ll get the list after reading a guide on how do I find my Costa glasses for big heads.

So it’s necessary to read the guide first and then explore the rest of the reviews about Costa’s large head-friendly sunglasses. 

Best Costa Sunglasses Types

Sunglasses like Ferg, Rincon, Permit, Baffin, and Fisch from Costa are suitable for men with large heads, and Spearo, Panga, Apalach, Waterwoman 2, Caldera, and Spearo would be the best pick for women with large heads.

Remember, the suggestions above are based on my personal research from Costa’s official site and even Costa suggests them for these needs.

I just broke down the review to save you time and gave a small suggestion. If you have more time, read the guide first and see every single part of the sunglasses that fit big heads.

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How Do I Find My Costa Glasses For Big Heads?

There are three major things you need to have in your consideration when finding Costa sunglasses for big heads:

Frame Width: 

How Do I Find My Costa Glasses For Big Heads?

The frame width is the most important thing that you should look for when buying the best sunglasses for large face shapes

According to the Oakley forum, when finding a sunglass for a big head, the frame should be at least 130mm in width.

Note: All our reviewed Costa sunglasses on this page have passed the minimum requirement for the frame width, meaning all are over 130mm. 

Temple Arm Length: 

How Do I Find My Costa Glasses For Big Heads?

This is also important for large heads because if the Costa sunglass you’re going to buy is short in temple arms, they will not reach your ears.

A Costa sunglass with 125-130mm temple arms will be considered the ideal size for large sizes. So mark this point.

Lens Size:

How Do I Find My Costa Glasses For Big Heads?

Large heads always require wide lenses to make a balance between the face shape and sunglass. So the Costa sunglass’s lens should be wider. 

Fit: Costa always mentioned the overall fit of every single model so that customers can get an idea about where the product will fit and where not. 

A fit in a sunglass is data that determines the total amount of face coverage for the frame size.

Since you have a large head, you can go with a Costa sunglass that offers either a wide fit or a regular fit.

Pro Tips: If you already have a sunglass, look at the temple arms, know the measurement, and then check the measurement when buying a sunglass from Costa. You should try to match the same size if possible.

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5 Best Costa Sunglasses Collection list for Big Heads Women

As I’ve mentioned, the Costa Spearo, Panga, Apalach, Waterwoman 2, and Caldera sunglasses are recommended models for women with large heads.

Let’s review every mentioned model individually and help you make the right decision on Costa sunglasses for women with oversized heads.

1. Costa Panga

costa panga women's sunglasses

Planning for kayaking and fishing? The Costa Panga sunglasses can be what you’re thinking now.

Costa said that Panga is only available with a large frame for women constructed with tri-fusion bio-resin materials. 

It offers a secure and high Bridge Fit, which means it will go perfectly on women’s faces with large high nose bridges and lower cheekbones. 

The 580 plastic and glass lenses that are available with this sunglass are scratch resistant and durable for long-lasting performance. 

The built-in hinge and CAM systems make it easier for wearers to use it more comfortably on their large faces.

2. Costa Spearo Sunglass

costa sunglasses spearo xl

If you’re a woman with large head size and are looking for an ideal Costa sunglass, Spearo can be a go-to option. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the water or near the water, the Costa Spearo will act as a cool performer and ensure full protection of your eyes and also help you see everything clearly due to the color-boosted feature. 

The frame is incredibly light and the overall design seems like something solid and well-built. 

Apart from these, Spearo is even more comfortable as the ear stems have a rubberized coating on the underside. 

Seven different lens colors are available with plastic and glass materials. Know your requirements and then go with either a 580G or 580P lens.

3. Costa Apalach

costa del mar apalach sunglasses

The Costa Apalach is considered an extra-large sunglass with a 138 mm frame width, and 145 mm temple arm’s length. 

The polarized 100% UV protection lenses are fully eye-protected. The smooth spring hinge helps sunglass wearers by providing a more comfortable fit and preventing the glasses from slipping. 

It will fit regular large-sized women’s faces, and the slim frame with the color-enhancing technology will support you to carry the glass and see everything perfectly and clearly. 

4. Water woman 2

costa waterwoman 2 sunglasses

What do you think about the Costa Waterwomen after seeing the name? Doesn’t it seem like something that is created only for working on the water? 

The name “Waterwomen” directly indicates that this is a particular model that can go with women who work on the water. 

The design, shape, and color patterns are women-suitable. It’s a wide-fit sunglass that comes with a large lens front design, which means it will cover a greater portion of a large face shape. 

5. Costa Caldera Sunglass

caldera costa del mar sunglasses

Costa said that Caldera comes with uniquely textured temples with interior rubber temple grips to make it more comfortable for women with large heads. 

It has a smoothly marked tumbled finish with the frame, making it attractive in the eyes of women. 

Although most Costa sunglasses are available with glass and plastic lenses, there are only plastic lenses available with this Caldera. 

Aside from that, there are only two frame colors that are ready for use, Net gray with blue rubber, and net gray with gray rubber. 

Note: I just highlighted the core features of these sunglasses for women with large heads, and since features such as the 580 lens technology, durable frame, and polarized lenses are included within all models, I tried to skip these!

5 Best Costa Sunglasses Collection list for Big Heads Men

Having a large head and worrying about getting the best Costa sunglasses for your big head? 

Here’s the list of suitable sunglasses for that particular requirement:

1. Costa Ferg Sunglasses

costa del mar ferg sunglasses

Guess what’s the special feature that the Costa Ferg sunglass offers? With all the basic Costa features, it comes with an additional feature named “Adjustable Nose Pads”. 

You can adjust the nose pads based on your nose size. For a large head, having adjustable nose pads can be useful to keep the frame in the right position for a long-time performance. 

The integrated textured Hydrolite rubber allows smooth opening and closing motion for added safety.

The lenses are 100% polarized and if you want to use the Costa Ferg sunglasses for long-term activities on the water, try to pick the 580P lenses, and for a short-term need, the 580G will support you well.

2. Costa Rincon Sunglasses

cheap costa Rincon sunglasses

There are no adjustable nose pads with this model but it offers a high bridge fit that is a more secure and enjoyable fit for those with a high nose bridge. 

The Costa’s co-injected frame is produced using the eco-friendly bio-resin process and is ready to tackle cold and hot weather on the water.

It can be your go-to pick for everyday use or driving purposes because it is available with copper lenses. Apart from it, you can also buy any lenses you want from the available seven options.

It also offers a free-return opportunity for those who will not be happy after buying this model and would like to return it. Costa will accept it carefully. Costa Permit Sunglasses

men's costa permit sunglasses

Are you working under very bright sunlight or do you want to protect your eyes when offshore fishing? 

The Costa Permit sunglasses are standing on the market for these requirements. However, your budget should be higher to have this model in your pocket. 

The permit has flexible hinges and co-injected Hydrolite. The 580G lenses offer scratch-proof clarity. 

The most noticeable feature of the Costa permit sunglasses is the vents on each side of the frame. These will allow ventilation.

Tips: Select the blue mirrored lenses because these lenses have the best glare reflection, making them the best option for wearing while out on the boat in the water. 

The frame width is around 140 mm, and the temple arm length is 125 mm. However, the nose bridge width is only 16 mm. So if you’re a big-head owner with a narrow nose, consider this one. 

4. Costa Baffin Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Baffin Sunglasses

Something special is waiting for you if you decide to purchase the Costa Baffin sunglasses. 

Among all the mentioned models today, this one comes from the Costa Untangled collection where frames are made of 90% to 100% recycled fishing nets. 

The C-wall coating offers an extra scratch-resistance ability. At the same time, that C-Wall also gives a barrier that repels water, sweat, and oil for hassle-free lens cleaning. 

5. Costa Fisch Sunglasses

fisch costa del mar sunglasses

A sunglass that has a water drop design on the nose and temples to make sure that you’re going to get an added grid. 

The Costa Fisch sunglasses are all about making you happy when you’re on the water with a large head. 

Since the frame is wrapped with rubberized material, it will remain aligned in all tough conditions. 

It’s equipped with a fully non-slip hydro lite lining, and like the previous model “Baffin”, it also three-hole venting system and polarized features. 

Best Costa Sunglasses For Big Heads Teenagers

Costa is only focusing on producing sunglasses for adults but that doesn’t mean that teenagers are out of their reach. 

If you’re a teenager or have a boy/girl aged thirteen to nineteen, you can go with any of these mentioned Costa models. 

According to my research, you can consider these options for teenagers with oversized heads: 

Best Costa Sunglasses For Big Heads Old Age People

Above-stated, Costa is a company that makes sunglasses for men and women and there is no age restriction to use them. 

Depending on your personal preference and requirements, you can go with any sunglass you want. 

Although old aged people shouldn’t use Costa sunglasses because people of that age group suffer from many eye issues, and they are required to wear prescription lenses depending on their eye conditions. 

According to Statista, approximately 86.7% of US citizens aged between 18-34 years wear sunglasses in their daily life. 

So if you’re an old person and you think that you don’t have any issues with your eyes, you can still think about getting new Costa sunglasses (It can be any model depending on your face size). 

For aged women with large heads, Costa sunglasses such as Costa Panga, Spearo Sunglass, Apalach, Waterwoman 2, and Caldera would be the best picks. 

For old-aged men with big heads, you can look at the Costa Ferg, Rincon, Permit, Baffin, and Fisch


What Are The Biggest Costas?

Apart from making medium and large-sized sunglasses, Costa also released their biggest sunglasses such as Panga (XXL), and Spearo(XXL). Both models are the best for oversized heads.

What Size Glasses Do I Need For A Big Head?

A sunglass for a big head should have a large frame (The width should be at least 55mm), and bigger temple arms ( 140mm or more ). The rest of the features can rely on your personal needs such as lens color, material, and frame color.

Do Costas Come In Different Sizes? 

Costa only made one frame size for one sunglass. Although most sunglass-producing brands manufacture different frame sizes for one model, Costa offers only one size instead of creating multiple sizes for a specific model. 

How Can I Enlarge My Sunglasses?

Remember, you can only enlarge your sunglasses if the frame of the sunglasses is made of Plastic material. Simply use your hairdryer in an ideal setting and heat the bridge of the frame to enlarge it. 

Final Verdict

No matter which brand you like in the sunglasses industry, finding the right pair of sunglasses for your oversized head can be a little confusing.

However, it comes to getting the best Costa sunglasses for big heads, you might have some direct solutions. 

Costa already introduced some models that are completely suitable for large heads, and these are already shared in this review. 


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