Best Costa Sunglasses For Freshwater Fishing (Buying Guide)

Best Costa Sunglasses For Freshwater Fishing

Have you ever wondered if wearing Costa sunglasses while fishing on the freshwater can help you to see much clearer than your normal eyes?

Then what are the best Costa sunglasses for freshwater fishing, and which lens should you pick out of 7 different options? 

Want to get suggestions and tips on selecting the right pair of sunglasses for freshwater fishing? 

Explore the rest!

Before you see each Costa sunglass review, see the comparison table and get a quick idea.

Sunglass NameFrame MaterialLens MaterialAdjustable Nose PadsFit
TUNA ALLEY PROInjected PlasticGlass and PlasticYesRegular
Blackfin ProPlasticOnly GlassYesRegular
Rincon Sunglassescastor plant bio-based resinGlass and PlasticNoRegular
Costa Fantail Bio-Based NylonGlass and PlasticNoNarrow
Costa FERG Bio-Resin nylonGlass and PlasticYesRegular
Costa LoretoMetalGlass and PlasticNoNarrow
Costa Waterwoman Bio-resin frame material,Glass and PlasticNoRegular
Costa IslaAcetate Only GlassNoRegular
Costa GannetBio-Based NylonGlass and PlasticNoRegular

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Best Costa Sunglasses For Freshwater Fishing

Costa has multiple collections and sunglasses from their Del Mar collection are ready to use for freshwater fishing. Some popular models are Tuna Alley, Blackfin, Fantail, Brine, And Rincon.

Knowing some direct answers on which is the best Costa sunglasses for freshwater isn’t enough.

Since you’ll catch fish in different weather conditions such as low-light, bright-light, and sunrise moments, selecting the right Costa lens is essential. 

Let’s pick the right lens before selecting the sunglasses for freshwater fishing. 

The Right Costa Lenses For Fishing in different Conditions

When choosing the Costa lens for fishing, color is the only thing that needs to be considered. 

The lens material can be either plastic or glass. However, the fact is selecting the lens color. 

Costa offers more than 6 lens colors made of two primary materials. The colors are: 

  1. Blue Mirror
  2. Green Mirror
  3. Gray Silver Mirror
  4. Copper Silver Mirror
  5. Gray
  6. Copper
  7. Sunrise Silver Mirror

Among the above-shared lens colors, you’re always free to pick your preferred lens for a specific task. Now let’s see the right lens color for different weather conditions.

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Ideal Costa Lens Color To Use in Brightest Light Conditions For Freshwater Fishing

Ideal Costa Lens Color To Use in Brightest Light Conditions For Freshwater Fishing
Costa Sunglasses For Freshwater Fishing

It’s not even my suggestion, Costa directly suggests the Gray lens for those who are looking for the best lenses to use in the brightest light conditions for freshwater fishing. 

However, you can also be interested in either the gray silver mirror or blue mirror lenses. 

But you have to make sure that the lens you’re going to select has a gray base. Since you’ll find a gray base in the blue and gray silver mirror lenses, try these lenses as well. 

Good Costa Lens colors to Use in changing light conditions for Freshwater Fishing

Good Costa Lens colors to Use in changing light conditions for Freshwater Fishing
Costa Sunglasses For Freshwater Fishing

If you’re planning for fishing in freshwater under weather where lights can change from time to time, using a copper-silver mirror lens or a green lens with a copper base would be the best deal.

These lenses offer a higher visual contrast and vision clarity to see everything clearly for outdoor fishing activities.

Copper base lenses are the best options for activities like inshore saltwater fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing, or any sight fishing. 

Costa Low-light Supported Lens Colors For Freshwater Fishing

Costa Low-light Supported Lens Colors For Freshwater Fishing
Costa Sunglasses For Freshwater Fishing

Have a fishing place where you notice low-light conditions and looking for the best Costa lens color? 

Costa has the solution. The silver mirror lens color is something that will perfectly go for that purpose. 

Due to its highest light transmission rate, the Costa silver mirror lens will ensure your eye’s maximum protection even on cloudy days. 

Note: Your lens color selection should end here as you’ve done a complete guide on the best lens for freshwater fishing in multiple weather conditions. 

Another Note: Don’t think about the Costa frame. Depending on your personal preference, frames should be selected. 

Tips: For fishing in freshwater, you should select a frame that is made of plastic instead of metal material. It would be more lightweight for a long-term fishing project.

5 Best Costa Sunglasses For Freshwater Fishing – For Men

The Costa sunglasses you’re going to see are suitable for men, and some of them are also suggested for women as well.



Start with a model from the Costa Del MarCollection. The Tuna Alley Pro is an updated version of Tuna Alley with a universal fit nose bridge, meaning it will accommodate most face shapes. 

Most parts of this sunglass have been updated such as the frame (with an updated vent mechanism), hydro lite rubber, top hooding, metal keeper slots, and adjustable nose pads. 

The regular fit is going to cover your average portion of the face, and the polarized lens with UV protection feature will support you for a full day of eye security during your fishing on the freshwater.

Give it a try if you’re planning for fishing in freshwater under bright light conditions.

2. Costa Del Mar Men’s Blackfin Pro Rectangular Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Men's Blackfin Pro Rectangular Sunglasses

Another model from Costa Del Mar is named Blackfin pro. Available in both, green and blue mirror lenses. 

The Blackfin Pro is made in the USA with plastic material and crystal lens, and polarized feature for freshwater fishing. 

With Anti-Reflective Coating, Mirror Coating, UV protection coating, and scratch-resistant coating, the lens will work as a great protector for your eyes while fishing on the sea. 

The frame is considered a regular option for mid-sized regular faces. The high bridge fit will be suitable for those with a high nose bridge and lower cheekbones. 

3. Costa Rincon Sunglasses

Costa Rincon Sunglasses

A well-contractured frame that is made by following the resin process, making it eco-friendly for our environment. 

The lenses are 20% thinner and almost 22% lighter compared to other polarized glass lenses. 

So if you’re looking for a Costa sunglass with lightweight lenses and eco-friendly that will be suitable for long-term fishing in the freshwater, make sure you’ve tried it. 

If you pick the glass lens, it will be more scratch-proof than plastic lenses. However, you may feel more weight when using glass lenses. 

I will suggest you pick lightweight lenses for fishing in freshwater because you need a long-time performer. 

4. Costa Del Mar Men’s Fantail Rectangular Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Men's Fantail Rectangular Sunglasses

The Costa Men’s Fantail sunglasses are highly suggested for those men who are interested in fishing in freshwater. 

The acetate frame, 580 lens technology, and polarized feature are great combinations for a sunglass to become an attractive addition.

The temple arm is 127mm, the lens width and height are 59/38mm, and the nose bridge is 14mm. 

 Both glass and plastic lenses are available with this model, and even you can find them in multiple frame colors. 

According to a customer from Amazon, apart from the plastic lens, the glass lenses are also thin and lightweight as well. 

Additionally, the rubber strip on the bottom of the glass will create a safe grip on your hand during your carrying time. 

This model is going to be the best Costa sunglasses for freshwater fishing, and also for low light or overcast conditions.

5. Costa Del Mar FERG Square Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar FERG Square Sunglasses

A bright-light suitable model for both men and women for sight and freshwater fishing in full sunlight. The enhanced vision and high contrast for fishing on flats and even inshore. 

The durable frame will support you the whole day during the fishing time and the 580 lens technology with polarized feature-enabled lenses will protect and boost your eye’s seeing capacity for a fresh view. 

It has many more features such as the built-in textured Hydrolite rubber, vented adjustable nose pads, and smooth coloring fishing on the frame. 

The overall fit of this Costa Del Mar Freg sunglass is regular. However, if you want to cover an average portion of your face, the medium lens front design will help you out. 

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5. Best Costa Sunglasses For Freshwater Fishing – Women 

So far, you’ve seen sunglasses for men. Now see the models that are going to be the best options for women. 

1. Costa Loreto 6S4006 Pilot Sunglasses for Women

Costa Loreto 6S4006 Pilot Sunglasses for Women

Starting with an advanced Costa Women-friendly sunglass named Loreto 6S4006 Pilot. Costa calls it an advanced sports performance model. 

With an innovative vented spring hinge system, the frame will be able to maximize airflow and boost fit.

No adjustable nose pads are found with this model of Costa sunglass but the high bridge fit will offer a more safe and more comfortable feel for women with high nose bridges and lower cheekbones. 

It comes with a Designer iWear Complimentary Care Kit that includes a designer iWear 1-ounce spray bottle, screwdriver, and a folded microfiber cloth. 

2. Costa Anaa Pillow Sunglasses for Women

Costa Anaa Pillow Sunglasses for Women

A small-sized cute Costa sunglass for women with small facial shapes.  Whether you spend a lot of time on the freshwater for fishing or just work on the water for a living, this one might be an essential option. 

Although the size is considered small, the nose bridge is high, so if your face is small but your nose is a little bit high and has lower cheekbones, consider purchasing it asap. 

The cute frame with shiny black-on-brown color will go with your outfit and make you more stylish in front of others. Other colors such as Cream, Mint, and Shiny Olive on Black are also available. 

3. Costa Waterwoman Pillow Sunglass

Costa Waterwoman Pillow Sunglass

As the name suggests, the Costa Waterwomen pillow sunglass is specially made for women with a high passion for fishing on the water or doing work outdoors. 

While Costa said it would be a better option for women, why are you waiting? Just see the available frame and lens colors, and the sizes as well.

The good news is that there are 6 different frame colors available and lenses such as Gray, Copper Silver Mirror, Gray Silver Mirror, Blue Mirror, Green Mirror, Copper Silver Mirror, and Blue Mirror are on your way. 

This is a medium-sized Costa sunglass for women for freshwater fishing with a high nose bridge fit. 

The frame width is around 131.2mm, the bridge width is 18mm, the lens width & height are 56.6mm/44.7mm, and the temple arm length is almost 132mm. 

4. Costa Del Mar Women’s Isla Round Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Women's Isla Round Sunglasses

Whether you’re going to buy sunglass from Costa or another brand like Ray-Ban, you should consider the frame type depending on your face shape. 

Since the Costa Del Mar Isla sunglass is designed with a rounded face, it would be suitable for women with rectangular, oblong, or oval face shapes. 

One disadvantage that I found is the lens availability. The only glass lens is available with the Costa Del Mar Isla round sunglasses. However, more than 3 frame colors are within your reach. 

5. Costa Del Mar Women’s Gannet Rectangular Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Women's Gannet Rectangular Sunglasses

The five-number sunglass from Costa is a Del Mar Gannet sunglass with a rectangular shape. 

According to a sunglass with a rectangle frame shape will be suitable for oval, round, and diamond face shapes. 

It features Hydrolite™ nose pads that will bring some extra comfort when using it for a long time for freshwater fishing or any other tasks outdoors. 

On the sunglass arms at the end part, you’ll see some water drop-shaped epoxy fills. These have enhanced the sunglass arm’s beauty.

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How To Use a Costa Sunglass Perfectly When Fishing In Freshwater?

How To Use a Costa Sunglass Perfectly When Fishing In Freshwater?
Costa Sunglasses For Freshwater Fishing

Costa sunglasses are the perfect choice for fishing in freshwater because it offers 100%UV protection, glare reduction, flexible and durable frame for a tight fit.

It also has a special polarized lens that eliminates reflected light and enhances contrast, making it easier to see beneath the water’s surface. 

To get the most out of your Costa sunglass, follow these tips:

  • Choose the right frame for your face. The sunglasses should fit snugly and comfortably without slipping or causing pressure points.
  • Adjust the temple arms so they don’t rest on your cheeks or earlobes.
  • If possible, try on the sunglasses before you buy them to make sure the lens is the right size and shape for your eyes.
  • When fishing, keep the sunglasses close to your face to reduce the amount of light that can enter from the sides.

Pro Tips: Clean the lens with a soft, dry cloth before and after each use. You’ll get a lens and frame cleaning cloth when buying a Costa sunglass from an authentic Costa dealer. 

With these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your Costa sunglasses while fishing in freshwater.

Why Should You Buy Costa Sunglasses For Freshwater Fishing?

When it comes to freshwater fishing, you need a good pair of sunglasses to help you spot fish in the water. 

But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to choose the right pair. That’s why I recommend Costa sunglasses. Here’s why:

Reason 01: They’re designed specifically for fishing. Costa sunglasses are designed to help you see through the water, so you can spot fish that other anglers might miss.

Reason 02: Costa sunglasses are built to last. They are made from tough materials that can withstand being dropped, scratched, and even stepped on.

Reason 03: Standard look. Not only will Costa sunglasses help you see better, but they’ll also make you look good while you’re doing it.


Which Costa lens is best for fishing?

Costa copper silver, blue or green mirror lenses will be the best for fishing but you have to make sure that the mentioned lenses have a gray base because a gray base offers great support on both cloudy and sunny days, and also offers anti-fatigue benefits.

What Is The Best Lens Color For Freshwater Fishing?

The copper lens color is Costa’s suggested lens color for fishing in fresh and saltwater. The green mirror lens is best for both water fresh and saltwater, and the blue mirror is the ideal lens for open-water fishing. 

What Sunglasses Help You See Fish In The Water?

A lens with a polarized feature is perfect for seeing in the water when fishing. When you have polarized sunglasses on your face, the sunglasses will reduce the harmful glare produced by the sunlight. 

What Are Green Costa Lenses For?

Costa green lenses can be used for multiple jobs such as sight fishing in full sunlight, and any outdoor activities. 

Do Polarized Sunglasses Make A Difference When Fishing?

Polarized sunglasses help you by stopping harmful elements created by the sun. A polarized-enabled sunglasses acts like a filter with your eyes and helps you see everything in a clear view on the water when fishing. 


Fishing time can be something difficult if you’re not ready with the right tools and dress up. Sunglasses are an essential tool for fishing in freshwater. 

Since Costa is a brand that has a reputation for producing sunglasses for fishing, your idea of buying the best Costa sunglasses for freshwater fishing was quite logical. 

From many options, I’ve shown the best lens suggestions, tips, and reviews in this post today. 

Just consider your face size, style, and your choice of color, and frame style. After that, make the right decision on which model would be better for you based on your price range. 

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