18 Best Glasses For Narrow Face (Find the Perfect Frames for Small Faces)

Best Glasses For Narrow Face

Most eyeglasses wearers change their pair every three years because unfortunately, they pick the wrong frame that doesn’t fit with their face, and they lose hope.

If you’re a narrow-faced person, don’t make the same mistake and follow our review of the best glasses for Narrow faces. 

From selecting the best frame shape to giving you a good guide on buying the perfect one, this post will be quite interesting for people with narrow faces. 

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How do I know if I have a narrow face?

Narrow is just a term that refers to a face length that is bigger than its wide, and at the same time, the face type is thin. Such people are rarely seen but if you’re one of them, be patient!

After measuring your face height and width, if you notice that the height is much longer than the width, no doubt that your face is narrow.

What Kind Of Glasses Look Good On A Narrow Face?

What Kind Of Glasses Look Good On A Narrow Face?
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Look, we’re trying to give you some ideas according to our analysis. So don’t get our guide as a rulebook, and you have your own preferred frame. Try that one because your own preferred style will make you happy. 

Most glasses will be too wide on your narrow face. So you have to select such a frame that will fit your face. 

We suggest you pick a frame that has a perfect balance between its width and length. The frame width should be larger than your face width to look balanced on your narrow face. 

Some of the ideal frame types are oval frames, Rectangular frames, and classic cat-eye frames to meet the requirements. But the most popular frames are rectangular and cat-eye.

Frames That You Should Avoid For Your Narrow Face

In addition to knowing the best frame for your narrow face, you should also know about avoiding some frame types when selecting the ideal one. 

Clubmaster and semi-rimless frames are not good for narrow faces. If you love them already, try to avoid them without any question because they will make your narrow face longer.

Trendy 18 Best Glasses For Narrow Face

9 Glasses with Cat-eye Frames 

1. Best Cat-eye Eyeglasses For Narrow Face: Versace VE 1233Q 1366

1. Best Cat-eye Eyeglasses For Narrow Face: Versace VE 1233Q 1366

Starting with a brand-eyeglass from Versace that is highly suggested for people with narrow faces. Comes with professional and original packaging. 

Considered for the women’s department, but if you’re a man who has been looking for a good option for a long time, you can wear it too. 

 Best Cat-eye Eyeglasses For Narrow Face:

The lens width is 53mm, the bridge is 17mm, and the arm temples are 140mm lengthy. Oversized narrow-faced people can also try this model as the measurements are ideal for them. 

The only drawback is the price, which seems a little higher, but after looking at the features like durable metal frame, composite and non-polarized lenses, Versace deserves the price!

2. Best Lightweight Frame Cat-eye Eyeglasses For Narrow Face: SOJOS Oversized Cateye Glasses TR90

SOJOS Oversized Cateye Glasses TR90 Lightweight Frame

The SojoS designer team worked hard to create such a type of frame style that looks cute and stylish at the same time. Narrow-faced people will feel confident while wearing this particular model. 

The frame is created from the TR90 material that is considered one of the lightest materials. Another benefit of using TR90-made frames is they are not so hard and comfortable to wear for a long time. 

Best Lightweight Frame Cat-eye Eyeglasses For Narrow Face: SOJOS Oversized Cateye Glasses TR90

The Polycarbonate lens is another good side of this pair because they are thinner than other lenses, and they are less likely to slip off your nose. 

Since it’s a cat-eye frame, it will not only be good for narrow-faced people but will match all kinds of facial forms. 

Note: The lenses are also high-definition and anti-blue light protected to be used for long-term computer use.

3. Best Ray-Ban Cat-eye Eyeglasses For Narrow Face Women’s Rx4314v Nina 

3. Best Ray-Ban Cat-eye Eyeglasses For Narrow Face Women's Rx4314v Nina 

There is no doubt that Ray-Ban produces the best sunglasses, and you will need to have a good budget to buy their products. In the case of the Women’s Rx4314v, this is not exceptional. 

We agree this model is high-priced compared to other regular glasses, and you’ll find many comparable features. So if you’re a woman with a narrow face and have a good budget, try it!

The frame is made of standard plastic, which is referred to as CR 39. Such material has an index of 1.5.

If you have a low prescription and are looking for the best glass for a narrow face, make sure you stand out and purchase it once in your life.

4. Versace VE4353 Cat Eye Sunglasses

Versace VE4353 Cat Eye Sunglasses

How would it be if you got a sunglass with all the necessary tools that are required to repair and clean a glass? Interesting, right?

Presenting the VE4353 Cat Eye Sunglass is ideal for both men and women, and the pack contains an eyewear care kit where you’ll find an ounce spray bottle, mirror, a screwdriver with a key chain, and also a folded microfiber cloth for cleaning the glass. 

The plastic frame and plastic lens make the entire glass body more lightweight, but the price is high. The price may be higher because of the extra equipment that comes with the pack.

5. Kors SANTIAGO MK3025 Eyeglass Frames

Kors SANTIAGO MK3025 Eyeglass Frames

Love warranty with a glass? MK3025 can be a solution because it comes with a 2-Year International Warranty.

If your narrow face does not fit properly with this model, you can show some reason to return the item. 

This non-polarized pair looks slim and stylish. The metal frame will last for a long time, and the rose gold color will enhance the beauty of your face. 

The price is also within your reach. The temple arms are strong enough to hold your face properly, and the nose pads are also smooth.

6. Marc Jacobs Marc 323/G 900 Crystal Plastic Cat-Eye Eyeglasses 52mm

Marc Jacobs Marc 323/G 900 Crystal Plastic Cat-Eye Eyeglasses 52mm

Do you love transparent things? From lenses to temple arms, frame and every single part of this Marc 323/G900 is transparent. 

Marc Jacobs has refined its primary vision to achieve worldwide recognition by offering such eyeglasses to valuable customers.

So if you love brands like Ray-Ban, you should also consider Marc Jacobs because their coincident optical design, customer-friendly support, and outstanding warranty will make you happy. 

It would be an ideal pick for any mid or large-sized narrow faces because the arm size is 145mm and bridge size is 17mm.

7. TIJN Super Inspired Mod Fashion Cat Eye Glass

TIJN Super Inspired Mod Fashion Cat Eye Glass

The TIJN super-inspired mod cat-eye glass is not too big and not too small. Any-mid size, narrow-faced person can try this one. 

The temple arms of this glass are designed with a splice leopard pattern that makes it more stylish and cute. The CE-approved lightweight CP materials are used in making the frame. 

With their 30-day quality guarantee, you’ll feel confident while purchasing the glass. 

8. zeroUV – Super Cat Eye Glasses Vintage Inspired Mod Fashion Clear Lens Eyewear

zeroUV - Super Cat Eye Glasses Vintage Inspired Mod Fashion Clear Lens Eyewear

Everything in one glass, vintage-inspired frame with traditional browline design and anti-blue light clear lenses make the overall glass a valuable item for professionals.

Apart from these, the ZeroUV can reduce headaches and also help you protect your eyes from the detrimental rays. 

There is a great balance between the lens width and height ( 54/40mm ) and the like the TIJN, and it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee but the bonus part if it comes with a 90-day limited warranty against any normal defects.

9. Cyxus Round Women Optical Eyewear Frames Vintage Cat Eye TR90 Metal Computer Blue Light Blocking Glasses UV Filter Eyeglasses

At a reasonable price range, Cyxus offers this special glass for its serious buyers. A budget-friendly option for men and women.

Their lenses have a great reputation because they are created from green membrane blue light-absorbed technology. So no matter how long you work with your computer, your eyes will be protected!

The cat-eye frame will perfectly fit your narrow face, and soft silicone nose pads will keep your nose connected with the frame.

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10. Ray-Ban Rx7021

9 Best Glasses With Rectangular Frames For Narrow Faces 

Ray-Ban plays a key role in enhancing the eyeglass industry, and Rectangular-framed glasses are a practical example. 

The people with a narrow face type also can try a Rectangle frame as well as trying a cat-eye frame. 

The Rx7021 is a non-polarized glass with standard plastic lenses, but the only drawback is there is no UV protection coating. 

So if you spend the most time indoors, you can consider buying this one. 

11. Ralph Lauren Men’s Rl6133 Rectangular Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Ralph Lauren Men's Rl6133 Rectangular Prescription Eyeglass Frames

The Ralph RI6133 was first released on May 11, 2020, which sounds like recently. This specific model is only suggested for men. 

The combination of the weight and size will attract narrow-faced people to purchase the RI6133 once.

It’s a prescription-ready option, so if you want to replace the built-in lenses with your doctor’s suggested prescription lenses, you don’t have to worry about buying another pair.

Not only the Rl6133, but all the eyeglasses from the Ralph Lauren brand come with a cleaning cloth and a case to secure the glasses from damage. 

12. QUEEN Fake Clear Glasses Non-Prescription Glasses Eyeglasses Rectangular Frame, 201512

Not perfect for any occasion, but it can be an all-time solution for you, meaning the QUEEN 201512 is a suitable model for every use. 

The overall condition is simple yet solid, so if you’re looking for something unique, take a short look at the other items from this list. 

Available in multiple colors and frame styles. The frame is lightweight due to the plastic material, and the pack contains a microfiber cleaning cloth with a waterproof bag for convenient carry.

13. ShadyVEU Rectangular Eyeglasses for Men and Women Standard Demo Clear Lens Rx Reading Frame Glasses

An affordable eyeglass from a US-based popular brand named ShadyVEU. Customers love their glasses for inexpensive price tags.

The temple arm looks thicker but not heavy. The company may have designed the arms with a thick look to ensure more durability. 

At the top of each lens, UV400 protection texts are printed. From 400 nanometers, the lenses can block almost 100% UV light, including UVB and UVA rays. 

14. Versace VE 1163B 1333 Pink Gold Metal Rectangle Eyeglasses 52mm

Versace VE 1163B 1333 Pink Gold Metal Rectangle Eyeglasses 52mm

It’s a medium-sized eyeglass with a metal frame. Some people say that this glass fits perfectly on their faces, while some users complain that the large sidebars are too distracting. 

So before making your decision, consider the thicker temple arms. Another issue is the look, which seems like an old-school model. 

The nose pads are easily adjustable, and they are soft too. The lens width is 52mm, the temple is 130mm, and the bridge size is 16mm. 

15. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Ph2184 Rectangular Prescription Eyewear Frames

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Ph2184 Rectangular Prescription Eyewear Frames

The Polo Ralph is the Worldwide Leader In Affordable Luxury Eyewear. Their effort for this section is unbelievable. They use State-Of-The-Art ingredients like Titanium, Acetate to make their glasses frames.

But this model is not as stylish as the QUEEN 201512, and a solid design is applied to the frame. 

The lens itself is not scratch-resistance, but by using the provided case, you can put the glass when not in use and keep the lenses safe from any scratches or damages.

Like the Rl6133, it’s also ready to go with prescription lenses to ensure you have a clear vision.

16. ThinOptics Frontpage Brooklyn Reading Glasses + Milano Aluminum Case

This pair is specially made for students with narrow faces. So if you’re a student and need such a glass that can help you read books clearly, the ThinOptics is a one-stop solution.

The lenses of this glass are made of a thermoplastic polymer that is 10X more impact-resistant than any normal lenses. 

The frame can grip your face type with gentle effort, and you can move the frame up and down to fit it based on your nose size.

Available in several colors, and the frame is also available in multiple sizes. First, comfort your face size and then select the ideal size and purchase it.

17. Foster Grant Wes Men’s Rectangular Multifocus Glasses

This is the eight number pick of finding the best glasses for a narrow face. Its co-optical lenses have the UV380 UV380 protection coating that looks high transparency and is impact-resistance. 

The lenses are also equipped with a 5-layer anti-reflective coating that will better protect your eyes against the computer screen. 

The lightweight and mellifluous frame can also be a reason why you should consider purchasing this pair. The nose pads are well-adjustable, and for your entire wearing period, the spring hinges will allow for a comfortable feel.

18. A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE Women’s Ax1023 Metal Rectangular Prescription Eyeglass Frames

A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE Women's Ax1023 Metal Rectangular Prescription Eyeglass Frames

In the case of this glass, the lens has a good relationship with the frame that can catch your eye, and you might think there’s no border under the lens. 

It’s not a rimless frame. Even being a narrow-faced person, you can still get a feel of wearing rimless glass. The metal frame is designed with a high-end finish. 

Since the manufacturer recommended this model only for women, so if you’re a student or busty mom, you can try it once!

What To Look When Buying Glasses For A Narrow Face? 

You have already seen the primary required things, such as the frame type in the avoid section. But In addition to this, you’ll need to notice some additional features on a pair like:

  1. Lens Material
  2. Frame Material
  3. Eye-protection Feature
  4. Brand
  5. Price

Lens Material: Most lenses are composite, meaning these are the lens types for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses that incorporate polycarbonate ( a lighter and thinner material than plastic and impact-resistant ) and other ophthalmic materials. 

Other lenses like plastic and glass lenses are also popular. Compared to plastic lenses, glass lenses are much scratch-resistant, which will make them last longer. 

Glass lenses have a higher index, while plastic lenses offer a lower. So in terms of attractive looks, the glass lens will be the winner. 

Here what we suggest is to pick a lens that will meet your requirements. If you love thinner lenses, go with a glass lens. To enjoy a lightweight experience, try a composite lens, and the plastic lenses are always a good option for low-budget users. 

Frame Material: the total weight of your pair will depend on the frame, and if the frame is made of heavy material, ultimately, you have to carry a heavy thing on your face. 

So picking the right frame material for your narrow face is important. Commonly two types of materials that are widely used in making glasses are: 

  • Plastic
  • Metal

Most inexpensive glasses are made of plastic material because plastic itself is an affordable ingredient. On the other hand, Metal is the name of an expensive frame. 

Popular brands like Ray-Ban mostly use Metal to make frames for their top-class eyeglasses. But Metal is not good from all sides. If you’re an allergic person, you may not want to try Metal-made frames.

Because If you have an allergic problem, using metal frames can make your problem worse. In this case, buying the plastic frame would be a good solution. 

Metal frames offer a lot of benefits, such as they are lightweight and durable. In warmer climates, they do not tend to bend like plastic frames. However, they are high-priced than plastic. 

Eye-protection Feature: When it comes to eye-protection features on a lens, the first thing you’ll notice is polarized and non-polarized lenses. 

  • Polarized Lenses: These lenses are darker and can be used for outdoor activities because they are highly anti-reflective and can reduce reflections, glare, and haze.
  • Non-polarized Lenses: these lenses are recommended for nighttime and indoor use. They can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays when you wear them for outdoor activities but not as much as polarized lenses.

Point: if you’re going to buy a pair for outdoor activities, consider buying a pair with Polarized Lens, and for indoor, try a non-polarized lens.

Brand: Does it even matter? Of course, brands matter because how well-built the glass is will depend on the brand who made the pair. 

All the reviewed glasses on this page are from reputed brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Costa Del Mar, Foster, and Revo. So always make sure that you’re going to pick a pair from a brand.

Price: this is the most important thing to consider. However, since the price is not a static subject, it’s a completely dynamic thing. The better the glass quality, the higher the price will be. 

Note: Spectacles from a brand might cost a higher price as reputed brands do not compromise their product quality.


What are narrow-fit glasses?

Since narrow faces are much longer than their width, the narrow fit glasses should be wider to balance. Cat-eye and rectangular frame glasses are the most suggested narrow-fit glasses. 

Should glasses cover your eyebrows?

The essential thing of covering your eyebrows with glass is an oversized lens. You can buy glass with large lenses to cover your eyebrows.

Should your glasses touch your cheeks?

Never. However, If you’re a person with high cheekbones, you may face some issues. But you can have a solution, consider buying a glass with a compact frame and lens.

Final Words:

Narrow faces are unique, but when selecting the best glasses for narrow faces, you may feel uncomfortable due to so many options.

It would be best if you only considered buying such a glass that is longer than your face width and has a good balance between the frame and lenses. 

Although others are also excellent, the Versace VE 1233Q is a highly recommended model for narrow faces in this review. 

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