Best Glasses For Oval Face – The Most Comprehensive Reviews!

best glasses for oval face

Do you know that you’re a lucky person because you’re the owner of an Oval Face? Whatever people say, please do not listen to them, and that way, you realize your beauty.

However, when you think about buying the best glasses for Oval Face, the chances are most likely you can encounter too many difficulties since there are so many options. 

Now, what should you do? Wouldn’t you buy glasses then?

Don’t worry, we have the solution. After a lot of research, we have found some of the most popular glasses that you can buy for your Oval Face. 

Before going into the main review, we request that you read our buying guide first to know which type of frames and glasses are suitable for an Oval Face. 

How To Identify an Oval Face Shape?

There are primarily seven types of faces in the world, and surely you have one of them. You’re reading this post means you almost agree that you have an Oval face but if you still want to make sure, follow the below section. 

Take a ribbon with which you will measure your face and write the measurement of your face in a notebook.

Step #1: First measure one side of your forehead to the other with a ribbon, then note down the measurement.

Step #2: Measure the bones of one cheek to the other and note down the result. 

Step #3: Hold the ribbon and measure from your jawline to your chin (Remember that you have to multiply the length as you are measuring half of your entire chin )

Step #4: Now hold the ribbon from where your forehead started and along the middle of the chin ( This measurement will let you know the length of your face )

Now you know all measurements of your face, and it’s time to find out the answer, is your face shape Oval or not?

Well, if you notice that your entire face length is larger than your cheekbone and your forehead is bigger than your jawline, this will signify that you’re having an Oval Face.

How To Choose Glasses For An Oval Face?

As mentioned, you’re a lucky person not only because your face is Oval, but you will be surprised to hear that you can select almost any type of glass for your face.

However, it is not recommended to purchase a pair of glasses before knowing which would be the best option for your face. 

Selecting a frame can be a difficult task as there are various shapes available. However, we have suggested the most popular shapes for the Oval face below:

  • Square Frames
  • Rectangular Frames
  • Aviator Frames
  • Round Frames 
  1. Square Frames

If your primary intention is enhancing your oval face beauty by wearing a glass, considering a square frame glass will be worthwhile. It’s such a frame type that fits well on an Oval face.

These are the traditional style frames that have been around for decades. A square frame is characterized by angular style, and this type of frame is recommended for people with an Oval face and round faces. 

2.Rectangular Frames 

We and websites like also say that rectangular frames are widely popular among people who have an Oval Face. 

These frames come in pretty shape, corresponding to a rectangle, meaning the width of the lens is long compared to its height. 

In addition to suggesting a rectangular frame for Oval Face, most people still know the rectangular frame as a regular frame. These frames help people to enhance their professionality and beauty.

3.Aviator Frames

An Aviator frame glass is one kind of unique sunglasses created by a team of US-based firms. 

But you may notice one thing, the term “Aviator” is commonly referred to as sunglasses, but the term was converted into glasses a long time ago, and manufacturers are producing Aviator-style frames in the market. 

Aviator frames are perfect for long faces, and since the Oval face is assumed as a bigger face size, no doubt that an aviator frame will be your next choice to boost your personality. 

Apart from these, Aviator frames are wider, which can make your Oval Face shorter, so such frames can play an important role in creating an ideal balance for your face. 

4.Round Frames 

Round frames are always a preferred style that is often associated with classic or scholarly over the recent years. 

The round frame has a quite modern vibe. However, some people think that such frames are old-fashioned. 

Round frames are the best frames for males and females as well in the eyeglass industry. So it doesn’t matter what your Gender is. A round frame is something that will be by your side to enhance your beauty. 

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30 Best Glasses For Oval Face Shape 2022

We have decorated this top list in such a way so that you can find the most suitable one according to your actual needs. 

The first list will show you the best 15 glasses with square frames, the second list is all about rectangular glasses, the next section is only for glasses with Aviator frames, and the final part will cover some Round Frames Glasses.

12 Best Square Sunglasses For Oval Face

1. Ray-Ban RB4105 Folding Wayfarer

Ray-Ban RB4105 Folding Wayfarer

When exploring the planet, wearing the Ray-Ban RB4105 square glass will bring a lot of advantages without reducing the power of your eyes due to the Polarized lenses.

The mission of including the polar technology in Ray-Ban RB4105 is to reduce glare from a good contrast and develop clarity every time you see the world.

Apart from it, the crystal lens is specially created and integrated into these spectacles to help you see better with less need for glasses.

Imagine you’re wearing the modern and stylish Ray-Ban RB4 on your oval face and feel the moment when others see you and, at the same time, the pair working hard to protect your eyes from the exaggerated UV rays. 

2. Versace VE 3218 GB1_53

Versace VE 3218 GB1_53

From one side, a square frame makes the VE3218 an ideal square pair of glass. On another side, the lightweight feature hints to you that it will fit perfectly on your face and ears as well.

It doesn’t slide off not only the Oval face but almost all types of faces because the Plastic frame will catch your entire face angle and make a strong connection between your face and the frame itself. 

3. Oakley Men’s OO9102

Oakley Men's OO9102

While Oakley is shaking up the market of eyeglasses, it’s a good time to pick the right one for your needs from the world’s most popular eyeglass brand.

They offer Plutonite lenses that can destroy dangerous rays like UV, UVA, UVC, and pernicious blue light up to 400mm.

To ensure your highest comfort of wearing their pair of glasses, Oakley claims that all the materials used to make the OO9102 Holbrook are lightweight and durable. 

High Definition Optics are included for offering remarkable optical limpidity and extremely sharp vision at any angle.

4. Ray-Ban Rb3611

Ray-Ban Rb3611

If the price doesn’t matter to you, trying the Ray-Ban RB3611 can catch your mind for a lifetime and attract you to order one more.

Oval-faced people always look for such an eyeglass that has a narrow double bridge, and minimalist metal construction, so if you’re one of them, thinking about trying this model also can make you happy. 

Several colors are available to choose from, so take a look at your skin colour and instantly make the right decision.

The low-profile templates and abundant polarized lens options allow the square frame to amp up the trend without giving up the function.

5. Oakley Men’s Oo9102

The Oakley Men’s Oo9102 is like the Ray-Ban RB4105 in terms of design, and the difference between their price is almost equal. Their frame material is also the same.

However, It is available in some combination of classic design with modern Oakley technology. This iconic American-designed sunglass can be a good pick who seeks equal parts style and better performance. 

This US-made and plastic frame-equipped sunglass is available in multiple frames and lens colors to use. Ideal lens width of 57mm and arm size of 137mm make it a better model for mid and large faces. 

6. Happy CN12

At an affordable price range, presenting the CN12 Casual Fashion Square frame eyeglass. Known as a little oversized and super cute that is suitable for both men and women. 

This non-polarized plastic frame glass is also the go-to option for those still struggling to find a fashionable and slim model. It contains a microfiber cloth to clean the frame and lens and a waterproof bag to carry the spectacles.

With aesthetics and UV protection features, the manufacturer made this model by following such a way to protect your eyes from the most harmful rays and support you for the entire day and night as well. 

The reinforced metal hinges work properly to make a strong relationship between the frame and your face so that the frame doesn’t slide on your face.

7. FEISEDY Classic Square

With a unique design, FEISEDY made this non-prescription thick pair for women because they know women are fans of unique design. Of course, we also agree with them.

Due to their carefully made clear lens, your eyes will be able to see everything naturally, no matter whether you use it in the nighttime or daytime.

Without creasing, the smooth nose pad’s curved lines will fit your nose perfectly. Lightweight materials make the entire pair easy to wear and carry as well. 

The most useful benefit of using the FEISEDY Classic spectacles is you can replace the lenses with your doctor-suggested lenses at any time yourself. 

8. Ray-Ban Rb3136

First released in 1957. Such Ray-Ban sunglasses are known as a geometric model and alternative to the traditional Aviator glasses. 

You’ll feel confident while wearing this RB3136 due to the brand logo being displayed on the nose pads and lenses as well. 

Available in many frame colors and lens types. But the only issue is if you’re an allergic person, you should consider buying another model because the frame of the RB3136 is made of Metal. 

Note: Ray-Ban says that the shape and curvature of this spectacle may need adjustments, and you may need to get help from an expert.

9. Ray-Ban Women’s Rb19711

We know Ray-Ban completely dominates the list of the best square frame glasses for Oval face, but we have nothing to do when all their models are just excellent. 

As the name implies, the RB1971 has a remarkable mix of 70’s design and 2021 technology combination. 

The RB1971 is popular for its timeless style and excellence in overall quality, but the lenses that come with the pair are coated with almost 100% UV protection. 

10. Gucci GG 0420O 001 

Reviewing one of the best and imported non-polarized spectacles from Gucci. If you’re just interested in buying a durable frame and using the frame with your custom lens, try the GG 04200 once. 

Gucci claims that their GG can perform well on multiple face shapes such as oval, oblong, round, and diamond-shaped faces.

With the 52mm lens size, the ideal bridge size fits well for a large or oversized face. Although the plastic frame is not as strong as the metal frame, you can use the frame for a long time under normal use. 

11. Ray-Ban Rb4323 Square Sunglasses

An all-rounder from the same brand again. A bold look and lightweight plastic create a sleek profile for all levels of eyeglass wearers.

The RB4323 is one of the longest eyeglasses from the brand we have ever seen. With the 150 mm arm size and 51mm lens height, this model effortlessly fits any oversized head or face

It is equipped with Ray-Ban polarized lenses, and in their opinion, it can block more than 99% of the brightly appearing light to secure your eyes. Both men and females can try this model. 

12. Ray-Ban Rb4187 Chris Square Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB4187 is a sunglass from their latest innovation. This Rb4187 is only for those who want to keep an eyeglass on their eyes whenever they come out from home.

The plastic lenses can offer you superb vision and help you see every object in a realistic view. 

It will cover you from harmful sunlight despite it not being polarized, and this is the primary power of the Rb4187 Chris. 

It can be used as a gift for your loved one who spends a lot of time outdoors and is serious about protecting the eyes. See more:

5 Rectangle Glasses

13. GUVIVI Rimless Rectangle Sunglasses

This trendy colored Rimless rectangular sunglass is now a well-known item in the world of the unique sunglass market.

Frameless design not only makes the glass more lightweight but convenient to use and wear as well. This model is highly suggested for vacation and outdoor activities such as driving, traveling, shopping, etc. 

Worrying about your small or large nose size? Don’t lose your hope because GUVIVI offers conformable and loose-fitting integrated spring silicone nose pads that are completely non-slip and fit well on all types of noses. 

To ensure your eyes are staying healthy, GUVIVI lenses give you a piece of good news with up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB radiation blocking ability.

14. SCVGVER  Rimless Rectangle Sunglasses

The company claims it’s a next-generation premium rectangle sunglasses that can change the overall beauty of your face and can add an exceptional feel to your daily life. 

They use the lightest and thinnest lenses (59mm) with this model to ensure you see everything more clearly and confidently. 

A Rimless frame is another sign that this sunglass will make you more stylish and at the same time make you quite different from others who use the regular pair of glasses. 

Although the bridge width seems a little short, it wouldn’t make any issue for your nose as the frame is rectangular and rimless.

15. FEISEDY Vintage Rimless Sunglasses Rectangle Frameless

Busty women do not have enough time to show off their stylish looks in front of people. But after the release of this model on September 1, 2020, women started to get attracted to this model. 

It doesn’t matter how large or small your face is. With its sturdy metal hinges and 140mm metal temples, you can easily extend the use of your spectacle.

Filtering out the glare from sunlight and harmful rays will give your eyes peace and relaxation while you wear the glass for outdoor activities. 

The relationship between the temples and the lens is well-balanced, making this model fit well on your Oval face.

16. Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar is another reputed brand that works hard in this industry, making eye-saving sunglasses and offering the best customer service.

Polarized glass lens, 16mm bridge, and 140mm temple arm make this model an ideal option for oval face and round face. 

The cost’s most high-tech lens will play a key role in offering enough clarity while seeing elements around you. 

It will last for a long time with proper care as the frame is made from 100% recycled fishing nets. It comes with a cleaning cloth to prevent the frame and lens from dust.

17. SDinm Small Narrow Rimless

The arm size is shorter, and the bridge size is slightly larger than the Costa Del Mar. But the SDinm rimless sunglasses can be your go-to pick if your Oval face is a bit shorter than usual.

They are available in multiple colors, and all of them feature a mellifluous frameless stylish design with rounded corners. 

Due to the ultra-slim metal arms, you’ll enjoy a lightweight feel while wearing them. They are the all-time best options for summertime.

The company released them in the market in such a way that it seems they are gift-ready. Our suggested colors for the gift are Brown and blue, and the rest of the things will depend on you. 

8 Aviator Glasses

18. J+S Premium Military Style

This military-style Aviator sunglass is not only preferable for men but also suitable for females. 

However, according to the manufacturer, Gender doesn’t matter. The runners, cyclists, drivers, and golfers can wear this one for all weather.

The composite lenses are 400UV rated, meaning they can block 99-100% UV light to save your eyes while working outside of your home.

When it comes to ultra-light frames for a sunglass, you may notice the name of a material called a metallic alloy, and it’s lightweight yet durable. The frame of this model is made of metallic alloy for the user’s convenience. 

The adjustable silicone nose pads and spring-loaded hinged legs will work hard for you to ensure the highest comfort and flexibility. 

19. KALIYADI Classic

The slogan of Kaliyadi for this classic model Aviator sunglass is “See this beautiful world in its original colors,” meaning your eyes will see everything clearly with its POLARIZED LENSES that they tested over time.

The ideal balance between the price range and the overall quality of this item can attract you to try it once in your life to discover the pure happiness of using Aviator sunglasses for your oval face. 

The availability of various colors and sizes proves that KALIYADI has the capacity of gaining customers’ needs.

20. JOOX Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Looks pretty simple, but in terms of quality, Joox didn’t give any concession because from the design to lens quality, they have taken a good look at this model to innovate something special for oval-faced people. 

It fits both men’s and female faces to enhance the beauty and protect their eyes from exaggerated lights with the help of a TAC-based polarized lens. 

You’ll not feel the sunglasses on your face as the frame and lenses are made of lightweight materials. The brand recommends this model for use on the beach and all kinds of outdoor activities.

21. Skeleteen Black Gold

Don’t have enough budget to try an expensive type of eyeglass at this moment? The solution would be this Military Style Dark Sunglass as the price is within your small reach. 

At this low price point, you’ll get a Metal-framed eyeglass with UV 400 Protection feature on the lenses. 

The Skeleton Black Gold Aviator Sunglass is the only model on our list of the best glasses for the oval face suitable for men, women, and even children. 

If your kids want to look like a rock star or military, just buy this model and help them wear this Military Style affordable sunglass. 

22. Pro Acme Classic 

The custom adjustable silicone nose pads are the primary reason why people get attracted to these sunglasses.

We have noticed a logo printed on the lens. If you don’t love to bear the brand logo with the glass, you can remove it by using alcohol.

These women-focused sunglasses offer multi-layer lenses to block light, and the optical lenses guarantee good vision. 

The pack contains a protective case, a cleaning cloth, a compact screwdriver, and a microfiber pouch. 

23. Mxnx Aviator Sunglass

First released on March 2, 2019, and from that time, people started loving this model because it easily matches all types of cloth.

It can be an amazing gift because the bag that comes with it looks unique and compact. 

It might not be scratch-resistant, and our suggestion is to keep the glass in the case and clean it with the provided cloth to protect it against scratches.

24. Ray-Ban Rb3025

The bold border on the frame makes it a little bit different from other models of Ray-Ban’s sunglasses.

In 1937, Ray-Ban first designed this Rb3025 model focusing only on military use, and now it’s a global choice for men and women. 

Available in multiple lens colors, including crystal green, crystal brown, yellow, black, and more. But crystal green is the most popular and of course, we’ll also suggest that color!

25. AIMADE Premium

You no longer have to use a mirror to look at yourself because these AIMADE premium Aviator sunglasses will cover you with mirrored lenses. 

Designed with a unique style and has an improved balance for oval-faced people. They fit your large or oversized face well because the arm length is 140mm. 

The anti-slip material on the nose and temple pads will help your face prevent the frame from slipping off, and at the same time, it will add more comfort for long-term use. 

5 Best Round Glasses For Oval Faces

26. KALIYADI Round Polarized Sunglasses

Kalyani offers these sunglasses with a timeless model that combines 70s 80s vintage style at a reasonable price range. 

The polarized lens width (47mm) and height (47mm) are the same as round. These are the currently trending models that are highly suggested for daily use. 

With 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, these lightweight round sunglasses are available in various colors. Pick the best one by asking your mind!

27. WearMe Pro – Reflective Lens

Introducing a simple yet stylish reflective lens round sunglass from a family-owned brand named WearMe. 

Like the KALIYADI Round Polarized Sunglasses, this model is also affordable, but the best part of this model is the lens is not only polarized but also the lens has a superior shatter resistance and impact resistance. 

In addition to these, eliminate glare that is reflected from the surface while wearing the glass.

The robust metal frame, slim metal hinges, stylish temples will ensure the sunglass will last for a long time. 

28. CGID E01 John

Triacetate cellulose polarized lenses are integrated with them that features a brand new technology formulated for crystal clear visual and polarization clarity. 

These Unisex Sunglasses have a scratch coating and can fight the pernicious UV rays up to 400 nanometers. 

Like the WearMe Pro, these are also highly impact resistant. Don’t lose your hope because of your big oval face. The well-balanced and flexible metal spring hinges adjust to your face perfectly. 

29. AIEYEZO John Lennon Glasses

Although the frame’s borders are a little thick, the lightness of the frame and lenses can help you forget this thing. 

But if you’re a classic style lover, the bold border on the frame can attract you. AIEYEZO says that the Lennon Glasses Round sunglasses are ideal for both men and women. 

Stainless steel materials have been used to make the frame making it quite thicker and suitable for those who mostly want to wear glass for outdoor activities. 

30. KALIYADI Round Polarized

These small retro metal round sunglasses are the ideal pick for those who want to enjoy a unique feel. 

The retro round-frame perfectly joined with the lenses, and there is enough space in the bridge, so if your face is small but your nose is slightly bigger, you can wear them comfortably.

A Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Gift Box, and Dust Protection Pouch are included with the pack, and so many color options are available to pick.

Ideal Frame Types For Oval Face Male:

Men always like to wear in their eyes something that can allow them to make their faces a little more stylish and smart. 

However, people with Oval faces will become more attractive to look at if they wear the right pair of glasses with the right frame.

Although choosing the frame shape is a personal opinion, a square frame is considered an ideal frame for a male with an Oval face to maintain the natural balance.

Ideal Frame Types For Oval Face Female:

Women are different from men in terms of selecting something, so in the case of selecting the best frame type for females with an Oval face, this is not exceptional.

As far as our research, we have seen females love wearing a Round frame style over their Oval face because a round frame acts wider on an Oval face, which adds more balance.

Avoid Frames For Oval Face

Having an Oval face doesn’t always mean that you can select all types of frames. There are still some frames you should avoid.

You should avoid those frames that extend beyond the width of your overall face because they can break up your face’s natural balance.

Frames that are relatively oversized or too short can be avoided when selecting the right frame for your Oval face. 

Color Choose For Oval Frame Glasses

Is color a matter to enhance the beauty of the face when selecting an ideal frame for the Oval face? If so, pay attention to your thoughts about your lifestyle and your skin color.

Buying the best glasses matching your skin color is always a recommended logic because it creates something that can catch the eye of others.

Some of the widely available colors for the standard glasses are the following:

  • Opal
  • Gold
  • Purple
  • Grey
  • Brown & so on


What glasses work with an oval face?

Since oval-faced people are lucky due to their well-balanced faces, almost every pair of glasses fit well on their faces. But the most popular frames are square, rectangular, aviator, and rounded. 

Is Oval Face Shape Attractive?

Compared to other face shapes, the oval face became the most attractive face shape in the world. But in the end, if I’m a square-faced person, I would never say an oval face is better than me. 

Do Oversized Glasses Look Good On An Oval Face?

Since the logic of an oval face is that your face is longer than your cheekbone and your jawline is shorter than your forehead, an oversized glass can fit well on your oval face. 

Are Rimless Glasses Good For An Oval Face?

The word “rimless” means that the glass you wear will have no borders or rims with the frame, making the entire glass lightweight. So if you’re an oval-faced person and looking for a lightweight option, go with a Rimless glass. 

Who should wear oversized glasses?

If possible, we’ll suggest everyone wear an oversized glass because it will ensure more safety from the sunlight due to the large-sized lenses. But oversized glasses are always good for people with large faces or heads.

Final Words:

When you just decide to buy the best glasses for Oval Face, Many people around can talk a lot about the selection as markets contain various types of options.

Try to skip their recommendation and carefully follow our well-researched buying on how to pick the right glasses for an oval face and handy reviews on some of the best-selling square, rectangular, and aviator-shaped frame glasses. 

Still, seeking our high recommendation? Here are our top 4 picks:

  1. Ray-Ban RB4105 (Square Frame)
  2. SCVGVER  Rimless (Rectangular Frame)
  3. KALIYADI Classic (Aviator Style)
  4. WearMe Pro (Round Frame)

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