Costa Blackfin Vs Blackfin Pro – Difference Between

Costa Blackfin Vs Blackfin Pro

Costa made it easier for people to enjoy next-level sunglasses by creating products like Blackfin, and Blackfin pro sunglasses. 

However, if you’re confused about them and searching for an article on Costa Blackfin Vs Blackfin Pro, make sure you’ve explored this page first!

We’ll tell you about the difference between Costa Blackfin and Blackfin Pro, which one is the best, and which one you should pick, and so on.

Difference Between Blackfin vs Blackfin Pro

Costa blackfin is the previous version of Costa’s creation, while the Costa blackfin pro is the updated version of sunglasses with some additional features and benefits. 

If you’re a buyer of one of the models, you can assume that the Blackfin and the Blackfin pro are almost the same but the Blackfin pro has some features that the Blackfin doesn’t have. 

Let’s see a comparison chart to know the difference between Costa Blackfin and Blackfin pro in an organized way. 

Costa Blackfin

Costa Del Mar Men's Blackfin Round Sunglasses

Blackfin Pro

Blackfin Pro

Costa Blackfin Vs Blackfin Pro

Costa Blackfin Vs Blackfin Pro
NameBlackfinBlackfin Pro
Release DateAugust 5, 2016February 9, 2021
Frame MaterialTR-90 nylonTR-90 nylon
Lens Material Glass and Plastic Only Glass
NosepadNot AdjustableAdjustable
Lens TechnologyCosta 580® lensesCosta 580® lenses
Frame Width135 mm133 mm
Bridge Width17 mm16 mm
Lens Width61.8 mm60 mm
Lens Height40.9 mm41.8 mm
Temple Arm Length120 mm121 mm

More Details About Costa Blackfin and Blackfin Pro Sunglasses

As I’ve already mentioned in the chart, the Costa Blackfin is the previous version of the Blackfin Pro sunglass. 

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The Costa Del Mar Blackfin 580G was released on August 5, 2016, on the other hand, the Pro version was released on February 9, 2021, almost after 5 years. 

There is no difference between their frame material but there are some variables between their lenses. 

The Blackfin is available in both lenses, glass, and plastic, while the Pro model doesn’t come with two options, you can only purchase glass lenses

When talking about the nose pads, the pro version will be the winner here as the pro version comes with adjustable nose pads. 

Want to learn more about adjusting new glasses on your face? Check out this post. 

Although the previous model does not offer any adjustable nose pads, we didn’t hear any complaints about this feature yet.

Both versions are using the Costa 580® lenses technology, which is considered the world’s first color-enhancing lenses for sunglasses. 

You can see the dimensions of these models from the chart above. According to the size, it is clear that people with mid-sized and large-sized heads can try them out. 

We think you’ve got almost all the needed information that is required to know about the Costa Del Mar Blackfin 580G and blackfin pro. 

However, we know some people are still confused about the lens name. Are you one of these people? If so! Read the rest!

As you know, both models are using the Costa 580® lenses technology which is more advanced than any others lenses on the current market. 

You might feel confused when seeing the name. You’ll notice the lens says 580G and 580P. 

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What Does 580G Mean On Costa Sunglasses?

You just simply assume that the word “G” after 580 means the lens is made of glass, and the word “P” after 580 means that the lens is made of plastic.

If you like the Costa Blackfin Pro Sunglass, you’ll see that model is only available in a Glass lens, meaning a 580G lens. 

On the other hand, The Costa Blackfin sunglass is available in both plastic and glass lenses. So you can pick the lens material depending on your requirements.

Costa made their 580G lenses 20% thinner and 22% lighter than the normal polarized glass lenses that are available in the market. 

Usually, plastic lenses are non-scratch-resistant. However, Costa tried something different with their 580P lens creation!

They’ve used a C-Wall Molecular Bond with the plastic lenses to make them more scratch-resistant. 

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Costa Blackfin Sunglass

Costa Blackfin Sunglass

The Costa Blackfin Sunglass is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a quality pair of sunglasses for driving, fishing, or any other outdoor activities.

The lenses are top-notch and provide great clarity and UV protection. The frames are also comfortable and fit well. 

However, if you’re looking for a sunglass that has adjustable nose pads, check out the upgraded version named Blackfin Pro sunglass. 

Costa Blackfin Pro Sunglass

Costa Blackfin Pro Sunglass


With adjustable nose pads, mid-sized frame structure, and better eye-protection features, the Costa Blackfin Pro can be your go-to sunglasses for any outdoor activities. 

Although the price range is a little bit higher than the regular version, you can get improvements with the pro version such as the adjustable nose pads. 

The only drawback of this model is the lens availability. You’ll only get glass lenses with the Blackfin Pro eyeglass. 

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