Costa Del Mar Brine Vs Harpoon – Major Differences Explained

Costa Del Mar Brine Vs Harpoon

Costa made different types of glasses so far, and Brine and Harpoon are the sunglasses that have been sold a lot so far.

I’ll cover a post on Costa Del Mar Brine Vs Harpoon, and tell you the major and small differences between Costa Brine and Harpoon. 

What you’ll get from Brine and Harpoon, the technology they are relying on, and every part of their features. 

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Costa Del Mar Brine Vs Harpoon: Which one is for yours?

There is no major difference between Costa Del Mar Brine and Harpoon. They can be just used in different spots for different tasks.

Brine: Brine sunglasses are made for those who bleed saltwater, meaning those who fish in saltwater and still need a better eye-wearing tool to support.

Harpoon: Costa said that the Harpoon sunglasses would be the best solution for hardcore fishing moments. 

Both Brine and Harpoon, are highly recommended for narrow faces. So if you’re a fisherman and looking for the best sunglasses for narrow faces, check them out.

Harpoon Link on Amazon

Harpoon Link on Amazon

Brine Link

Brine Link

Costa Sunglasses Review

If you’ve seen a review of another model of Costa’s sunglasses already, you can assume that the Harpoon might follow the path of the same feature that other models offer.

Because Costa tried to include almost the same features on most of their sunglasses that use the 580 lens technology

The Costa Harpoon is prepared with complete Hydrolite temples (Ensure better durability for your frequent uses). 

As mentioned, Harpoon is suitable for narrow faces, so it will fit on such faces quite well. 

They’ve used TR-90 nylon material to produce the frame and the frame is available with Costa 580G and 580P lenses. 

Although they’ve included as many features and benefits as they can, the main drawback is there are no adjustable nose pads available with the frame. 

Finally, you can go with the Costa Harpoon eyeglasses if you have got a narrow face and trying to fish in the hardcore moments. 

Costa Brine Sunglasses Review

Costa Brine Sunglasses Review

With the same features, Costa Brine sunglasses are getting popularity on the market among those people who fish in the saltwater. 

However, websites like outdoorgearlab investigated and published a report where they said that people can get the same performance without investing a lot of money in Costa Brine if they buy either Oakley Flak XL 2.0 or Native Kodiak.

But there is a small thing to notice, glasses like Oakley Flak XL and Native Kodiak come with regular polarized lenses, while Costa Brine offers specially made lenses with 580 technology. 

Although Oakley uses Prizm lenses that work better on sunlight and protect eyes from harmful rays and block UV rays, Costa’s 580 lenses will be the winner here. 

The Costa Brine offers Hydrolite rubber on the nose for extra comfort and users’ safety. 

If you’re planning for long-term fishing, the Hydrolite rubber will help you to keep the frame in the right position on your face.

In addition to these, due to the 580 technology supporting polarized lenses, you can protect your eyes from UV light. 

Their Brine series sunglasses are made with stainless steel non-corrosive spring hinges that will last for a long without any decay.

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Costa Fathom Vs Harpoon Vs Brine

Costa Fathom Vs Harpoon Vs Brine

There is a small difference between Costa Brine and Harpoon in the case of their purposes but no difference between Harpoon and Fathom as both glasses are perfect for the hardest-core saltwater junkies.

In the end, the Costa Fathom, Harpoon, and Brine sunglasses are specially made for those people who want to protect their eyes and at the same time, catch more fish in the saltwater or seawater. 

All the mentioned glasses will bring maximum comfort and vision on the water to let you smoothly catch fish.

Which Costa lens is best?

What do you mean by the Costa Best Lens? The word “Best” is a dynamic word that creates its place after considering a lot of things. 

Costa has 7 lens colors and all of their lenses are depends on their latest developed lens technology named 580. 

The 580 lens technology is supplying its power to both lens materials, glass and plastic. So if you’re not a fan of wearing glass lenses due to the heavy weight, and still want to try the 580 technology, you can consider the plastic lenses. 

On the other hand, glass lenses lover can hear the good news that all the glass lenses from Costa are connected with the same technology. 

Are you using glasses for a long? If so, you should know How often should you get new glasses. Read it here.

Does salt water affect Costa sunglasses?

Costa brine sunglasses are the most recommended options for saltwater ocean anger. You can also check any of the blue mirror lenses from Costa for fishing in saltwater.

Are Costa sunglasses made in China?

There is no one place where Costa sunglasses are fully produced. First, Costa creates their lenses in Florida and then connects the lenses with frames in Italy, China, or Italy. It depends on their personal preference.

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