Costa Del Mar Broadbill Review

Costa Del Mar Broadbill Review – A Detailed Discussion

Costa has multiple models of sunglasses and Broadbill is one of them. However, if you’re going to buy it, you may want to read an article in Costa Del Mar Broadbill Review. 

Keep your eyes on this page instead of looking at other places as I’ve shared every single feature of this CostaMar Broadbill sunglass. 

Additionally, you’ll know who should use this particular model, who shouldn’t, and what’s special about the Broadbill glasses. 

A Summary About Costa Broadbill

Costa Broadbill is the name of another version of sunglasses made by Costa that is also made for fishing and staying on the water for a long time. 

With the same lens technology (580), same lenses, and frame materials (that have been used to make products like Costa Blackfin, Blackfin Pro, Brine, Harpoon, etc), Broadmill is made.

As per Costa’s talk, the frame that comes with the Costa Broadbill lenses is keeper ready with blended temple tip icons to make it able to rock the boat or the docks. 

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  • Specially created for fishing in hardcore moments.
  • Made with bio-resin materials 
  • Eco-friendly
  • 580 latest and advanced lens technology
  • Multiple available lenses and frame colors
  • 100% UV Protective lenses
  • Scratch-resistance


  • The nose pads are not adjustable
  • The price range is high
  • Not a suitable option for wearing indoor

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Costa Del Mar Broadbill Lenses

There is no need to talk about the Costa lenses because all the currently available sunglasses are relying on the same Costa-developed lens technology named 580.

See the result when wearing a Costa sunglass with the 580 lens technology: 

Costa Del Mar Broadbill Lenses

The Costa Broadbill sunglasses are following the same role to serve the lens-providing requirements. 

However, you can find three different lenses for Broadbill sunglasses, Blue and Green lenses with glass material, and Gray lenses with plastic material. 

Available Frame Color & Materials

You can find three different frame colors, and each color is popular among most people.

The currently available Broadbill frame colors are the following:

  1. Gray
  2. Matte Reef
  3. Matte Black

No matter which frame color you’ll pick, each frame is made with bio-resin materials which are made out of pasture plants instead of petroleum. The material is better for the environment.

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Additional Features of Costa Broadbill

Features NameDetails
Temple tips holesThe options that you can find on the last part of the temples, will allow for the attachment of retainers. You can wear sunglasses around your neck while not in use on your face.
Ported nose pieceIt’s not a regular type of nose pad, the ported nose piece will allow air contact with your nose and add more comfort.

The nose pads are more secure, and comfortable. However, Costa said that such nose pads will be suitable for those with a high nose bridge and lower cheekbones.

Costa thinks that using ported nose pads is better than using adjustable nose pads when it comes to fishing in the water because ported nose pads are more durable and will keep the frame in the right position accurately during an emergency fishing moment. 

The temple tip holes will help your frame fit well with your ear. So there will be no problem even if you shake the glasses from your face.

Costa Broadbill Green Mirror

Costa Broadbill Green Mirror

Are you confused about choosing the right lens color? I’ve already posted an article on Costa Blue Mirror Vs Green Mirror Vs Copper Silver Mirror. Check the article out. 

Since Costa uses the same lens technology and lenses for most of their innovations, you can get enough information from the mentioned article. 

But shortly, The Costa Broadbill green mirror lenses are able to block 90% of the light, while allowing 10% of light in. 

The lenses will enhance color vision and contrast. You’ll notice the practical results when fishing inshore and on flats. 

The Broadbill green mirror lenses are also preferable for sight fishing in full sunlight, and offer high contrast and ensure a better seeing accuracy. 

It will also reduce glare, and maintain better color accuracy. So don’t forget to try the green lenses. Check more info here

Costa Broadbill Blue Mirror

Costa Broadbill Blue Mirror

Their Blue lenses are also very popular, and the materials, and technologies that are used in the green lenses, are the same things used in making Blue lenses. 

However, from my standpoint, the blue lenses look more stylish, which will fit you when fishing. 

It also helps reduce glare and boost color sense. Costa suggests using blue lenses for fishing in the deep water and snowy weather. 

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Costa Broadbill Gary Mirror

Costa Broadbill Gary Mirror

The Gray mirror color is only available with the Costa Del Mar Broadbill plastic lenses. One of the most noticeable features of these Gray mirror lenses is they are 20% thinner and 22% lighter compared to regular polarized glass. 

The Costa Broadbill with Gray lenses is the ideal pick for every activity, meaning you can use the same glasses for fishing and daily outdoor activities as well.

Costa Broadbill Replacement Lenses

If you’re using the Costa Broadbill sunglasses, and noticing the lenses are getting damaged, you can replace the lenses by buying lenses either from your local shop or online. 

You can find more than 10 lens colors from amazon and make a purchase to connect the lenses with your existing Costa Broadbill frame. 

Click here to check the Costa Del Mar Broadbill lenses on Amazon.

Costa Broadbill Size

Costa Broadbill Gary Mirror

Knowing the frame, bridge, lens, and temple arm sizes is important when making a decision on buying a sunglass for fishing or everyday use. 

The Costa Broadbill comes with an ideal size that will fit people with medium-sized heads. 

The frame width is 134mm, the bridge width is 16mm, the lens (All lenses are equally created) width and height are 60.3/44.3mm, and the temple arm length is 123mm. 

According to a real buyer on Amazon, the Costa Del Mar Broadbill sunglasses offer incredible visibility in full sunlight or slightly cloudy weather and ensure all-around coverage. 

u003cstrongu003eu003cemu003eAre Costa sunglasses good for your eyes?u003c/emu003eu003c/strongu003e

A pair of sunglasses will only be good for the eyes when the sunglasses ensure better lenses and safely made frames. Costa offers a safe frame and better lenses with their hardly developed lens technology (580). So their glasses will be good for your eyes.

u003cstrongu003eDo Costas have a lifetime warranty?u003c/strongu003e

Costa offers a lifetime warranty only against defects in ingredients. If a customer faces any technical problem with their purchased sunglasses, they can contact Costa, and Costa will repair or replace the product depending on the current product status. 

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