How to Measure Nose Bridge for Glasses |5 Steps to FInd Bridge Measurment

How to Measure Nose Bridge for Glasses

The nose bridge is the most important part of the nose when it comes to glasses. These bridges help the glasses to stay properly on your nose so that you can use them without any difficulties. But if the nose bridge is too wide or too narrow, using your glasses can be too bothersome as they will either slide down your nose or sit on your nose too tightly. How to Measure Nose Bridge for Glasses!

That is why you should know how to measure nose bridges for glasses so that you don’t have to adjust them every other minute.

Do you want to know how to do that easily? Then let’s take a look at how you should measure the nose bridge for glasses and what kind of glasses you should use for different nose types.

5 Steps to FInd Bridge Measurment Glasses

The nose bridge of glasses is the distance between the lenses which is measured across the frame from the inside. So, when you are about to measure the nose bridge, follow the following steps. 

1. Using a Mirror or a Side Profile Selfie

The best way to know the width and the position of your nose bridge is to use a mirror. Or if you want to use a photo for a more lasting image, you should use a selfie of the side profile of your face. 

2. Measure your bridge

Now it is time to measure the bridge of your nose. You have to find out the position of the bridge as well. Depending on the position and the width of your bridge, you have to adjust the nose pads or buy a frame with that particular sized nose bridge. 

For example, if your bridge is situated under the pupil level or if it is too skinny, you have a lower-numbered bridge. On the other hand, if the bridge is positioned higher, which means above pupil level, or if it is wide, then your nose bridge will have a higher number. 

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3. Depending on the frame’s thickness 

After you are done measuring the width of the bridge along with its position, your measurements should be adjusted depending on how thick the frame will potentially be. The width of your bridge will have to be adjusted wider if the frame is thick. This is done so that the extra weight of the thick frames can be supported. 

4. Using the position of the bridge for selecting glasses

Glasses not only do have various bridge widths, but they also have a variety of bridge positions. If you find out that you possess a higher bridge than average, select glasses that have a bridge situated at the eyebrow level. On the other hand, if your bridge is low, you should select glasses that have bridges dipping below the level of the eyebrows.

5. Choosing the right frame

Depending on the thickness of the frame, the glasses will fit differently around your nose. One thick frame and one thin one with the same bridge size will not fit the same. The thick frame will be smaller than a thin frame with the same nose bridge width. The reason behind this is the method of measuring the bridge is by measuring it from the frame’s inside. So, if you are going for a thick frame, choose a frame that has a wider nose bridge than yours. 

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Types of nose bridges for glasses

Now that you have known how to measure nose bridges for glasses, now it is time for you to know the different types of them. There are quite a few kinds of nose bridges that you can choose from.

1. Adjustable Nose Pads

These are the most common and versatile types of nose bridges. They can most commonly be found on metal frames. As their name suggests, you can adjust the adjustable nose pads according to your requirement. It doesn’t matter if your nose is wide or narrow, you can easily adjust these nose pads. 

Glasses with nose pads can be used by everyone. As they have to be moved now and then for them to be adjusted, they can be subjected to some degree of wear and tear. But you don’t need to worry too much as you can easily adjust them. 

If your nose bridge is too wide, all you need to do is to rotate them outward to make them loose. On the other hand, if the bridge of your nose is too narrow, you have to rotate them inward to fit the nose. Check my article on how to adjust nose pads to know more.

These nose pads are perfect for children to use. As most of the time, their frames are too heavy, the nose pads can support them perfectly unlike other nose bridges.

2. Saddle Bridges 

If you are looking for a plastic bridge, the most common type of nose bridge you will find on them are the saddle bridges. They are very comfortable because the weight of the frame is spread across a larger area than nose pads who have all the weight concentrated in a smaller area. 

The saddle bridges are low maintenance due to them not having fewer moving parts than nose pads. As a result, they will retain their fit around your nose. 

3. Keyhole bridges

If you are someone who wants a little bit of wiggle room regarding the fit of the nose bridge, keyhole bridges are a great option. This is a great option especially for people with wide noses because the weight of the frame is concentrated on the sides of the nose instead of the top. 

Because the frame lacks support from the top, keyhole bridges usually are positioned lower down the nose than saddle bridges. So, if you want your bridge to sit lower on your nose, keyhole bridges are a great option.

4. Comfort fit

No frames offer comfort for as many shapes of faces as the comfort fit does. These frames are made of plastic and have nose pads made of silicone that offer 24/7 comfort without a grip that guarantees no slip.

If you are using a plastic frame that doesn’t have any support, like the saddle bridge or the keyhole bridge, they will be prone to slipping down your nose. But as silicone is a material that is soft as well as flexible, the nose pads will take the shape of your face and contours on it. As a result, these nose pads stay in place for a long time without you needing to adjust them.

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Glasses for the wide nose bridge

Before buying any glasses, first, you have to know what you should call a wide nose bridge and what you should call a narrow one. If you measure the bridge of your nose to be equal to or more than 18 millimeters, then you have a wide nose bridge. If this is the case, look for frames that have bridges that are at least 18mm wide.

Frames are of two kinds of shapes, angular frames, and rounded frames. The best frame to choose for wide nose bridges is the angular one. Because angular frames have lenses that have sharper edges such as cat-eye, rectangular or square.  These sharp edges are perfect for larger and wider noses as the lenses take the focus away from the nose. They are also quite fashionable, so you can easily pick any one of them.

On the other hand, if you have a wide nose, it is best to avoid rounded frames. Because the roundness of the glasses only accentuates the size of your nose, so all the focus will be on your nose. 

Glasses for the narrow nose bridge

If the bridge of your nose is measured between 14 and 18 millimeters, then you have a narrow nose bridge. In that case, the frame you should be looking for must be between 14 and 18 mm in width.

If you have a narrow nose bridge, a heavy frame will slide down your nose even if your glasses have the correct bridge size. For this, you need to use a lightweight frame. Try to use frames made of aluminum, titanium, magnesium, or beryllium. Beryllium frames are especially stronger and more durable than other frames, so they will be a great choice. Try avoiding frames made of stainless steel as they are quite heavy. 

Final thoughts

Nose bridges are a very important part of your glasses as they decide how the glasses will fit on your face. So you must choose the right size and the right type of nose bridge for your glasses. The only way to do this is to measure your nose bridge perfectly. 

If you know how to measure nose bridges for glasses, choosing the frame will be a piece of cake. So, to avoid any discomfort in the future, measure your nose bridge correctly and find yourself the perfect frame. 

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