How To Tell If Costas Are Fake? 8 Tricks to get Real Costa Sunglasses

How To Tell If Costas Are Fake? 8 Tricks to get Real Costa Sunglasses

If you just bought a pair of sunglasses from Costa and are confused about whether the product is fake or real, then what is the question that can come to your mind first? 

How To Tell If Costas Are Fake, right? 

Well, there are multiple methods to check if a Costa Sunglasses is fake or real. In this article, you’ll see how to spot fake Costas, and what to look for when checking the real Costa.

Let’s get started!

How To Tell If Costas Are Real?

The market for fake Costa sunglasses is booming, and it can be hard to tell the difference between a fake and a genuine pair.

Here are the primary manifestations that you can follow when checking Costa sunglasses’ purity.

  1. The number “580” should be etched into the left lens
  2. The sunglasses should come with a Costa case and cleaning cloth
  3. The lenses should feel premium not cheap and they are polarized
  4. The frames should be flexible and durable
  5. The spring hinges should be smooth during the opening and closing time
  6. Costa sunglasses should be expensive
  7. Costa’s products shouldn’t be available in open/local market
  8. Original Costa sunglasses should have rubber detailing on the frames

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1. 580 Etched on The Lens

1. 580 Etched on The Lens

The first and most common way to know whether a Costa sunglass is fake or real is by noticing through the lens. 

You’ll see the number “580” engraved on the left lens of your sunglasses. This number indicates the lens material and at the same time, the authority. 

When you notice a “P” text after the number “580”, assume that the lenses are made of plastic, and when you see “G” after 580, assume that the lenses are created from glass material. 

Additionally, notice on the temple arm where the Costa logo is Etched.

1. 580 Etched on The Lens

2. Notice At The Product’s Pack

Costa offers a case and a cleaning cloth with every single product. That means when you buy sunglasses from Costa, your sunglasses pack will include a case and a lens cleaning cloth.

However, when you buy a fake Costa eyeglass from a fake seller or company, there is a high chance that the seller will want to give you more things with the pack such as extra lenses, extra frames, and a lens cleaning cloth. 

Real Costa will also have a warranty card with the pack where you can see all the information about the warranty for that specific model. Read more about their warranty.

3. Premium Lenses

Costa means advanced lenses and there are no lenses better than Costa in the current market. 

So you’ll not see any company that makes the same lenses as Costa, and this can be a great way to check whether your Costa sunglasses are real or fake. 

Wear sunglasses and feel the quality. You’ll see the color is enhanced and a better view around you. 

See the result in the picture:

3. Premium Lenses

Another direct sign of Costa sunglasses is the polarized lenses. As you may know , Costa only sells polarized lenses. 

They’ve mentioned it on their website, see a screenshot

So if you’re wearing non-polarized lenses, assume that you aren’t using the original costa sunglasses.

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4. Frames Are Flexible And Durable

Costa uses multiple materials such as co-injected Nylon, Acetates, Metal, and Plastic. However, all of their frames are well-created. 

The frame will last for a long time as they are flexible and durable. So if you notice your already-having frame isn’t durable and flexible, you can assume that you’re having a fake Costa. 

5. Smooth Spring Hinges

5. Smooth Spring Hinges

Costa ensures a smooth opening and closing feature with all of their sunglasses because the frame comes with flexible and smooth Spring Hinges that are carefully built. 

If you’re using sunglasses that make a breaking noise when opened, or you just feel something difficult when opening and closing the temple arms, assume that this sunglass isn’t from Costa.

6. Costa Should Be Expensive

Costa’s products are always expensive, and if you bought a sunglass at a cheap price, this would never and ever be Costa’s product. 

Visit the official store of Costa’s products on Amazon, and also check out Costa’s authentic site to check the price ranges. 

Visiting these sites will help you to get an overall idea about the pricing structures of their products. 

Know the reasons why Costa sunglasses are expensive

7. Costa Sunglasses aren’t Available at The Pavement Shop 

5. Smooth Spring Hinges

Image Source:

Costa sells their sunglasses via multiple methods such as via dealers, directly from their site, and via Amazon. 

However, if you find a sunglass on the pavement shop that isn’t connected with the Costa dealer list, that kind of sunglasses can be fake Costa.

The best way to prevent buying sunglasses from a fake seller is by visiting this page and seeing all the available dealers.

8. Rubber Detailing On The Frames

Fake Costa’s sunglasses wouldn’t have the rubber detailing on the frame because counterfeit Costa manufacturers might not have the ability to do that with the frame. 

See the image: 

5. Smooth Spring Hinges

Note: in addition to following these mentioned tips to check whether a Costa sunglasses is fake or not, keep in mind that Costa sunglasses don’t float on the water. 

So if you’re using sunglasses that float on the water, directly assume that you’re not using the genuine product. 

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Where Is The Model Code On Costa Sunglasses?

Costa sunglasses don’t have any model code because Costa makes only one model for one sunglass. However, you can find the name of the model inside the temple arm. 

How Can You Tell If Costa Glass?

The best way to tell if Costa glass is by seeing the “580” with “G” text. That means you’ll notice 580G written on the lenses. Additionally, you can see that information from the order page where you bought the sunglasses.

How Can You Tell If Costa Sunglasses Are Polarized?

You don’t need to find it out because Costa doesn’t sell any sunglasses without the polarized feature. All of the sunglasses from Costa are polarized and work well for outdoor activities. 

Do Costas Have Serial Numbers?

Yes. However, the Serial number might not be available with your sunglasses. You can find the number on the product page. For instance, 


Assume you’ve read the whole post because you love Costa and if I ask you How To Tell If Costas Are Fake, what will be the answer? 

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Can you identify purity?

I think the whole thing is clear now and you can find the truth. Just make sure that you’ve followed the mentioned points!

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